How Do Showbiz Celebrities Like to Have Fun?

Sometimes it seems that all celebrities do nothing but hang out in nightclubs and show off on red carpets.

In fact, quite a lot of show and business stars are real couch potatoes, avoiding noisy companies. We have compiled a list of Hollywood celebrities who never go to parties and prefer having fun in another way.


1)   Victoria Beckham and Beauty Procedures

You may think that it’s impossible for Victoria not to like parties. However,  she once said the following, “When the kids go to bed, I prefer to work or apply a nourishing mask. By the time Brooklyn (the eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham) falls asleep, I am no longer capable of anything.” Considering that the star couple has four children, it is not surprising that Victoria does not have enough energy to party.

2)   Brad Pitt and Poker

This women’s favorite has other interests than just partying. Brad Pitt is known in Hollywood as a talented poker player. While working on the film “Big Jackpot”, he beat the entire film crew. Guy Ritchie admitted that he really wanted to beat Brad Pitt, but the director was left with nothing. Perhaps, any Canadian casino online should be alarmed if Brad intends to visit it.

3)   Blake Lively and Live Music

Young, beautiful, and wealthy Blake Lively has everything to become Hollywood’s most famous party girl. However, the actress responds to it this way, “I’m a real stay-at-home girl. I have never even been to a nightclub, except perhaps at some concerts, parties from the “Gossip Girl” producers, or on the red carpet. Such entertainment does not seem cool to me. I like listening to live music. That’s how I have fun.” After Blake Lively became a mother, she and Ryan Reynolds began to appear at public events even less often.

4)   Eddie Murphy and His Private Island

The first guy on our list was once an avid party-goer. Today, Eddie Murphy prefers to have fun in a different way. “Homestar? Absolutely. I am almost 60, I have a beautiful house, where I spend my holidays with great pleasure,” says Murphy. By the way, Eddie also has a private island in the middle of the ocean: what kind of parties can we talk about then?

5)   Taylor Swift and Kitchen Parties

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers of her time. Her songs regularly top the charts, and concert tickets are sold out several months in advance. But fame did not turn the singer’s head – she does not want to waste money in clubs at all. “I really enjoy spending time with my friends. We often have kitchen parties,” says Taylor.


People have always been interested in how celebrities live since observation from the outside can also be a kind of entertainment. As you can see, celebrities like to have fun in different ways, and sometimes they can even surprise their fans.

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