How To Plan Your Move Around Unexpected Weather

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You can do many things to plan and organize your move, but you cannot control the weather. Even if you have purchased suitable packing materials and hired reliable commercial movers, it is impossible to control the unexpected weather. 

For instance, it can be unpleasant if it rains and you need to load and unload your belongings. You do not want your clothes, books, seats, and other items. Hence, it would help if you planned and were prepared for the unexpected weather.

When it rains on the moving day or a day before, you may be forced to schedule your move or look for ways on how to protect your things. Some people prefer to postpone the move while others look for ways on how they can move even when it is raining. 

Happily, there are several things you can do to plan your relocation around the unexpected weather. With the tricks, you will be able to protect your house and your items when moving. Having bad weather does not mean you should have a bad move.

For example, if you can manage to find suitable packing materials and engage professionals, you can be assured of a smooth packing process.

Below are essential moving tips for unexpected weather. By following them, you will be able to get through the process with ease.


Six Tips for Relocating in Unexpected Weather


  1. Get enough packing materials

The first step to make sure you are ready for unexpected weather is to have suitable packing materials. Apart from the normal cardboard boxes, you need to get materials to protect your seats from the rain.

By contacting a moving company, they will advise you on the right packing materials for a particular weather. In addition get more packing materials than expected. This is to make sure you have enough even when some are destroyed.


  1. Prepare your home

Apart from protecting your items, it would help if you protected your home. It would be best to protect your home from heavy foot traffic and unavoidable bumps that can happen when moving. When you hire professional movers, they protect the floor by putting runners. This will prevent the movers from bringing mud into the house when it rains.

Other items you can use include towels, rugs, or moving pads. These are great things that will work well around the doors to keep your house clean and dry.


  1. Protect your furniture and other items

When it rains on a moving day, the main concern is the items getting wet. Some of the items such as furniture can get damaged. Hence, you need to ensure everything is well protected.

For your valuable furniture pieces, you can cover them with moving blankets and then wrap them with plastic. This will ensure they do not get wet. Therefore, make sure you have enough plastic wraps to cover all your furniture pieces. When covering the items, make sure every area is covered. You do not want water to soak through the uncovered areas.

You can get sturdy boxes to pack most of your items. They are of high quality and can hold the rain very well. But make sure you tape them well and not let them get soaked. Loading and unloading the boxes will not damage your items even when raining.


  1. Have an assembly line

One great way to protect your house from getting mud and wet is to set up an assembly line. As an alternative to moving, walking in and out of your home, you can create a line of people from your house to the loading truck. Then have everyone pass the cardboard boxes between them.

This is a good tip that will protect the floors and ensure the job is done in a short time. Hence, you can do it when loading and unloading the boxes in the new home.


  1. Check for leaks

Before putting your belongings in the moving truck, you need to ensure no leaks. It can be frustrating to load everything in the truck only to find out that the truck is leaking. Therefore, if there are leaks, make sure they are all prepared before loading your items.

Whether it is a hired truck or you have engaged a professional moving company, the truck should be in good condition. Hence, prepare it well for the move to ensure your belongings arrive in one piece.


  1. Be flexible

When moving household or office items, you need to be flexible. You need to be well prepared for the unexpected weather. Having a plan will save your items and your moving day. Since it might not be possible to change the moving day, it is better to plan for severe weather.

This will be important during the months when rains are expected. Therefore, do not plan your move on the last day. Start your preparations early by getting suitable packing materials and researching the moving company.


  1. Hire reliable professional movers

When planning a move around unexpected weather, you need to get the best people for the job. Hence, look around or ask your friends and family members for reliable professional moving companies.

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Then go through their websites to check customers’ reviews and feedback. This will help you choose reliable and honest people to help you relocate your household belongings.



Moving is one of the challenging duties most people undergo. It is even more problematic when planning your move around unexpected weather. But with a good plan, it is possible to relocate your house belongings even when it is raining.

Planning a DIY move around unexpected weather might be tricky. Hence, the best option is to hire a professional moving company. When you hire NYC movers, you will be sure your items will be moved smoothly no matter the severe weather. 

Professional movers are skilled and experienced to relocate people during the warm and rainy seasons. So, you do not need to worry whether your belongings will arrive in one piece or not. However, make sure you research more about the moving company before hiring them.


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