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Dallas Dupree Young

1883 Magazine chats with Dallas Dupree Young to discuss his experiences on the set of Cobra Kai and beyond. 

Vanessa Rubio

Equal parts graceful and eloquent, actress Vanessa Rubio wants to make her mark on the world by playing characters who are the small community’s everyday heroes. This has rippled throughout her filmography, from her character Bella in The Hudson Tribes and now as Vanessa in the Karate-Kid universe Netflix show COBRA KAI. Rubio plays Carmen, […]

Peyton List

It’s possible Peyton List might have an avocado in her purse right now, at this very second — although, I’m too afraid to ask. The California-based actress has, indeed, a produce of surprises wrapped around her finger, from quietly segueing into a part-time musician amidst a schedule busy with both karate buffing [Cobra Kai] and […]