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Tyler Cole

Tyler Cole

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Tyler Cole discusses stepping out as a solo artist again, his forthcoming new era, how he navigates creative burnout, and more.

LA Priest

In conversation with 1883 Magazine’s Cameron Poole, Sam Eastgate discusses his latest LA Priest album Fase Luna, balancing work and pleasure in a tropical paradise, and how he’d like to help people get out of the house more. 

Ny Oh

1883 Magazine chats with Ny Oh about the release of the new single You Are, the forthcoming intimate London shows, and more.

Em Beihold

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Em Beihold chats about Roller Coasters Make Me Sad, touring with Lewis Capaldi, and more.

Man-Made Sunshine

Man-Made Sunshine is the new solo project from Nothing But Thieves frontperson, Conor Mason. The project first came to fruition during lockdown when Conor found himself in a bad place filled with trapped emotions and unprocessed memories. In need of an outlet in which to express his feelings and emotions, he created five heartfelt and […]


KAMILLE is undoubtedly one of the UK’s best songwriters and she’s finally getting the attention she deserves with new single, weight loss. Over the last decade, Camille Angelina Purcell AKA KAMILLE has written some of the biggest pop songs around. If you can think of an artist, then it’s likely she’s written for them. The […]