1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with Sophie Tea about bringing the send nudes project to the stage, her hope for her work, and more.

My introduction to Marina Abramović took place in 2017 during a visit to The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. While attending the Roskilde Music Festival, I seized the opportunity to explore the museum,

In Monnerat’s world, everything feels alive, every thing feels alive: from a leather jacket to sticks on a riverbank in Bahia to the green door of a local building they thought they’d never seen before,

1883 meets artist Kay Abude to discuss her new collaborative project addressing themes of resilience and creative expression. A new iteration of The Showroom's annual Mural Commission, the work will be unveiled on 29 July.

PoPsee, real name Barry Samms, is a contemporary artist melding digital art with contemporary cultural references.The work is ironic, humorous, playful, nostalgic, and thought provoking – using the dichotomy of known historical moments, pop icons,

Curated by mixed-media artist and photographer Karen Bystedt, The Lost Warhols pays homage to the Pop of Pop Art with works by a selection of international artists.

Known for his fluorescent paintings and sculptures that combine western influences with Japanese art and folklore, NY-based artist Tomokazu Matsuyama talks to 1883 about his work – currently on display at Almine Rech, London –

Previous 1883 cover star and pioneering DJ, Steve Aoki, is back with a special collaborative project.

His name synonymous with the epic monumentality of his works, David Mach has been pushing the boundaries of installation art for forty years. A new exhibition at Pangolin London will offer a unique insight into

Known for his work hovering between abstraction and figuration, Manchester-born painter Nigel Cooke chats with 1883 Arts Editor about his latest body of work which was recently put on show at Pace, London, in an

NY-based painter Haley Josephs talks to 1883 about her new exhibition, Every Part of the Dream, at Almine Rech, London, until 22 December.

 Finding the right gift for a couple is similar to finding yourself your better half. You will have to search for quite some time, but when you find one, you know that s/he is the

Bringing together a hundred works of art, including paintings, sculptures, tapestries and engravings, a new exhibition in Milan charts the legacy and influence of one of the most imaginative and enigmatic Dutch masters, Hieronymus Bosch,

A UTOPIA of culture, creativity, and ecology brings revolutionary concepts, animal wisdom, and Native knowledge. A time to think, dream, and imagine

If you have visited Ben Brown Fine Arts in Mayfair recently, you will have been lucky enough to catch the truly wondrous Les Lalanne: Makers of Dreams, an extensive survey of the work of the

A collateral event of the 59th Venice Biennale, Uncombed, Unforeseen, Unconstrained brings together eleven internationally renowned artists to reflect on topical issues that range from environmental pollution and global warming, to systemic racism and rampant

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Robert Nava has made a name for himself with his canvases depicting otherworldly creatures hovering between the mythical and the supernatural. Shaped by a range of different inspirations, they are rendered in a deliberately naïve

1883 Arts Editor sits for a chat with Cj Hendry, the 34 year-old NY-based artist from Brisbane best-known for her eye-catching photorealistic drawings of luxury goods and flowers, to discuss her work and influences, and

1883 sits down for a chat with London-based artist Eve Marguerite to discuss her practice encompassing video, drawing and installations, and to ask about her project for Lateral Geographies, What If We Gave Them Back.

Are non-fungible tokens a fad or the future of the creative industry? 1883 sits down for a chat with Josh Sandhu from Quantus Gallery – Europe’s first non-fungible token advisory – to talk all things

1883 meets British landscape painter David Wightman, who is best known for his imaginary mountain vistas teetering on the line between figuration and geometric abstraction. His work is on display at Grove Square Galleries, London,

1883 Arts Editor meets NY-based visual artist and photographer extraordinaire Androxx to discuss his new series, The Game of Life, featuring Max Jablonsky and Ignacio Naudon.

1883 Arts Editor sits down with New York-based experimental filmmaker Brian Ratigan, the founder of the award-winning independent studio Non Films, to discuss his latest project, The Architecture of Time, and more.

Young British Harry Rüdham explores the balance of the soul flittering between heaven and hell, using vibrant colours and textured cut out figures to create fantasy-like paintings in his forthcoming “Lubberland” exhibition at Grove Square

A retrospective at The Fitzrovia Chapel, London, pays tribute to larger-than-life 80s icon Leigh Bowery whose work straddled art, fashion and music.

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