Although the pandemic is still going on, that doesn’t mean that all life is put at a standstill. There are people who still go out, though limited to only essential activities, and events are being held.   In these times, event organizers

Haunting audiences as Dodge on Netflix’s hit series Locke & Key, actress Laysla De Oliveira is carving a name for herself in the world of science fiction. Working on projects from Joe Hill and Stephen King, De Oliveira is effortlessly

Dua Lipa's sophomore album, a Kygo collaboration with a Swedish pop star and a rapper, a new break-up anthem by Jeremy Zucker, and so much more in this week's 1883 Playlist. The highly anticipated second album Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa, following-up

With a songwriting credit on Dua Lipa's new album Future Nostalgia and a brand new sexy alt-pop anthem called '12345SEX' exclusively premiering today on 1883, it's been a big week for rising singer UPSAHL. To say UPSAHL is taking 2020 by

  Do you enjoy the thrill of gambling? Whether it be playing the games yourself or watching others? If so, you are not alone, as there are several great movies centred around the practice of gambling, showing that there is money

If you knew the members of Joywave, you’d know that their desire to have a baby crocodile join them on-stage isn’t that crazy of an idea, especially since it’s coming from a band who thrives off any weird & unique

If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while, you might have thought about giving contact lenses a go instead. After all they’re more convenient in many ways, particularly if you live an active lifestyle or find glasses frustrating at times. Just

When you are preparing for your first baby, the amount of clothes and products you become suddenly aware of is huge. If you read most baby websites or magazines, you will find all the newest toys, gadgets, and other items that

  There are many compounds in the cannabis plant, most of them are beneficial to their users in some way. One of these compounds is Delta-8. In essence, Delta-8 is a slightly modified version of Delta-9. Both of these are naturally-occurring

Toronto's Nilo Blues pays homage to the anime he grew up with, Hayley Williams releases a track about women learning their worth, crooner George Pelham lets a girl know tonight isn't the night in his latest track and more incredible

  CBD has hit the market in a significant way. Consumers from across the globe are clamoring to take advantage of its possible benefits. This includes enormous stress and pain relief, and relaxation, often in the form of tinctures.   However, companies are

Jeffrey James’ latest EP, East London, dropped February 28th and is now available for your listening pleasure. With a distinctive style and silky, melodic voice, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter always hits the mark and this release is no exception. East London came

People have been interacting with animals in different ways for a long period. And not always this interaction was pleasant and even safe for the latter. Today, we can see a tendency towards protecting animals' rights and stopping all the cruel

There is no doubt that fashion plays an important role in today’s society. It is actually through clothes how people often decide to communicate with others expressing who they are as a person and what their mood is at the

  Whether we like it or not, movies are a very important part of our culture. They have an impact on the way we think, the way we dress, and the way we behave. Also, they can change the way we

CBD has become something of a household name over recent years, with many of us now being familiar with CBD products. While some people have never tried CBD, they have certainly heard about it because of the many press reports

Istanbul the magical city where east meets west in perfect harmony, a melting pot of over 15 million people where traditions, culture and cuisine intertwine making it one of the worlds top destinations to visit. Which is no surprise that on

A new album from Irishman Niall Horan, a new EP from Spanish singer La Doña, an empowering anthem from Ava Max, and more in this week's 1883 Playlist. There's a unique and eclectic mix in this week's playlist! 1883 alumni Niall

                Team Credits photography Rhys Frampton styling Olga Timofejeva @ TheOnly.Agency hair Anastasia Stylianou @ TheOnly.Agency using Aveda makeup Pircilla Pae styling assistant Christina Corso makeup assistant Carson Stern production TheOnly.Agency model/musician Arlissa

To Michael B. Jordan, family, food, and leaving a mark on the world are most important. While to the rest of the world he is Michael Bakari Jordan, famous for roles in Black Panther & Fahrenheit 451, his friends call

Talae Rodden is, admittedly, just a little hungover. Like the songs burping one-by-one out of his stage moniker RICEWINE, their melodies warm and drowning each of its listeners with rich, mumbled seduction — Rodden is no different this afternoon, blanketed within

Danish pop megastars — and arguably the true pioneers of modern pop — Alphabeat have made a triumphant return after a 6-year hiatus. Since their departure back in ‘14, the world of music has changed considerably — and attempting to navigate

All truth about Hoverwatch app: the most honest review you`ll ever read After reading a lot of spy app reviews, you might know that all of these apps work in the same way but differ when it comes to features and

As the winter changes to fall, our footwear should change with it. Warmer temperatures give fashionistas the opportunity to wear long leather thigh-highs, ankle cuts, and combat boots. These exciting new additions to your outfits can bring a lot of

Introducing 14 Hills, London’s newest indoor rooftop restaurant, high in the sky (14 floors up to be exact) at 120 Fenchurch Street. It joins a long list of London’s most ‘Instagrammable’ spots and aims to become the next hottest, ‘must visit’

  Dubai is the crown of Emirates and known for tallest buildings, expensive 5-star hotels, safari desert, and much more. People go there for shopping, hit the party, attend the official business meetings, or behold the wonders of this amazing city. No

The legacy of Whitney Houston’s stardom is not only inescapable; it’s spellbinding. A trained mezzo-soprano, Houston’s technical ability was polished with a knack for infusing delicious dramatizations into her lyrical interpretations. She was appropriately nicknamed « The Voice », as her

A brand new album from electropop duo Overcoats, a new single from Harry Strange, and a new collab with Steve Aoki in this week's 1883 playlist. For the DECADENT Issue alumni and New York-based duo Overcoats, their new album is all

How do we sensitively engage in conversations that can make us feel uncomfortable? Ones where the media would rather give airtime to a dog that can drive over any vehicle to trauma? With a catalogue full of scenes notorious for making

Nearly all online casinos offer some form of bonus or promotion to their customers, click on any casino page and it’s the first thing you’ll see: ‘Sign up and get free spins on us!’.   But why are these bonuses important? Well,

Products made from bamboo are becoming more popular and accessible nowadays. If you want to follow this eco-friendly trend, consider getting some bamboo items for your household.   Do not get confused about a variety of options to decide what to acquire

You are an Instagram enthusiast and you wonder if it is possible to earn money through your hobby? Perhaps you think that this hobby is the same as gambling, where on the site, you can easily raise a big score. Be

Good news. #Droughlander is finally over! With the previous episodes no longer needed to be rewound over and over back to that one scene you could probably perform a whole monologue of by now — the once, early-nineties-bred fantasy novels under

Since his breakthrough role in “About a Boy”, Nicholas Hoult has become one of the most prolific and well-known stars in Hollywood over several years. From acting in X-Men to playing the lead role in Tolkein, Nicholas Hoult is one

Chess offers considerable benefits as a ludic activity in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective development of the individual from childhood until reaching adulthood through its contribution in the solution of problems related to the acquisition of skills to play.   Infants involved

Alison Pill is a name that returns to our screens time and time again — and it’s no surprise why: the Tony, Outer Critics Circle, Lucille Lortel and Drama League awards nominee moves effortlessly between the film, the stage, and

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