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“Crown” serial is the best according to Golden Globes 2021

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The crown TV series drama covering Queen Elizabeth’s family’s history has won multiple categories in 2021’s Golden Globes Awards. The likes of Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana took the day.

Although critics had it that the movie had slight mistakes that would have some fans understand a different story from reality, most of the parts were keen to detail.

The royal family’s history, as depicted by the film, brought many interesting facts into the light. An interesting part was Queen Elizabeth’s gambling hobby. The hobby that began during her early childhood ended up becoming a family tradition. For her, it turned out to be a fun and highly lucrative venture.

This article focuses on how the tradition has been passed down to her descendants and its influence upon past British colonial territories, more so in racing.


The Queens Investment and Winnings

With an estimated profit of $ 8.8 million from her horses, the Queen was interested in winning races and took great care of the animals by continuously investing in them. Her horses have won more than 500 races over the years, with 23 wins at the prestigious Royal Ascot.

Her passion developed at four years old when she owned her first horse. She has earned respect in the racing scene from her unique purely bred horses, a culture she learned from her father.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth never missed a single Royal Ascot race throughout her reign. However, she had to miss the most recent due to the covid19 crisis.

Her first win in the event came from one of her racers, Choir Boy, in 1953. Her great choices of racer horses are attributed to her talented ear that spots a winning one from its sounding on the racetrack.


Passing Down the Tradition

Fortunately, the queen’s daughter Anne also became a huge fan of the sport. She took things a notch higher by participating first hand on a horse. She set a new record as the first royal in history to compete in the Olympic Games. Besides, she raced on one of her mother’s horses, Goodwill, in 1976.


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Anne’s daughter, Zara Tindall, also inherited the tradition. Unlike her predecessors, Zara emerged a champion in London 2012, taking home a silver medal. The Royal family’s participation in horse racing and wagering on top-notch horses has brought a considerable amount of prestige to the sport. Horses have always been distinguished and elegant creatures but the increasing interest by society’s elite is somewhat creating a cultural phenomenon around horse racing.

The family has always received support from fans who are ever hungry for a royal win. Sometimes the Queen lost due to the roaring cheers of fans. Horses would get distracted by the noise and lose after leading at the start of the races. Even in such times, other racers never had it easy going against the queen’s horses.


Horse Racing in India

Throughout Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the British had a huge influence on India’s horseracing industry. However, the sport became popularized in the nation just over a century ago. The industry only started improving recently, after years of poor participation. Poor living standards and low investment have been the main hindrances to the success of the sport. Many punters cannot afford to participate in such a demanding sport.

Today, India boasts seven racetracks and about five authorities regulating the sport. However, race clubs and the rich involved in the business mainly do the sport. During the pandemic, betting on horse races boomed online in India, providing an opportunity for more people to participate. The industry that was once dying is now thriving as European nations experience a drop in participation.


British Impact on India’s Horse Racing

The Queen’s legacy on racing has had a significant impact on India’s rising horse racing stats. In the past five years, the Royal Calcutta Turf Club began getting new investors, rejuvenating a new sports era. However, it is difficult to determine whether this should be attributed to the queen’s continuous support or the club’s individual efforts. Each year, Queen Elizabeth signs the “Queen’s Cup Race” trophy awarded to winners.

The club is a British establishment that has been in Kolkata long before the queen’s reign. In 1842, Indians had their first derby credit of the club.

The club has increased race turnouts to over 6000 and foresees continuous growth in the future. The Attendance of the Queen and Prince Phillip show Britain’s continued support for India’s horse racing.


Final Word

Queen Elizabeth is an iconic figure in the world’s history. As an important figure of the royal family, hers is a unique hobby that has left many intrigued by her personality. The crown movie shows the political and romance issues she had to handle while still playing her different roles, including that of a leader. Nevertheless, horse racing proved to be a defining part of her life, and not even state affairs could stop her participation.

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