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How job interviews change in the post-Covid world

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Over the past two years, partly due to the Covid-19 hurricane that violently hit our lives, the world of work has changed radically, going through several evolutionary phases that, without the health emergency, it would most likely have completed in at least ten or twenty years. The accelerating effect of the pandemic has certainly produced beneficial results for people’s daily and professional lives, such as greater familiarisation with digitalisation and the – still rather aleatory – concept of smart working, which millions of people in every corner of the world are still trying to digest. But sudden changes sometimes also bring with them violent shocks that risk disrupting or at least temporarily paralysing the consciences of those caught up in them, slowing down their operations and leaving them bewildered.


New ways of working

The new ways of agile working do not please everyone. Many people continue to declare themselves fervent supporters of office work, almost automatically opting for traditional ways of working. For all of them, associating their career commitments with the home environment is not only impossible, but is even considered detrimental to the overall quality of their work. These people have been so abruptly overwhelmed by change that they can no longer see reality for what it is, stubbornly wanting to remain anchored to a past, the one that existed before the health emergency, which no longer exists, even from a work perspective.

Most people, however, have been almost forced to get used to agile working and all the new practical methods of getting their work done, or even just organising a remote meeting or a phone call with their colleagues. For those already employed, accepting the more concrete and practical aspects of the change – such as spending less and less time in the office – was perhaps easier than for everyone else, even for those who initially did not really look forward to the prospect of working from home. In order to hold on to their jobs, many people found themselves having to swallow one or more bitter pill, clearly going against their personal convictions and preferences. The real problem arises for all those who still do not have a job, and who have been frantically trying to find one these past two years, trying (often in vain) to untangle themselves amidst the jungle of job offers and interviews organised remotely. Very often, those who do not like the idea of smart working have been forced to give up job opportunities that they would otherwise surely have accepted, preferring to continue looking for other offers more suited to their needs. Regardless of the personal and private reasons that might induce a person not to want to work from home, in most cases, this preference is dictated by prejudice, or a total inability to find concentration within rooms other than those of an office. Almost always these are mere mental barriers, harmful and deleterious superstructures that have no substance in reality.


A new trend

Posing these kinds of problems during the job interview could greatly reduce your chances of being hired: a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, is to set certain conditions with regard to their working hours or shifts, in the hope that the job will not take away valuable time for leisure and personal commitments. This singular tendency effectively reflects one of the most obvious effects of the Covid-19, which has pushed millions of people to focus more determinedly on their passions, hobbies, and pleasurable pastimes that can project them (briefly) away from reality.

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