What is a Millennial? Well, this is something of a million-dollar question. When it comes to the naming of generations, and there are now a great many subsets to consider, the general consensus considers Millennials as those born between 1977 and

Moviemakers have always been on the lookout for exciting plots. Heartbreak, kidnappings, and money heists are standard storylines that keep viewers engaged until the very end of the movie. However, when the need for that extra excitement arises, gambling often does

When you look at the world of fashion right now, especially street fashion, the impact of Harajuku street style clothes is being felt everywhere you look. Why is that? Why do people love Harajuku fashion so much? Is it just the

It is commonly believed that the best rest is a change of activities. In some sense, it is, especially if you take the deep sleep as an activity. Let's see how else you can recuperate during the break between classes.   What to

The world is becoming smaller, shrinking in a positive way that makes it easy for you to access people, information, or content that were out of your reach years ago. Of course, that’s because of the fast rate at which the

If there's one blessing from 2020, it's that The Kooks' frontman Luke Pritchard and singer/songwriter Ellie Pritchard found the time to create a stunning body of work under the moniker DUO. Although the couple didn't know it then, a trip to

New music from Will Joseph Cook, Alex Jayne, Lenox Hills & more in this week's 1883 Playlist. On this week's playlist, we're looking at the artists who are examining their own consciousness, thoughts and feelings. From Alex Jayne and her song 'Pictures',

Drawing visual inspiration from Tim Burton, Karin Ann’s hauntingly ethereal new video plays into the darkness of the melody. 18-year-old Slovakian pop artist Karin Ann is creating music that is equally beautiful and melodic. Mixing vulnerable lyrics with upbeat tempos, songs

Singer-songwriter Kenzie Ziegler makes it a point to always try things even she’s afraid. Living by this motto, hasn’t failed the 16-year-old multi-hyphenate yet as she continues to grow as one of the most influential rising stars of Gen Z. Kenzie

              Team Credits photographer DAVID PD HYDE beauty director & make up artist Niki M'nray hair Jason Goh Using Bumble and Bumble models Ruoyi Y & Jane K @ D1models,  Fyodor @ 777Casting  

A Princely Persona   The Crown, currently Netflix’s highest-rated show, is back and more spellbinding than ever with a new season of inner circle tumult, extramarital escapades, and coveted breakout roles for several up and coming actors. Among the fledgling television talent is

A Conversation with Classical Music’s Cover Girl   Nicknamed the "Millennial Liberace", Chloe Flower is among classical music's most innovative composers. Not only is the powerhouse pianist a member of the Board of Directors of the Liberace Foundation, but she is also a

  Just like leather jackets, different kinds of suede jackets have been known to be part of classic fashion for a very long time. Jackets were mostly designed for some purpose and then most of them were induced in daily life

The diversity in color and effects amongst kratom strains is due to the plant age that produces them. The manner kratom-dried leaves are treated may have an effect on the color and variety of kratom, but the most significant difference is

The idea of chastity as a kink sounds unusual for many men. You might assume that men don’t want limits when expressing their sexuality. But men have been very interested in chastity for a while. They have many good reasons why

Where can you find a track from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, a David Bowie & Bing Crosby collaboration, and a new song from Irish rock band Kodaline? On Kodaline's curated Christmas themed playlist, exclusively for 1883.  Christmas time is the time to

2020 has been quite a year for everybody. How the year has been is very different depending on who you ask. For some it's been the hardest time of their lives, whereas for others it's been a necessity in terms

  So here are three things you can do to get those numbers up. Social Media You might not use social media but now is the time to sign up for it. If you are worried about the comments you might get,

New music from REMMI, Annie Lennox, Starling & more on this week's 1883 playlist. It's difficult to hold a candle to this group of artists. From a rising queer-pop star to an iconic Scottish talent, this week's playlist has a selection

When Noisy released their debut EP Press Space To Play at the beginning of 2020, like a lot of us, they never expected the year to take the tumultuous twists and turns that it had. In times of social unrest, political

Depression is a mental illness that can be difficult to understand. When most people think of depression, they only picture the sadness and isolation that it brings. In this blog post, we will explore other symptoms associated with depression so you

Alpha P is confident that he’ll become “one of the biggest artists this world has ever seen.”   He’s also determined to make afrobeats the world’s number one music genre.   This all might sound overly ambitious until you consider the staggering success

Sport and fashion have gone hand-in-hand for nearly a century. From the comfortable, floaty attire of the 1920’s which was based loosely on clothing that was developed for sports participation and which suited both men and women of the day,

The house edge is the statistical advantage of the casino. Any casino game is calculated so that the player loses in the long term of playing - no surprise here. If the casino wouldn’t make money, they wouldn’t exist to

  While the winter is only about to start, the fashion world is already looking towards spring and summer 2022! Designers have presented their newest collections, and everyone else is taking notes on what will be trending in the near future. And if

According to the United Nationals World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), about 1.4 billion tourists travel internationally every year. Many of us enjoy international travel, but what about a round the world trip? We envision the combination of intense planning with high costs and assume

In the modern era, most developed countries attempt to work together and make it easier for their residents to travel between these countries for commerce, tourism, and other purposes. That’s why the visa waiver program (VWP) exists, and why the

Exploring the darkness & fear that bubbles under the surface isn’t something that scares singer/songwriter Marina Kaye—it invigorates her.  When speaking with Marina, you wouldn’t think her music would be so dark; she’s equal parts eloquent and relaxed, nestled in her

As the weather begins to drop & the days are getting shorter, get cozy & lighten the mood with a brand new fall-themed playlist curated by Wallows, exclusively for 1883 Magazine. We enlisted the help of Dylan, Braeden, and Cole from

For fans of emotionally driven music, you’ll find pieces of yourself in Marie White’s swimming vocal narratives.   Winner of Glastonbury’s 2019 Emerging Artist competition, Marie White has been solidly crafting her music career over the years. Her latest single, Sleepwalking, is

Lovie Simone is a force to be reckoned with. With a determined mindset, a slew of past projects under her belt, and some seriously impressive acting chops, the 21-year-old actress is already a star on the rise. Simone plays Tabby in

  Music (and musicians) and gambling have that special connection - both are exciting, both are fun, both depict life, and both can take you to unbelievable adventures. And many have dedicated songs to describing their personal experiences with the game, and,

Sigala first established a name for himself in the world of house music back in 2015 with the release of his infections single “Easy Love”. With the recent release of his collaboration with James Arthur, “Lasting Lover”, Sigala is once

With a knack for crafting catchy lo-fi tunes, rising Irish singer/songwriter April releases her new ep 'Luna' & pens an exclusive track-by-track for 1883. In a year that was spent scouring Spotify new music playlists to find new artists to bring

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