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CBD and Its Impact on the Beauty Industry

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Beauty queens the world over have started to become familiar with CBD. This cannabis compound became famous as a wellness supplement intended for the purpose of overall health.


A common way to use it was via CBD capsules, ingested orally. However, it wasn’t long before the industry expanded enormously; now, you can find it in products like skincare creams.

The unexpected boom of CBD has meant that it has had a substantial impact on the beauty industry. Now, the beauty market is filled with CBD and hemp skincare products, which are just flying off the shelves.

Read on to discover just how the industry has changed.


CBD Topicals Have Become Skincare Essentials

A CBD topical is any cannabidiol product applied to the skin. Typically, it refers to CBD creams and lotions; however, things like CBD-infused bath bombs are also topicals. These products are popular because they offer a very targeted approach.

The user can apply the topical to the desired area, allowing the cannabinoids within it to affect specific parts of the body. If you’re wondering why people would want to apply CBD to their skin, you can look to science for the answer.

A handful of studies, such as this one from the European Journal of Pain, have found that CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory when applied to the skin. Many of the studies have been performed on animal models, but a 2016 review suggested that CBD has potential in alleviating skincare ailments like acne and dermatitis in humans.

Many skincare products have long advertised the inclusion of antioxidants, claiming to keep the skin rejuvenated. Luckily, CBD is also an antioxidant, so it can act in a similar way.

With potential skin-healing properties, it’s no wonder CBD has found its way into the beauty industry.


New Brands Have Entered the Market

When the CBD skincare craze began, it was predominantly CBD brands branching out into beauty products. Before long, some new brands emerged that were specifically dedicated to skincare products.

The list includes the likes of Kana, an LA-based skincare brand that offers vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free products. All of the products contain hemp extract and CBD. Several other CBD beauty brands also hail from the state of California.

These brands saw great success due to the gap in the market. The target audience is millennials, who are less interested in partying and drinking than the older generations. Instead, it’s all about health and wellbeing, and CBD is the perfect way to enhance overall wellness. Plus, skincare is a big deal among the millennial generation; CBD is offering an all-in-one ingredient to unify your skincare range.

Of course, the boom in the market meant that it would not be long before existing brands jumped on the trend.


Existing Brands Are Going “Green”

Revolution Skincare, Goop, Simple, Milk Makeup, and more have launched hemp products in recent times. There is a real ‘green’ revolution in the beauty industry, as more and more brands recognize the benefits behind hemp.

While it is typically hemp that is used in place of marijuana, many big-name brands are not afraid to play on the iconic nature of the cannabis plant. Eye-catching labels often feature fanned cannabis leaves, and product names may even say “cannabis” rather than hemp.

Milk Makeup, for example, now offers an exciting Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask. It uses hemp extract but boasts a bright green bottle and proudly features ‘cannabis’ in its name.

This is in no way a bad thing. The beauty industry is helping to remove some of the stigma surrounding cannabis plants. After all, hemp is a form of cannabis, but it’s not a recreational drug. Users of products like CBD face masks are far from getting high while they perform pre-bedtime skincare. Instead, the hemp extract works to gently nourish the skin in the way many other products do.


Final Thoughts on CBD in the Beauty Industry

The market for CBD products in the USA could be worth $22 billion by 2022. It’s unlikely that the CBD beauty trend is going anywhere fast because customers appear to be thoroughly enjoying it. In fact, it seems like it was the next logical step in CBD conquering the entire wellness industry.

With CBD face masks, eye creams, bath bombs, shampoos, bath salts, and more, those interested in skincare have a variety of hemp-infused products to choose from. The range is extensive, and it appears that it will only grow from here.


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