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Michael Bishop

1883 Magazine’s Kelsey Barnes speaks with rising Australian actor Michael Bishop about his new Disney film “Spin,” his career beginnings, working in the same vicinity as Johnny Depp, and more.

Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko Has Been Here Long Enough A few years ago, the actress Olga Kurylenko was, well, acting a lot. This was back in 2018, a year that would have her in six films that would all be released a few months after each other. The roles, for the most part, were substantial ones. In […]

Jake McDorman

‘Everybody has their own definition of success, but your job has to stay challenging, dangerous and it’s got to have a high possibility for failure. There’s probably a handful of roles that any actor could play for the rest of their careers if they’re lucky enough to make a career out of it, but that’s […]

Niles Fitch

With a megawatt smile that continues to radiate Niles Fitch’s signature boyish charm, early on the young actor was quickly cast for print ads and after an initial failed audition, secured a spot as Young Simba during a North American tour of The Lion King. He continued on to join the Broadway production, began booking television […]

Ariana Greenblatt

It’s hard to imagine Ariana Greenblatt isn’t even a teen yet and she’s already been eye-to-eye with the enemy Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, voiced an iconic role in the Scooby-Doo adaptation Scoob! and starred in one of Disney’s best sitcoms, Stuck in the Middle. If that wasn’t enough, Greenblatt is starring in the book-to-film […]

Joshua Bassett

2020 may very well be making its grand landfall in less than two months, but who cares? The year 2006 has never been quite more alive. Although bedazzled flip phones and flamboyant red carpet fashion ranging from ‘Thou Shalt Spend’ tees and glittery skirts over denim jeans — with a carefully paired neck-tie — have […]