Bighead Tea Drinkers – “Hours”

Bighead Tea Drinkers return with infectious indie-rock anthem “Hours.”

Brighton’s four-piece indie sensation, Bighead Tea Drinkers, is back with their latest infectious indie-rock track, ‘Hours.’ Offering a fresh and distinctive take on the genre, the band seamlessly blends rock undertones with a commercial edge, delivering a sound that is both impactful and intricately layered. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists, from Lana Del Rey to Deftones, Bighead Tea Drinkers have carved out their own space in the indie rock scene.

The new single ‘Hours’ showcases the band’s growth and confidence as they evolve from supporting emerging talents to emerging as a headline act in their own right. The track is a testament to their explosive live sound, capturing the essence of their dynamic performances and channelling it into a studio recording that exudes energy and vibrancy. Built around a wall of distorted guitar lines, the driving drums and bass inject a euphoric energy into the track, creating an instantly likable indie-alternative anthem.

The vocals, delivering earworm melodies, add a layer of catchiness that complements the reflective and melancholic lyricism. ‘Hours’ is a fluorescent example of the band’s capabilities, showcasing their ability to create music that is both commercially appealing and artistically rich.

Marshall, the drummer and producer of the band, reflects on their growth and the evolution of their sound: “This song is better than anything we have done before, I think. Our sound has massively matured since we came together, and ‘Hours’ is the first of what we have to offer in this new era of our band. The sound of this song is far more full than any of our previous releases as we’re more confident with our instruments, and me and Kian are much better as producers than we were when we recorded our first material.”

The track encapsulates the essence of Bighead Tea Drinkers, offering a glimpse into their musical evolution and setting the tone for what promises to be an exciting new era for the band. With a sound that combines commercial appeal with artistic depth, Bighead Tea Drinkers is on the verge of making a significant impact on the national indie rock scene. ‘Hours’ is a compelling testament to their growth, talent, and the infectious energy that defines their music.

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