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Brett Morgen

Brett Morgen’s ethereal odyssey of David Bowie’s life isn’t his first love letter to a musician. Morgen began making documentaries whilst studying for his MFA at New York University in the 1980s, going on to release his first feature On The Ropes. The film studied three aspiring boxers and won Morgen the Outstanding Directorial Achievement […]

Livia De Paolis

For the Italian creative powerhouse, Livia De Paolis, the film industry is in her DNA. Ever since Livia De Paolis’s early childhood, she can fondly recall memories of growing up on film sets, getting to play on them as a child and generally being exposed to the wondrous process that is filmmaking, thanks to her […]

Charlotte Colbert

1883 Magazine’s Cameron Poole, chats with director Charlotte Colbert about her new film She Will, the filming process and more.