1883 Magazine chats with Lauren Schmidt Hissrich about what it takes to adapt The Witcher saga, which character she relates to most, creating an inclusive and accessible Witcher World, and more.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes speaks with Emeraude Toubia about With Love, representation in Hollywood, her production company, and more.

Louis Dunford opens up to 1883 about new single Stay Another Day, t navigating his way through the music industry, and more.

Paul Bullion chats with 1883 Magazine about starring in The Witcher, his fitness regime, and more.

Actress, playwright, director and producer Cherrelle Skeete is a force to be reckoned with. Since starring in the likes of The Midwich Cuckoos, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and HANNA, Cherrelle Skeete has been solidifying herself as both an

From London's East End to HBO Max, there's no limit to Jessica Plummer's prowess Jessica Plummer's ascension to stardom has been well-paced if not deliciously strategic; before life in the ranks of British primetime she was

Paolo Sorrentino offers a striking, surrealist approach to transnational cinema that makes it hard to look away. His 2001 debut feature 'One Man Up' follows the story of two men with the same name, living parallel

It is no secret that wintertime is here. I am talking about the cold nights, ridiculously early sunsets and staying indoors for the warmth. At this point, there is very little that is making me leave

Bubbling over with bravado and plenty sass to spear, Queens, NY native Dai Burger is dropping earworms for audio airwaves today with the release of her sophomore LP, Back in Ya Mouf.  Infused with unbridled sexuality, bubblegum

                  Photography STONEY Stylist Jamie Russell Hair Stylist Thassio Leal for Premier hair and makeup MUA Christiana Amankrah ModelLulu Reynolds for Select Model London Photography Assistant Carlo Castagne Styling Assistant Hannah Lewis    Top image credits Dress Christian Dior  Gloves Atsuko Kudo  Ring Dinosaur Designs, Spring Global  Boots Ilaria Lepore X Natacha

Jacob Batalon is so much more than a sidekick or a best friend—he’s ready to be the leading man. With the impending release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, actor Jacob Batalon is not exactly stressing over

Deco takes us back to the future with their electrifying new single, Bitter Sweet Symphony.   Deco’s synth-laden cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony—originally popularized by The Verve in 1997—is the type of song you can imagine

  Georgian music and dance are well admired for their historic depth and diversity. The lively and distinctive traditional music is one of Christianity's first polyphonic traditions. Current musical trends in Georgia draw from a wide

Musician, designer and fashionista, Duckwrth is a multitalented individual on the rise. American artist Jared Lee goes by the moniker Duckwrth and he's undoubtedly one of the most exciting and versatile acts currently around. The rapper

Sam Tompkins is destined for big things and it’s not hard to understand why.  The Brighton-born singer first got his start-up by sharing covers to YouTube and busking on the street. Since those early days, he

New Rules release the beat-driven breakup anthem you didn't know you needed with their new single Cheers. Made up of Alec McGarry [vocals, acoustic guitar], Nathan Lambert [vocals, electric guitar], and Ryan Meaney [vocals, bass], New Rules

The popularity of online bingo is particularly high in the United Kingdom.Bingo players can enjoy all the excitement and fun of their local bingo halls from the comfort of their own homes with online play

1883 Magazine chats with Kane to discuss the new track “Nothing's Ever Gonna Be Good Enough”, the new record, working with Lana Del Rey on her track "Dealer", and the rumours of a new 'Scarface'

With Sky/HBOs Landscapers set to be this season's biggest drama, Dipo Ola reflects on what drew him to the true-crime retelling. Dipo Ola's resume may appear to be filled with the dark and dramatic, but he will be

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