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The 1883 Endless Playlist

A collab between Nashville’s Charli Adams & Nightly, a song about feeling lovesick by awfultune, and more on this week’s 1883 playlist. Stumbling into a new crush is never easy and trans New York-based singer-songwriter Layla Eden aka awfultune knows that all too well with her new song ‘lovesick’. In a completely opposite feeling, Nashvillians […]

The 1883 Music & Mental Health Playlist

Since the days are getting shorter, winter is on its way, and the world is still crazy, it’s important to highlight mental health in music. This week, we’re celebrating the artists using music they’ve created based on their struggles to try to help others going through similar experiences. All-girl band Swallow CaveĀ and their track ‘Cold […]


As far as new artist introductions go, HYYTS are one of our favourites to date. Comprised of Adam and Sam, the fresh new duo are tackling the pop sphere and are beginning to make noise.  The Glasgow grown band draw on influences from the likes of The Scissor Sisters to generate their own artistic spin in every […]