A Summarized Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Adult SEO Strategy

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Every adult SEO strategy is unique, built around the exact requirements of the website in question and its target audience. Even so, the fundamentals of putting together any SEO strategy are mostly consistent.

Irrespective of the type of business you run and its target market, there are eight essential cornerstones of an effective SEO strategy.


1. Benchmarking Your Current SEO Performance

The first step in the process is to assess and analyze your site’s current SEO performance.  How much organic traffic you are pulling in, where you appear in the SERP rankings, how many high-authority backlinks are pointing to your website, whether you are ranking well for your target keywords, and so on. This will effectively provide you with a blueprint for a new and improved SEO strategy, revealing where your site is performing well and where improvements need to be made.


2. Competitor Analysis

With any SEO campaign, the aim is to outperform your closest competitors.  Hence, spending plenty of time analyzing their SEO activities and SERP performance simply makes sense. Your goal here is to capitalize on your rivals’ weaknesses, replicate (and improve on) their strengths, and discover opportunities to improve your SEO efforts by taking inspiration from the best in the business. You’re not out to copy their ideas wholesale, but instead find ways to improve on what they do and take the lead.


3. Set Goals

Setting goals is one of the most critical steps involved in creating an effective SEO strategy. Without goals, you’re effectively crawling in the dark with nothing to aim for. Your goal could be anything – boost monthly revenues to £10,000 or more, pull in a minimum of 10,000 qualified leads per week, overtake one specific competitor in the SERP rankings, boost your conversion rates by 40% – literally anything you can think of. As each of these goals calls for an entirely different approach to SEO, it’s essential to establish your objectives at an early stage.


4. Audit and Improve Your Existing Content

Before updating and expanding your site with a flurry of new content, it makes sense to audit and improves its existing content. This means finding low-performing pages to delete, redirect, or revamp. Each and every page on your website should be useful, relevant, and rich in SEO-friendly search terms. Edit or rewrite anything that isn’t up to scratch, add visual elements to your site’s existing content, use internal linking to improve navigation, and ensure every page on your site offers something of genuine value to the visitor.


5. Get Your Content Strategy in Order

For content marketing to be effective, it needs to be continuous. You cannot simply publish web content in bulk on a one-off basis and expect to see a meaningful climbing in the rankings. Instead, you need to be providing your visitors with an ongoing stream of useful, relevant, and comprehensively current information on whatever it is they’re interested in. The content you publish must be unique, creative, and of genuine value to the reader.  This alone can make all the difference to a site’s SEO value – particularly with a good mix of media types (videos, audio, images, infographics, etc.)


6. Revisit Your Keyword Selection

While creating and editing your site’s content, be mindful of the growing importance of long-tail search terms. Even with adult content, people are becoming increasingly discerning and selective with their search activities.  Take the time to research the terms and questions people are using to find services like yours. Avoid the temptation to focus too heavily on high-competition keywords, which may be difficult (or impossible) to rank strongly for.  Diversify your use of keywords, monitor the results, and make adjustments and improvements where necessary.


7. Offer a Stellar UI

Scrutinize all aspects of your user interface from the perspective of the visitor.  Ask yourself – is there anything at all about the presentation, performance, navigation, etc., of your website that could stand to be improved? Is there anything that could be streamlined and simplified to make it easier for people to get where they want to be? Are your page loading times up to scratch, and how does your site perform via mobile devices?

8. Consider Hiring Help

Last up, the quickest, easiest, and most affordable way to put an effective adult SEO strategy into action is to hire help.  The services of an experienced SEO agency could save your business time and money while making it much easier for you to achieve your objectives.  Remember that you can outsource as much or as little of your SEO activities as you like based on your requirements and your budget.


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