Capulets – Annie – Video Premiere

Up-and-coming band Capulets release a strong rally cry for all misfits & strays in their single Annie. Check out the premiere of their vibrant music video for Annie today exclusively on 1883 Magazine.

Spearheaded by accomplished musicians—frontwoman Sarah Thompson, drummer Florrie Arnold, and keyboardist Toby Scott—Capulets was formed out of a mutual love of creating music together while also trying (and succeeding) to push boundaries and create music they are passionate about. When listening to Capulets, it’s clear the friendship between the three bandmates has inspired both their sound and lyrics; the time and experience shared together is the key to the band’s identity.


The band released their debut EP Act One earlier this month. The EP’s lead single Annie serves as a rallying cry for all who feel out-of-place and different from others. The music video, which premieres today on 1883, stars two-thirds of the band and seems to tell the story of two individuals finding joy by letting go (with the help of some red balloons, of course!)


Check it out below!


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Check out their debut EP Act One here.

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