How to Choose the Perfect Kaftan for Your Kids

Staying on trend and in fashion is not just for adults alone. Even kids want to get in on the action these days.

A simple way to help your little one flaunt their style while staying cool and comfortable in the process is to start with a kaftan.

Kaftans are enjoyed by various cultures all over the world. Did you know that in the East, the people love to wear kaftans like a long coat? Whereas in the West, the people favor kaftans as an item they can quickly slip over themselves. They come in several different styles. You get to choose from long kaftans, short kaftans, open kaftans, fitted kaftans, and kaftans that come with a v-neckline. Kaftans are loose-fitting and some kaftans have long sleeves to keep you cosy in those cooler months.

A kaftan has become something of a fashion statement lately. Adults and children alike love the kaftan because of how comfortable and versatile this piece of clothing is. It doesn’t take a lot to style a kaftan and if you want something that stands out in the crowd, all you have to do is throw on a printed piece of kaftan and you’ll be the talk of the town.

Lightweight and breathable, a kaftan is the perfect item of clothing to take with you anywhere you go. The extra layer serves as an added protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is especially good for kids who love spending time running around and getting busy outdoors. The extra layer also comes in handy during those days when the weather is not quite cold enough for a winter coat just yet, but too cold to be without more than a single layer of clothing.

Here is how to choose the perfect fun kaftans for kids of any age:


  • Consider Your Choice of Fabric – Before you head out and purchase a kaftan for your little one, think about the choice of fabric you would like to go with. You have the option of choosing from cotton, silk, satin, rayon, and more. Cotton fabric kaftans are perfect because they go with every occasion. Kaftans that are made of silk or satin, on the other hand, are best reserved for special occasions. Since your little one is probably busy and on the move all the time, a cotton fabric kaftan would be the best choice. It also helps to keep your kid nice and cool no matter what the weather since cotton is such breathable fabric. Save that silk or satin kaftan for a special occasion instead.
  • Determine What Your Size Is – Although kaftans are designed to be loose-fitting in most cases, you do have kaftans that are fitted too. Before you purchase your kaftan, measure your little one and determine the size you want to go with. This will minimize the chances that you might purchase a kaftan that is too small, too big, too loose, or too tight. A kaftan is worn over other layers of clothing too, so that is something to keep in mind. As a general rule of thumb, going one size up from your regular size is usually the best bet when you’re layering pieces of clothing.
  • Decide Your Style – If your little one is old enough to make their own choices and they know what they want, let them choose a kaftan they want. Kaftans come in printed or plain designs. The more fashion-savvy kid might enjoy a kaftan that comes with bold designs that pop or make a statement. Other kids might prefer to go with simple, safe, and neutral colors that are easy to mix and match. You’d be surprised at how these young ones already know what they’re interested in even from a young age. Like the type of fabric, printed kaftans are better suited for special occasions while the plain design kaftans are better for everyday use. If your little one does like to make a statement, though, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t wear a printed kaftan of their choice to show off to all their friends.
  • Choose Your Kaftan Length – Kaftans come in short, medium, and long lengths, although a kaftan would fit differently depending on how tall or short your kid is. Pick the right length based on the height of your child. A kaftan that is too long might make it difficult for them to move and run around in, especially since children are very active. Ideally, the kaftan length that you want to aim for is something that sits just above the knee, leaving plenty of room for movement without the risk of tripping them over.
  • The Fit of The Kaftan – Kaftans come in either loose-fitting or form-fitting options. However, since a kaftan is a versatile piece, you would essentially buy any type of kaftan and then make the adjustments according to your and your child’s preference if you happen to be handy with a needle. Alterations are not that expensive either way and this depends on your preference. If you would like to save yourself some time and go with an option that has already been altered for you, you could always go with the fitted type of kaftan style.
  • The Sleeves of The Kaftan – Long sleeve kaftans are better suited for the cooler months when you need to stay a little warmer. For those who still want to enjoy the style and comfort of the kaftan during the hot summer months, kaftans also come with the option of short sleeves too. Much like the length of the kaftan, you want to opt for a sleeve length that is best suited for your child. Sleeves that are too long are going to restrict your child’s movement because they are bound to get in the way. However, during the cooler months, your child needs longer sleeves instead of short sleeves. Your best bet is to measure your child thoroughly before selecting a kaftan to buy.


A kaftan is a versatile piece that can be worn to suit any occasion. Once you find your perfect fit, you will instantly fall in love and so will your kids.



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