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 Easy Star All-Star – Ziggy Stardub

Reggae group Easy Star All-Stars release their David Bowie-inspired album, Ziggy Stardub.

Not just any act can reimagine the great David Bowie’s art and bring a new perspective, sound, and feeling to his work. Luckily for us, Easy Star All-Stars have done just that on their new album Ziggy Stardub. The album, which is a collection of reggae songs reimagined from David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars, is a reggae-induced soundscape; merging together the vast world of Bowie’s original album with a new touch. As an ode to Bowie’s work, Ziggy Stardub serves as the first new
album in their series of best-selling records in 11 years.

Bringing together a myriad of artists like Macy Gray, Maxi Priest, Steel Pulse, Fishbone and others to perform by bringing their own flair to the album, Easy Star All-Stars have crafted a record that is a shrine to Bowie’s work. In particular, songs like Lady StardustRock ‘n’ Roll Suicide and All the Young Dudes, reimagine Bowie’s work through the lens of Easy Star All-Stars. As part of their live shows, the reggae group will be slotting in tracks from Ziggy Stardub in their upcoming gigs and festivals.


Ziggy Stardub is out now.

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