Sustainable jewellery needn’t be safe or mundane. Indulge in the other-worldly beauty of statement pieces from  some of the Uk’s most exciting need-to-know-now sustainable jewellery brands.   Bar Jewellery Gold Plated Tide Bracelet, £310. Loveness Lee Liberté Recycled Silver and 18ct Gold Plated Earrings,

In conversation with 1883, Andy Gorel chats with Raine Maida and Duncan Coutts from Our Lady Peace to discuss their new album Spiritual Machines II, being a touring rock band, Web3, and more.

One of America’s greatest vocalists and songwriters, Aoife O’Donovan’s new record charts territories of the apathy and malaise that have plagued her generation with life-affirming meditations and defiant hope. She talks to Tanis Smither about relocating to Florida, spending too

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Liisi Lafontaine talks about developing the role of Satine, how she allows herself to feel authentically in her songwriting, and what the year ahead looks like for her as a West End leading lady.

1883 Magazine chats with Milky Chance frontman Clemens Rehbein to find out how their latest project 'Trip Tape' came about, selling The Orpheum in Vancouver, behind the release of 'Unknown Song' featuring Paulina Eisenberg and reveal who they would love

1883 Magazine's Cameron Poole spoke to the Deaf Havana brothers about their new single "Going Clear", the writing process behind album six, and new long-term goals for the band.

Lizzy McAlpine and 1883's Sydney Bolen talked about her growth as an artist, the short film accompanying Five Seconds Flat, the upcoming Build A Problem tour, and more.

1883 Magazine's editor Kelsey Barnes speaks with Jack Farthing about Spencer and The Lost Daughter, finding each character's humanity, and more.

A Conversation with Rob Grimaldi, One of the Masterminds Behind BTS’ Global Billboard Hit, “Butter.” 

1883 Magazine's editor Kelsey Barnes chats with Danielle Campbell about debuting on Broadway with Trouble in Mind, the importance of art as a place to open up thoughtful conversations, soothing your inner child, and more.

Korean-American singer-songwriter Eric Nam is getting 2022 off to a good start with the release of his long-awaited sophomore album, There And Back Again.

A modern urban expressionist combining abstraction with surreal figuration, Marcus Jansen draws on his military past to comment on socio-political issues and offer a poignant insight into the realities of war. His latest exhibition, Victims and Victors is on display

Scottish band Twin Atlantic speaks with 1883 about the new LP Transparency, their forthcoming UK tour, and his personal career highlights so far.

1883 sat down with Bethany Antonia to unpack the psychology behind the new Netflix thriller, her unrelenting pursuit of claiming her seat at the industry's table, and the quirky path to perfecting her American-accented English.

It’s not every day you see SEVENTEEN’s laconic Woozi cry. Introverted by nature, the songwriter, main producer, and vocal leader—all rolled into one—tends to play the straight man to the K-pop group’s more boisterous personalities, making the odd flashes of

The cast of one of the most enthralling musicals currently on in the West End reflect on Bob Marley’s legacy, representation in theatre, and why the women in his life are crucial ingredients in his well-documented story. 

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