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Leighton Meester

Single Parents’ Leighton Meester happens to know a few things about acting. And singing. And jumpsuits. And playing the guitar. And how to coax you into watching and rewatching just about everything and anything she’s in until your YouTube recommendations are all baptized and twinkling with endless montages of the thirty-three-year-old. Oh, and philanthropy. With […]

Sunny Hostin

It’s an undisputed fact that Sunny Hostin is one of the busiest people in the news industry. After serving as a federal prosecutor bringing perpetrators to justice, Sunny moved into journalism and covered everything from Casey Anthony’s trial to Conrad Murray and was the first national reporter covering the Trayvon Martin case. In 2016, she […]

Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney is certainly no one trick pony. Alongside starring in the worldwide hit, ‘The Walking Dead,’ (which amassed 20 million views), Kinney is also a talented music artist and songwriter. How is it to constantly switch between two different head-spaces? “I feel like both industries compliment each other even though they are  different businesses, involving a lot of different […]