All You Need to Know About Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary & Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The Wildlife Sanctuary Currumbin is home to an array of Australian animals and birds that are displayed in modern enclosures to ensure clear and optimal animal wellbeing. There’s plenty of things to do for the entire family such as a stroll through an enclosure for kangaroos and the New Lost Valley experience.

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary of Currumbin was among the first zoological reserves we visited in Australia even before we relocated here. It has changed and grown over time but it remains very much about conservation and the welfare of animals. 

The first time we visited the park about 18 years back, we were instructed to be there by the time of opening so that we wouldn’t skip the lorikeet feeding. The weather was dry that summer and there were no flowers in the park. It was truly a refuge for the wild birds that would come in two times a day to eat nectar.

We have these cute little birds every day within our Queensland garden and have the garden heavily planted in their favorite nectar trees, but I enjoy the morning displays just as much. Whenever we do get the opportunity to go to Currumbin I’ll always get an early morning to attend their arrival and the first feeding. It’s wonderful to see younger visitors holding their nectar bowls for the colorful parrots to feast on.

If you’re visiting the area and you aren’t able visit the zoo, or if you missed the feeding but want to return on a different day, this area as well as The Sanctuary Cafe is outside the entrance gates, so you are able to go in and out of this area freely.When you get in, you’ll be handed the map of the park and a schedule which is worth the map read through early in the morning to see what shows and events you’ll want to attend so that you can take an outline of these and plan your trip around the park in line with them. It’s also accessible on the internet here.

The bird display here is outstanding with stars such as the massive wedge-tail eagle, the heart-shaped barn owl as well as the barking owl as well as black Kites and vibrant parrots. There are also a few other local ring-ins like the pelican as well as Australian Ibis that provide humorous relief.Koalas are the symbol of Australia and are probably the first one that people are first drawn to and wish to observe when they visit. In the majority of parts of the nation, they’re difficult to find in the wild in any way since their numbers are diminished by habitat loss and, when they do appear, they tend to be located high in the trees and tucked away in the trees.

Dingos have a long history in Australia and live in a vast range of habitats that ranges from grasslands to deserts, and at the edge of forest. We’ve only been able to see dingos out in nature one time, however, there are five in the park of Currumbin that have been raised by hand. As you can tell, they are adorable, and you should definitely incorporate them into your itinerary.


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is located within Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland. This sanctuary is approximately 12 km from Brisbane. It was first established in 1927 by two Koalas known as Jack Jill and Jill. The sanctuary currently houses more than 130 Koalas. In addition to koalas you’ll see wombats, kangaroos as well as birds and possums. The sanctuary offers protection and support to Koalas. The sanctuary was created in order to safeguard Koalas from being hunted due to their fur.

The sanctuary was first opened to safeguard the Koalas. Later, different species were added to the sanctuary. A variety of animals indigenous to Australia have been incorporated into this sanctuary, particularly following 1974. You’ll see reptiles, snakes, bats and kangaroos as well as birds, in addition to others. You are sure to enjoy the most exciting and best time of your lives.

The kangaroo reserve area within the sanctuary is popular with everyone from all different ages. You can access the area by way of the gatekeepers and enjoy a walk with kangaroos and emus. One of the best things about being here is that you get to feed the kangaroos. If you like selfies, you can snap a photo with the kangaroos as well. It is necessary to purchase food for kangaroos by spending two dollars at the counter in front of. Kangaroos don’t take anything else except food.

This is by far the most exciting thing you can perform at the sanctuary. You can cuddle and hold with the koalas for all the time you’d like to. Koalas at Lone Pine Sanctuary are cared for. To get a cuddle from the koala is a matter of cash. You must take lots of photos. Also, keep in your mind that a koala shouldn’t be kept for more than 30 minutes per day.

Lorikeets are small – to medium-sized parrots that are small to medium-sized. Between 9:45 between 4 pm and 9:45 AM you can stroll along the river’s edge to feed the stunning Lorikeets. Lorikeets are a common sight within Brisbane as they’re so captivating that you’ll never be able to look away from them. Be aware if you’re scared of birds as they are known to perch on your arms, shoulders, or even on your head. They’re not harmful, however, you must keep your distance if you’re not a fan of close contact with birds. 

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is located in the Brisbane River. Visitors can visit the sanctuary and sit in the cafe’s terrace and enjoy the stunning views. You are also able to take your kids along. Just next to the cafe is a children’s play area where kids can play in a safe environment without hassle. This play area has Wi-Fi, and recharge points that are available to ensure your convenience.


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