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Best Delta-8 Brands

Delta-8 may have the power to enhance brain health by altering the amount of calcium in the neurological system. Delta-8 THC may increase appetite that is twice as strong as Delta-9 THC.

If you research the best Delta-8 brands and read about other people’s experiences with them, you’ll notice that the Delta-8 products they offer are a popular option. They’re legal and inexpensive. So, let’s look at them without any further ado!


Best Delta-8 Brands

  • Exhale Wellness – Top Delta-8 brand
  • BudPop – Best packaging and product design
  • Hollyweed CBD – Wide range of flavors
  • Diamond CBD – Lowest prices on the market
  • 3Chi – The first brand to generate Delta-8 strain

Reviews Section

Exhale Wellness – Top Delta-8 brand

Exhale Wellness has achieved well enough for itself regarding outstanding Delta-8 goods, rising to the top of the industry. Exhale Wellness places a premium on quality; therefore, we are comfortable suggesting their products.

Compared to other cannabis producers, the brand is also recognized for its extremely strong cartridges. It may also give consumers a relaxing and peaceful high, which is very helpful after a long day.

When looking for Delta-8 gummies products, we always want to check for hemp sources. Exhale’s hemp is farmed in Colorado, a state known for its all-natural hemp cultivation practices. They provide a wide range of excellent products, including Delta-8 gummies, vape carts, tinctures, and flowers.

A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all items. They will give you a full refund of your money if you’re not happy with your purchase.

Furthermore, the company’s shipping and return procedures are equivalent to most other companies in the market, with things being delivered to clients across the United States in three to seven business days.



Exhale Wellness is a deserving first-place match-winner on our list for many reasons. It’s a Los Angeles-based collective of cannabis pioneers with a decade of experience in the organic food market.

Exhale Wellness uses the CO2 process to extract its hemp, ensuring that the product is of the best quality and concentration. It does not necessitate the use of chemicals. Another distinguishing aspect is the organic, vegan nature of the products for sale, with no animal-based ingredients.

Their primary purpose is to educate people about natural cures, which they do by producing organic goods that complement the biological activities of our bodies.


  • Wide range of Delta-8 products
  • A fantastic first-time offer
  • Vegan choices are available
  • Delta-8 is explained in a handy online guide


  • This is an entirely online service
  • Shipping to some US states is not available

Customer experience

Exhale’s Delta-8 products have received positive feedback from customers on many sites. Compared to other manufacturers, they have found their items to be of high quality because they are incredibly effective and calming.

Clients have felt comfortable and knowledgeable about their purchases thanks to Exhale’s perfectly functional and thorough website and its customer service.


BudPop – Best packaging and product design

BupPop follows the federation’s guidelines to ensure that manufacturing procedures are ethical and that only authorized ingredients are used. BudPop has accomplished all of this by checking and controlling every step of the cannabis production process, which is critical for delivering a high-quality product and a great user experience.

They focus more on the packaging and product design, which sets them apart from the other Delta-8 brands.

The company distributes a limited amount of Delta-8 gummies, products created from organically grown hemp in Nevada that are safe, natural, vegan, and GMO-free.

Pesticides and other potentially hazardous chemical fertilizers are not used to cultivate hemp. All of these tastes have been lab-tested and granted Certificates of Analysis.



The creators have been growing and cultivating hemp for nearly 30 years, and they initially developed three Delta-8 products after performing significant studies and tests. As a result, Delta-8 gummies, vape carts, and Delta-8 flowers are now available.

The carts are spotless. So, if you buy a vape cart from them, you won’t have to worry about reducing chemicals like PG, MCT, vitamin E, VG, or PEG.

BudPop obtains its hemp ingredients from high-quality hemp grown in the US using supercritical CO2 extraction technology. Its products are all certified organic, chemical-free, non-GMO, and vegan.

Each ingredient is examined in a lab to ensure the product’s safety and quality during production. They also use environmentally friendly farming methods.



  • Delta-8 THC gummies are fantastic
  • Products are non-GMO and vegan-friendly
  • BudPop offers free shipping on its Delta-8 products
  • Third-party laboratory testing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Available online only
  • Delta-8 THC products are not available for shipment to Alaska, Arizona, Colorado
  • Shipping is free only on orders above $50

Customer experience

BubPop’s customer service representatives are pretty helpful. Following your purchase, they will contact you frequently to update you on your delivery status.

Customers have praised BudPop’s customer service, notably their quick shipping. Their return procedures and free shipping within the United States illustrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Although some consumers believe their product is pricey, others believe the product’s quality and potency justify the cost. Customers who are allergic to strong cannabis complain that this item is too rough on their throats.


Hollyweed CBD – Wide range of flavors

Hollyweed is the result of cannabis enthusiast Zachary Cole Fernandez’s prank on the Hollywood sign. He renamed the famous Hollywood sign Hollyweed to promote awareness about the euphoric herb.

With decades of experience in the cannabis market, this brand aims to preserve its credibility to develop long-term connections with consumers. Physical, spiritual, environmental, emotional, social, and intellectual are the pillars of well-being that constitute Hollyweed’s idea.

The goods are entirely natural and include no additives or preservatives. Hollyweed sources its hemp from some of the best farms in the country, ensuring that it is free of harmful toxins, including solvents, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

Hollyweed’s products may be incredibly effective and give a mellow high that does not irritate the throat because they are created with lab-tested Delta-8 THC.

For their effort to supply their customers with the most cutting-edge Delta-8 goods, the company has been acknowledged in some of the industry’s most famous periodicals, including Ministry of Hemp, Dope Magazine, and High Times.



Hollyweed CBD gummies has a firm grip on the market, and the Delta-8 THC ingredient was discovered in September 2019. And that grip is only getting stronger as the chemical gains traction in the cannabis market.

A new world of opportunities has emerged due to Delta-8 that CBD has been unable to satisfy so far. The chemical can produce the desired high provided by Delta-9, but on a smaller scale and without the negative side effects such as anxiousness.

One critical factor in evaluating is the company’s evaluation system when determining whether a brand is legitimate.

Despite performing an independent laboratory test on the content of its products, Hollyweed implements a two-phased lab testing approach for raw materials and final goods.


  • Natural ingredients
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free economy shipping
  • For purity, a third-party lab was used


  • Completely online service

Customer experience

People like the product variety of this brand and enjoy trying various flavors, strains, and fragrances with each order. It is also well-known for its low prices, which make its products accessible and affordable to almost everyone.

Hollyweed’s order tracking service allows customers to verify that their items are delivered on time and are never ignored. Customers believe there is no turning back once they begin purchasing Hollyweed products.


Diamond CBD – Lowest prices on the market

Diamond’s team of doctors and scientists conduct a significant study to create the purest and most effective goods. Their goal is to manufacture goods that use a sustainable hemp-growing approach and a wide range of high-quality hemp extracts that contain a diverse range of cannabinoids and other natural components found in hemp.

The company has the lowest prices on the market. Their unparalleled wholesale savings and marketing support make them an excellent sales partner, and their cutting-edge wholesale website makes ordering quick and easy.

Diamond’s doctors and scientists evaluate Delta-8 products regularly to ensure they meet the company’s stringent standards. The corporation makes no concessions regarding getting its Delta-8 goods evaluated by a third-party lab.

It has a big assortment of high-quality Delta-8 products that are distinct in terms of quality, flavors, and strains. Mellow Fellow, 10X, Chill Plus, Liquid Gold, Alibi, and many more are among them.



Diamond CBD has created a name for itself in the industry primarily because of its revolutionary extraction technology, which enables them to create high-quality Delta-8 goods.

Not only is the company innovative with its products, such as THC Extreme gummies and unique Vape oil bundles, but its supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technique is also known for using high-quality hemp to assure customer loyalty.

They make edible candies, creams, vape oils, and capsules, among other things. With a high THC content, you’re probably getting a higher amount of THC into your system, which is why it’s best to keep the doses under control for the most relaxing impact.

Another great benefit of the company is that they sometimes provide attractive discounts and coupons.



  • Hemp of superior quality
  • There are no side-effects
  • A wide range of Delta-8 products
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Excellent after-sales service


  • The product is not quite a full spectrum
  • Users may be confused by the wide range of goods and tastes

Customer experience

Along with their delightful high impact, their consumers highly praised their gummies for their several health benefits, such as relief from chronic pain, enhanced sleep quality, and reduced sadness and anxiety. Some even claim that they provide better pain relief than opioids.

Diamond has a diverse product line, but customer reaction has been overwhelmingly good. They ensure that all orders are delivered on time to please clients.


3Chi – The first brand to generate Delta-8 strain

Finally, there is 3Chi, a company that provides a wide range of things for this specialized market. As one of the industry’s early adopters, it has had plenty of time to refine formulations and seek new ways to fascinate its intended audience.

It is made from 100% organically cultivated American hemp and extracted using safe, chemical-free methods. The remainder of the formula is all-natural; however, artificial flavor and color have been added.

The firm was the first to generate a dominant Delta-8 strain that was legally permitted in the United States in 2019. They have consistently and efficiently perfected their process since then, resulting in some great results.

3Chi goods have been thoroughly tested, and you can check the complete list of ingredients before making a purchase.



3Chi is another Delta-8 brand well-known for being the first in America to sell legalized THC, which gives you an idea of how long they have been in business.

The 2019 innovation by 3Chi developed a novel method of purifying its Delta-8 THC from hemp. As a result, the company’s subsequent premium quality products are not only vegan-friendly (Delta-8 Cookies) but also maintain the overall safety of the human body.

The benefits of using their products vary from possible migraine pain relief to feeling better after a panic attack. Furthermore, the possible calming effects of smoking their all-natural organic hemp products ensure that your circumstances do not get the best of you or your day.

3Chi also offers a variety of goods such as edible jelly, vapes, and potent THC packets that can be smoked for relaxing effects.



  • 100% organic hemp
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Various Delta-8 products
  • Multiple third-party labs have tested it
  • Provide a cold shipment option


  • Artificial flavor is used in botanical-derived products
  • Certain cannabis products contain a high concentration of THC
  • Mississippi, Arizona, Delaware, and Iowa are among the states where 3Chi items are not available

Customer experience

The uncommon combination of quality and affordability of 3Chi items wowed everyone who tried them. The flavor was well-received and regarded as fairly powerful.

Customers were enthusiastic about the flavors of the items, and many expressed admiration for the Delta-8’s soothing effect, suggesting that they would buy another pack.

Aside from policies, 3Chi’s years of research into providing the highest quality hemp extracts to their committed users have kept and will keep the reputable business going for years.

People have also utilized Delta-8 items to disassociate themselves from sleep-inducing medications. Customers are delighted to be able to purchase 3Chi products without breaking the bank, thanks to the products’ low costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are Delta-8 products?

Delta-8 products are safe if they come from legal farms that use safe production methods, lab-tested chemicals, and well-known companies.


What are the most typical ways to consume Delta-8?

Delta-8 products include gummies, tinctures, flowers, oils, pens, and vape cartridges. Each product is eaten differently and has particular effects and potency.


Are there any Delta-8 side effects?

A more significant dose may cause mild adverse effects such as thirst, dry lips, dry eyes, an increased heart rate, memory loss, weariness, and anxiety. Moreover, your immune system significantly impacts the severity and chance of experiencing these negative consequences.

A lesser dose may cause fatigue, while a higher dose may cause sleepiness and mental clutter. When taking a more significant dose, one may suffer trouble moving, a longer reaction time, and decreased concentration. You should consult a doctor for a more educated view.


Is Delta-8 lawful in the United States?

Delta-8 THC is legal in most places in the United States as long as it includes less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

However, it remains illegal in Arizona, Iowa, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Delaware, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, Mississippi, and Utah.


Is Delta-8 detectable in drug tests?

Yes, if you’re using a Delta-8 cart, you’ll for sure fail a drug test, especially if you’ve recently been using them. Most producers are informed of this, and some even state clearly that certain things should not be used if drug testing is required.

Its familial links to more psychoactive chemicals, such as Delta-9 THC, may raise a red flag in drug testing. Delta-8 particles in your system are comparable to the Delta-9 molecules, giving a failed test result.


Are Delta-8 items quick to act?

Delta-8 compounds tend to produce faster outcomes when consumed as vapor. When taken in palatable forms, the effects are longer lasting.


Can Delta-8 get me high?

A product cannot be stimulating or lead you to go high if it has no psychoactive elements. On the other hand, higher doses may cause you to feel euphoric.


Is Delta-8 a prescription drug?

No, Delta-8 is not a prescription medication. If you have a serious condition or ailment and wish to use it, you should visit your doctor first.


What is the best price for Delta-8 items?

Prices might range from $49 to $100 depending on the brand and your chosen products. Delta-8 product quantity and quality boost prices, which is why it is recommended to go through the brand’s online retail store to be sure.

However, if the costs are more than $100, make sure to read the product reviews as they may be attempting to defraud you of your money.


Is Delta-8 addiction possible?

For strong, regular Delta-8 THC users, the risk of dependency is similar to that of other THC drugs on the market. In such cases, withdrawal symptoms are identical to those caused by other THC molecules. These include naming a few, nausea, sleeplessness, and restlessness.



With laboratory-tested and powerful Delta-8 products, these top five Delta-8 brands are now dominating the US cannabis business.

We recommend that you only purchase Delta-8 cartridges, tinctures, candies, oils, consumables, flowers, and other items after doing extensive research. It is critical to initially become familiar with all of its properties, also get the references on theislandnow

After reading this informative article, you should have a good understanding of the best Delta-8 brands available on the market right now. All that is left is to identify your priorities and preferences before settling on your best brand. Make sure that your health and safety come first!

Before taking any Delta-8 product, discuss it with your doctor, especially if you intend to use cannabis to treat a medical condition. After that, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of Delta-8 products.

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