As a child, Spy Kids was one of my favorite films. I owned all three films on DVD and had even watched the third installment in theaters around four times. My favorite character was, of course, Ingrid Cortez, who was

James Arthur catapulted to fame after winning the ninth series of The X Factor UK back in 2012. His debut single 'Impossible', which sold 1.4 million copies in the UK and over 2.5 million copies worldwide, became the most successful

England’s capital city is home to a plethora of innovative designs and world class architectural masterpieces. The city’s landscape has evolved as buildings have been designed or redeveloped to meet the needs of their users. Here are a number of London’s

  London is a fantastic place to visit, no matter whether you live in the UK, elsewhere in Europe, or on the other side of the globe. It’s packed with exciting things to see and do, from tourist hotspots like Buckingham

It’s getting to that time of year once again where we start to think about the songs we’ll be dancing to on Christmas Day. Yes, the illustrious Christmas No. 1 spot is up for grabs and over the years there

It is very hard to tell the difference between a good diamond and a bad one. In fact, there are some stones – synthetic moissanite and cubic zirconia are perfect examples – which can be substituted for diamonds fairly easily

  In many cases, when adopting or rescuing a new kitten, pet parents aren’t sure of the animal’s breed. There are clues like if it has the size potential for a Maine Coone or is hairless, which can narrow it down

With the pandemic continuing to affect our lives in many different ways, we’re all looking for alternatives to keep ourselves occupied.   As many aspects of our social lives cannot be enjoyed currently, there’s been a huge shift towards gaming across 2020.

SuRie has become a well-known name to everyone who follows Eurovision. She is best known for representing the UK with her emotive and uplifting single Storm at the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in ‘18 which has nearly 4million Spotify streams. SuRie’s

Born-and-raised in The Netherlands, rapper Maydien never even planned to get started in the music industry - he was aiming for a career in basketball instead. However, after trying out various beats and lyrics with his producer, they decided to

Denmark-based producer/DJ Faustix has built himself a name in the music industry over the past few years. While his collab with no other than Diplo marked his break-through, he has worked together with the likes of David Guetta and

For a Canadian who has only experienced North American festivals, Parklife was the perfect introduction to the British festival scene. Happening just a short tram ride away in Heaton Park, Parklife embodies everything one would expect from a British festival:

Everyone who knows their way around Hip-Hop, has probably heard about Mr Hudson before - most likely from Kanye West's groundbreaking album 808 & Heartbreak in which the celebrated producer, composer, and songwriter was involved in, as well as Jay-Z's

Fear the Walking Dead’s Karen David is just like the rest of us. Well sort of, anyway. While most notably cherished for her multifaceted and ever so envious repertoire including actress, singer, songwriter, as well as ardent philanthropist, David also

The Cisco certification program for IT specialists contains various paths which include: Cloud, Collaboration, Cyber Security, Data Center, Design, Industrial, Routing and Switching, Service Provider, and Wireless. Credentials following these paths are offered at different levels of expertise. The program starts

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