Few industries are as tuned in to what is trendy as high fashion. Predictions about what will be the next big thing are a normal annual occurrence; however, with the pandemic changing the industry in dramatic ways, this year's predictions

  Would you care to go on an all-expenses-paid trip? Free gourmet food, lavish hotel rooms, exciting entertainment, and luxury as far as the eye can see. It’s quite the lifestyle, wouldn’t you say? These types of kickbacks are what’s on offer

From New York to Los Angeles to Miami, the United States is home to some of the most beautiful metropolitan cities in the world. The busy streets, stunning beaches, natural beauty and high quality of life are just some of

This fall, get ready to watch the best movies of 2021. Get yourself comfortable, take a break from the day-to-day activities and let yourself get delighted with epic storytellings and breathtaking characters. Movies like Knives Out, Mona Lisa Smile, or Molly’s

Make sure you are watching the greatest show on-demand by visiting our list of the five best TV gems that you can access right now.     Nothing to Watch? Check These 5 Great TV Gems! The world of TV cinema is quite rich.

Medicine and sweet taste seem like an untrue story. However, science has made an effort to produce herbal remedies with sweet flavors. Scientific research has led to the discovery of CBD, the Cannabis-derivative. It has many placebo effects with an anti-psychotropic

Productivity is essential to improve life's quality in this fast-paced world. Studying, working, or running your own business requires productivity. Then only you can complete your aim, feel fulfilled, and manage work-life balance. Productivity of the people depends upon motivation to

Moving is always an emotional experience. There are positive emotions of excitement and anticipation. But there are also negative emotions of stress and uncertainty. Through it all, there’s an underlying feeling of change. And no matter how much you love

Growing up in the world of entertainment can be a difficult environment but for 13-year-old actress, Miya Cech, a life in front of the camera lens has taught her valuable life lessons and skills that apply not just in the

We might be gearing up to say goodbye to 2020 and hello to a new year, but we're still celebrating the latest & greatest in music on the second-last 1883 playlist of the year. ‘Twas a week before Christmas and we're

Charismatic and insightful, Amalia Yoo radiates an infectious positivity as she discusses everything from her Christmas excitement, acting in commercials and playing Leila Kwan Zimmer in her first TV drama Grand Army, the latter which demonstrates, in full, the actress’ burgeoning

  Whether you like drinking brandy or not, we're pretty sure you've come across the name Hennessy once or twice. The infamous liquor company that takes pride in its cognac products has become a legend in the industry. Almost half of the

  If you're new to casino games, you may be wondering where to get started. Nobody would blame you for feeling overwhelmed, given the sheer number of online and offline casino games. Veteran players make everything look easy, and in some

YEИDRY is a joy to talk to. Over Zoom, the singer/songwriter is engaging, authentic, and determined to make something she loves, while also speaking freely about the importance of allowing room for growth within her music. Having grown up in both

You know how difficult it is to keep up with content creation for Instagram Reels and multiple social media platforms if you have one. It can be time-consuming and exhausting to produce enough short-form video content to go around when

Canada's very own actor-turned-hockey-player-turned-actor-again Darren Mann packs a real punch in his new film 'Embattled'. The beauty of Canadian actor Darren Mann is that he refuses to settle, whether that's in hockey or his acting career. Mann began acting at a

If you’re itching to get some pointers on the gentlemanly ways, the guys, or rather, the men, to model your behavior from might not be far away. Trends and ideas change, but the notion that a man should aspire to

CBD oil is becoming a more and more popular way of treating anxiety. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is derived from the cannabis plant. It does not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what causes the high when someone smokes marijuana. There are many

Did you know that many medical facilities include Reiki as part of their treatment programs alongside other more traditional medicines? Once the victim of some skeptical opinions, Reiki is now one of the most popular options for many people suffering from

There’s a reason why the CBD market is worth an estimated $2.8 billion. Every day thousands of new people are learning about the benefits that come with taking this type of product. And, while tinctures and edibles remain popular, CBD flower is

The latest from Madison Beer, Spencer Sutherland's emotional and optimistic EP, and a new single from the second new album from Taylor Swift in 2020 all on this week's 1883 playlist. When the world woke up yesterday morning, not many anticipated the

Calm, Cool, and Collecting #1 hits On the pulse of some of dance music’s hottest tracks stands Anabel Englund, a formidable and burgeoning force within the electronic and house music scene. Smooth synths and hypnotic rhythm’s aside, Englund’s voice has a

After several hit singles, LA-based artist Tessellated releases his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Tropics Vol. 1’.  When you google the word ‘tessellated’, the definition that appears says the word means ‘repeated shapes that fit together without gaps or overlaps’. When anyone

Social media has inspired several trends in the world of fashion, and one of the most significant ones in the present is the baddie. These aesthetic baddie outfits began on Instagram and is entirely concerning attitude. These girls portray laid-back

How does someone with a master's degree, a background playing rugby, and an ex-model turn into one of the biggest rising names in music? For producer/writer/DJ 220 KID, it literally took a marathon—both physically and figuratively. If by chance you happened

Interviewing Ramengvrl feels like having an intimate, late-night sleepover conversation with your cool and rebellious BFF.  There’s no publicist or manager in sight, just Ramengvrl, who sits in front of her closet wearing an olive green beanie and two silver chain

  In the world of science fiction, two entities rule the roost Star Wars and Star Trek. Both are science-based and involve spaceships and aliens. 1966 was the year the Star Trek TV series was originally made, and this helped shape

With the announcement of their alt EP of tracks from their debut album 'night, love you.' Nashville band Nightly curates a special playlist full of alternative tracks from their favourite artists. It's been a wild year for the three men of

Singer/songwriter & self-described hopeless romantic Olivia Dean ties together different stages of a break-up on her brand new EP, but there's one question she is trying to figure out: what is she going to do on Sundays?  It's safe to say

SVEA throws a 'Pity Party' on her new 6-track EP & she penned 1883 an exclusive track-by-track for 1883 giving insight into each song. Every artist has written about falling in love, breaking up, and the feeling of making through the

Youthful yet world-wise South London singer Josie Man makes music that’s both positive and powerful. Her latest single Grow delves into finding the silver lining even within hurt and growing from it as the hypnotic performers weave her interests in crystals, energies,

It’s been a turbulent year for all, but one positive from 2020’s UK lockdown was how we had a little more time to discover emerging talent that we expect huge things for in 2021. One artist that we fell in

Pokies have continued to grow in popularity, especially with the advent of online pokies that can be played for fun or profit. There are several Fun Pokies to play online with very little amounts called penny pokies. Some of these

There are many events that can be classified as personal injury incidents, such as animal bites, slip-and-falls, work injuries, and car accidents, to name a few. Each claim is unique and for yours to be eligible for compensation, negligence has

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