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Millennial Fashion Trends: A Guide

What is a Millennial? Well, this is something of a million-dollar question. When it comes to the naming of generations, and there are now a great many subsets to consider, the general consensus considers Millennials as those born between 1977 and 1995, and these individuals are also less commonly referred to as Gen Y. From […]

Your Primer On the Most Stylish Cars Ever Made

Have you ever looked at a catalog of cars and tried to decide which one was the best look? Have you then taken that list to your friends and compared results? If you have, then you know just how subjective and inconclusive these lists can be. They are opinions, expert opinions in some cases, but […]

Top 3 Casino-Related Movies

Moviemakers have always been on the lookout for exciting plots. Heartbreak, kidnappings, and money heists are standard storylines that keep viewers engaged until the very end of the movie. However, when the need for that extra excitement arises, gambling often does the trick. Various stories have been depicted on the big screen, from crazy casino […]

Why People Love Harajuku Fashion

When you look at the world of fashion right now, especially street fashion, the impact of Harajuku street style clothes is being felt everywhere you look. Why is that? Why do people love Harajuku fashion so much? Is it just the look, or is it something else that lies within the culture and art behind […]

How a student can recover in 15 minutes

It is commonly believed that the best rest is a change of activities. In some sense, it is, especially if you take the deep sleep as an activity. Let’s see how else you can recuperate during the break between classes.   What to consider rest This is a very abstract concept. For example, when you […]

How to Ensure Maximum Safety Online

The world is becoming smaller, shrinking in a positive way that makes it easy for you to access people, information, or content that were out of your reach years ago. Of course, that’s because of the fast rate at which the internet is progressing, and it’s accessible to all. However, there’s a downside – your […]