The Best Skins for Galil AR And AK-47 Assault Rifles in CS2

The Galil AR and AK-47 are two of the main assault rifle options available to CS2 players. They play an important role in the gameplay and can be a key element in achieving victory. In this article written by eZstah, you will learn about the best skins for this powerful weapon in CS2. You can also learn more about visual items in CS2 and s1mple or osee CS2 stats and inventory on Profilerr.

Best AK-47 Skins in 2024

The AK-47 is a truly legendary weapon that is the face of the Counter-Strike series. This is the favorite weapon of most players and has many advantages over its counterparts. It is completely versatile, deals a lot of damage, and has a good rate of fire. The main disadvantage is the recoil, which is difficult to control, but by learning to do this, you will significantly increase your team’s chances of winning.

AK-47 | Phantom Disruptor

This amazing skin appeared in the game on March 20, 2021, along with the Prism collection. Its main part is made in black. It also shows a drawing that shows parts of the monster’s body. This is a great option for fans of this topic, and it only costs from $2 to $11.

AK-47 | Elite Build

Elite Build was released in April 2015. This skin is a good choice for all fans of minimalism, because the stylish black color prevails here, as well as many well-designed small details. Recommended for purchase due to its low cost, which varies from $1 to $2.

AK-47 | Neon Revolution

A very beautiful skin made in a combination of bright colors. It appeared back in 2016 but is still one of the most popular. Mostly made in pink with graffiti on it. Depending on the condition it costs from $15 to 50. This incredible Covert skin can be found in the Gamma 2 Case. Stickers such as Watermelon Tentaskull, Mastermind (Holo), and Broken Fang (Holo) will look great on this skin.

AK-47 | Uncharted

Uncharted appeared in the game in 2019. It has an interesting design made in the Mayan style. Its body is made of wood and decorated with carvings with various patterns. The skin is suitable for all lovers of minimalism, as well as for those who do not want to spend money on skins because it costs only $1 to $2.

AK-47 | Slate

This skin was released in 2021, and due to its popularity among players, it is the best skin for this weapon, in particular, due to its elegant black color, which goes well with any stickers. Also, its advantage is its affordable price, which, depending on condition, costs from $2 to $40. This skin has a Restricted rarity and is included in the Snakebite Case. Slate can be a great addition to your inventory if you’re collecting black loadout. In addition, bright stickers look great on the black, minimalist body of the weapon.

Top Skins For Galil AR in CS2 in 2024

Galil AR is one of the best weapons in terms of price/quality ratio. It is available for purchase only for terrorists. It is an excellent option in economical rounds due to its rate of fire and damage. It also has a huge assortment of skins that will help diversify your gameplay and decorate your weapon, sometimes changing it beyond recognition.

Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration

The Chromatic Aberration skin has a gorgeous design that exudes style while remaining understated and elegant. It is made in a combination of black and purple, which will appeal to many players. Also attractive is its price, which is around $3.


It has one of the most interesting designs in the game. It is painted yellow, with occasional black stripes, and in the center, there is the inscription “CAUTION”, which warns other players of the danger. It’s not as expensive as you might expect, and the $40 price tag is well worth it.

Galil AR | Eco

The Eco skin is one of the simplest skins on this list, but it is also very nice to look at. It is made in a nice combination of white and green and looks very cool. Suitable for all those who don’t like very bright skins. The skin costs between $20 and $30. You can find this vibrant skin with Classified rarity in Chroma 2 Case. Eco goes well with green stickers, in particular Mister Chief, Imperial Esports | Antwerp 2022, and Entropiq | Stockholm 2021.

Galil AR | Chatterbox

This is a simple skin with a complex design. It is made in a combination of black and yellow. The body is covered with rust, and on the central part, there is a white skull. The skin is very popular among fans of this weapon and for good reason. After all, for such a skin you will only need to pay $10. You can find this skin with the Covert rarity in the Chroma Case. This skin looks best with a low float value, since with high wear the paint peels off the surface of the weapon.

Galil AR | Signal

The cheapest skin in today’s selection. It has a nice combination of black and red colors. It looks very elegant and aesthetically pleasing and will suit absolutely all players. Signal costs less than a dollar. However, players can find this incredible skin in the Danger Zone Case. The drop probability of the skin is average since its rarity is Restricted. By the way, this skin is in the inventory of the legendary Ukrainian pro player Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev from Navi.


The average monthly number of active players in CS2 is about 700,000 and there are perfect skins for everyone – be it skins with bright graffiti or antique patterns, or black or white stickers without additional accents. When choosing skins, consider your own preferences and budget. You can focus on the inventory of pro players, especially if you have favorites. Use Profiler for these purposes – the service is available around the clock, no matter where you are – in sunny Tenerife or rainy Seattle.

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