Both international and local travel are great ways to spend your time and will return as one of the most widespread pastimes in the world. It is, however, quite cliched to say that the journey is as important as the destination,

  Given that people commit crimes for various reasons, some judges lean on their sympathy and give a lesser punishment to teach offenders their mistakes. However, if you have committed another crime like driving under the influence (DUI), it would be better

With punchy, alt-rock beats and crisp, powerful vocals, Nothing But Thieves has delivered nothing but gripping tracks and chart-topping studio albums since forming in 2012. Back in March, the band released their timely new single, ‘Is Everybody Going Crazy?’, teaming

Erotic massage is much more than just a massage. First and foremost, it’s a more spiritual approach to massage meant to purify your body by revitalizing the subtle energy channels. Tantric massage is one of the most popular types of erotic

The vaping community in the UK has grown much bigger in recent years, and this has led to numerous online retail stores being set up. It can be hard for buyers to find the best website to buy e-cigarettes from amongst

  Suppose you don't know what to get a cannabis enthusiast for a birthday gift, the holidays, or other occasions. Whether you're searching for the greatest grinder, vape, or cool smoking accessory, stick with something that speaks to their interests. If traveling

With the release of their second EP Tendrement, Parisian garage-rock band Film Noir continue to build on their vulnerable, raw sound and storytelling. Fronted by siblings Joséphine and Alexandre de la Baume, we get the pair to chat before release day on

For this week's 1883 playlist, we're giving the reigns to Australia's best singer/songwriter — the incredible Amy Shark.  After her breakout hits 'Adore' and 'I Said Hi', Amy Shark (AKA one of the sharpest songwriters in pop music right now) is

  Losing hair rapidly? No matter which shampoo and mask you use, your hair keeps falling? Half bald already because of hair loss? A hair transplant might be just the right solution for you. Through this surgical technique, doctors remove hair follicles

  According to New Medical Spa, Juvederm is regarded as one of the most effective hyaluronic acid fills. It attracts moisture in your skin and therefore, plumps and fills out sunken wrinkles. The effect is naturally smoother-looking skin. However, this is

Fillers remain to exceed the most current nonsurgical procedure list—right after neurotoxin shots—in the second place year after year. With almost three million filler injectables conducted in 2020 and 96 percent of those being operated on women, it's harmless to declare

With the success of his Top 20 single ‘This City’, Sam Fischer may appear to many as an overnight success story; a viral TikTok sensation from which his track has grown into a chart-topping hit, now with over 134 million

1883 chats with UMI about her latest EP Introspection, the current social & political climate, and the importance of meditation. The past two weeks have felt like some sort of alternative reality; waking up and going through each day has felt

  Hunting may have been a mode for survival in the early times, but this intense and thrilling outdoor activity is now a stress reliever and a recreational hobby for some people. It is an activity as old as time, and

The best sickly sweet summer tunes by your favourite female & non-binary singer/songwriters to welcome summer this weekend. Summer is in full force this weekend and we have the girl-power tracks to jam to while you tan, swim, and social distance! Taylor

Whether you are a serious or casual slots player, there is a vast selection of slot machines found across many of London’s popular land-based casinos. Many household names feature  from the slot machine industry, such as Novamatic and International Gaming Technology

  One cannot emphasize enough that beauty comes from within, especially nowadays when the world focuses too much on the superficial. This doesn’t mean that we should not take our appearance seriously and look our very best. In this guide, we go

Berg provides us with euphoric escapism in the form of her third, shimmering single ‘Where We Will Be’, produced by Faris Badwan of The Horrors. Crystal-cut melodies combined with kaleidoscope synths tells us of Badwan's influence, however, Berg's notable, dreamy vocals

Speaking with Jed Skrzypczak — the creative director who has been working closely with Charli XCX on the visual side of her lockdown album how i’m feeling now — it was clear that this is a project which looks to

We're blending the sounds of the past with artists from today with some tracks inspired by the '70s on this week's 1883 Playlist. Mick Jagger's very own look-alike Harry Styles has referenced 70's sounds and previously mentioned the influence bands like Fleetwood

After a string of successful remixes, with their version of ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ being the 39th most-streamed song of the last decade, Seeb [a duo made up of Simen Eriksrud and Espen Berg] is riding high on

Janus Rasmussen — known previously as one half of DJ duo Kiasmos — releases his latest, ethereal single 'Blođ'. Isolation and escapism flow through the soothing soundscapes as airy melodies float gently through the track. Although we are initially lulled into

Earlier this year, we were whisked away on a British Airways flight to Japan. Skipping the usual stops of the Blade Runner-esq Tokyo cityscapes and Geisha-spotting in the former capital Kyoto to explore Setouchi, an area normally overlooked by tourists. An

Building a rewarding and satisfying career is something to which most people aspire, and yet life has a way of throwing unexpected obstacles in your path. Even if you have planned ahead and set your ambitions high, suffering an injury can

Take a drive with producer Joe Hertz in his latest music video for his track 'Trippin' feat. RYAHN premiering today exclusively on 1883. After touring places like Thailand, Japan and South Korea, Joe Hertz has experienced firsthand the amazing places music

World of Warcraft is one of those games that became the defining factor for an entire generation, not only making its mark on history, but creating a history entirely of its own, the history of Azzeroth, of Blizzard, of its

We're mixing genres with the help of some of our favourite Scandinavian artists in this week's 1883 Playlist. In this week's playlist, we're focusing on tracks from our favourite Scandinavian artists like Swedish pop singer SVEA who just dropped her all-too-relatable

Not long out of drama school, Lola Petticrew has stormed onto the scene with roles in all corners of TV, film and theatre. Just last year, Lola appeared in indie film A Bump Along the Way winning her the Bingham Ray

In the ten years since Lido Pimienta's debut, she's garnered support from fans across the world, self-released her own award-winning album, and established a sound that no other artist is creating.  The Colombia-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter blends heavy drums and bass with

On average, the emergency room will see roughly 35 million patients for injuries each year. But what happens if you're one of these people, and your injury occurred while on vacation? Who do you call? Your best bet is to contact an injury claim

  Pearls can make a woman of any age look fashionable and sophisticated when worn properly. It is a common misconception to think that pearls can make one look old-fashioned. Leading fashion stylists and designers will all agree with the right

Having grown up surrounded by the natural beauty and luscious landscapes of Scotland’s Orkney Islands, multi-instrumentalist and composer Erland Cooper has completed his homage to nature with his latest album, Hether Blether. Hether Blether marks the final instalment of a

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