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Transform Your Living Room With That Much-Needed Personal Touch!

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It’s amazing how little details can make a huge difference to any space we inhabit. Personalization is one of the key elements that can take any space to the next level by adding that authentic touch.

The field of environmental psychology focuses on how our surroundings affect us and it has many great lessons to teach us. This research, for instance, explored how interior spaces can be improved for positive mental health through the colors, textures, and objects that we choose to furnish and decorate our interior environment.

In this article, we shall delve into how we can put a personal stamp on our living rooms’ interior décor.


1. Invest in Objects That Evoke Memories With Loved Ones 

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Since the living room is where we spend a significant amount of time, it’s crucial to have this space as comfortable and relaxing as possible. But hey, cozy and laid-back doesn’t have to be boring! On the contrary, if you’d like to put your creative juices to some good use, you’d not only be able to add that personal touch, but also bring life to one of the most lived-in rooms (ha! see what we did there?). And what better way to do this by creating sticky picture tiles with a bunch of your favorite photos capturing some of your best memories?

By adding sticky picture tiles to your living room, you’ll be rendering this space a home, as you evoke memories of emotional bonds with your dear ones. The added perk is that you won’t need any nails to have such picture tiles hung on your walls; it’s an easy and affordable way of adding that unique element without breaking the bank. Being so adaptable, these tiles also make for excellent gifts because they go well with any space imaginable!


2. Add A Natural Element That Means Something To You

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Do you have a fascination with roses, orchids, lilies? Are you more inclined towards foliage plants? Go ahead and inject a natural element into your living room by introducing an element of green or a burst of color that you fancy! You can make your choice of plants a meaningful one by going through this list of what each flower represents. Then you can choose your flower according to the meaning that resonates with you most!

If you’re not so inclined to take care of plants, you might want to know that indoor plants are scientifically proven to help improve blood pressure and cognitive function, among other benefits. Otherwise, you can also opt for faux plants, especially if you’re too busy to maintain real ones. Or, you might want to mix real plants with your artificial ones, to give the illusion that they’re all natural! To enhance that natural feeling, consider introducing earthy stuff to your pots, such as pebbles or fake soil.


3. Make Room For Artwork That Reflects Who You Are

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When it comes to artwork, the bigger, the better. A large piece of art can really make a statement and give your home a luxurious feel (even if it’s not necessarily an expensive piece). To keep with the theme of personalization, why not choose a piece of art that reflects who you are? Are you a beach lover? Do you like the landscape of a particular country? Are you more into abstract art? Don’t simply choose any piece of art. Make it yours…or, better yet, you can create one yourself without lifting a paintbrush! You can even create one as a family to turn it into a joint venture that reflects your collaboration as a family.


4. Have A Focal Point That Reflects Our Passions

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Another idea is to have a focal point in your living room that communicates what you’re passionate about. This focal point can be a miniature of your violin or guitar, a representation of your bicycle, or any other symbol that is meaningful to you. It might reflect your achievements, be they in sports, academia, or any other memorabilia of your successes. A large map with places you’ve visited, a star chart to commemorate a date that’s important to you, a display of anything you collect, or a frame with your favorite quote…these are among the items that can be included in your living room’s focal point.


5. Personalize The Color Scheme And Overall Style

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If the colors in your living room do not quite match your vibe as a family, or your own personality (if you live solo), then might want to revisit the color scheme by painting the walls a different color. If that is not an option, you might consider adding accents of your favorite colors through your choice of cushions, curtains, rugs, and other items that you can easily swap, to change the color palette in your living room.

And while you’re at it, you might want to give an uplift to your living room’s style by aligning it with your tastes and preferences. What’s your design style? Do you like that eclectic ambiance? Are you more after a rustic feeling? There are several styles to explore: from traditional classic to contemporary, to minimalist. You can also explore styles such as Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Indian coastal or industrial. Take your pick, the choice is endless!

Turn your house into your preferred habitat by following these tips to make your residence a home for you and for anyone you welcome.

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