What’s the best way to consume CBD?

Modernity with its attendant discoveries shined its light on the efficacy of cannabidiol. This wonder-working compound found in the Cannabis plant is one to look out for. Apart from its therapeutic and nutritional benefits, it also possesses industrial applications.

Cannabidiol is one of the most predominant compounds present in the typical cannabis plant. This cannabinoid is noted for its no mind-altering effects, hence users do not feel any euphoria or ecstasy.  

Its twin predominant compound is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a highly psychoactive compound. During usage of THC-concentrated products, it is perfectly normal to feel stoned and ecstatic.

However, despite the assurances granted by detailed medical research and life studies, there are still reservations. People are still averse to the usage of cannabis and any of its derivatives despite their proven usefulness.

Methods of administration of CBD. Is there a universally perfect option?

There is no definite answer to this popularly asked question as each method is besieged with its pros and cons.

There are a vast array of methods to explore the innate potentials of CBD. These methods range from inhalation to topical application and sublingual routes. Though admittedly some are more popular than others this shouldn’t be the sole determinant of your eventual decision. You would have to find an administration method that caters to your unique preferences.

According to Herbies, the varieties of CBD intake methods can be directly linked to the multiplicity of CBD forms.

The following are the methods of administration of CBD:


This can be further categorized into smoking and vaping. Inhalation as an intake method offers one the luxury of immediate effects. This is because it goes straight to the lungs and bloodstream.

You can inhale CBD concentrates through these two following methods. A CBD concentrate, for clarity is a product that contains a high amount of CBD.



For this method of administration, you can either use an oil rig shaped like a water pipe or a joint with high CBD contents.

For the first technique, once the nail is properly heated you can place the concentrates on it to immediately begin inhalation.

If you do not like this option, you can resort to the traditional option of rolling a joint with high CBD contents.

However, this is not advised as you can inhale THC strains in the process thereby making the entire process counter-effective.

The benefits of using this method are its fast delivery system and the immediacy of its effects.  One major setback of this technique is the harshness and pendency of the smoke, which some users might find unappealing.



Another inhalation technique is vaping a CBD concentrate (oil) and this appears as a better alternative.

With your vape pen, you can use CBD to reduce pain and other ailments. One perk of this inhalation mechanism is its ability to deliver a high concentration of CBD without choking its users with pungent smoke. Vaping may require a fair deal of financial investments as you would have to purchase vape pens and other accessories.


This is a viable option for those who are pyrophobic (fear of fire or smell of smoke from a fire).

Individuals who are also seeking to explore skin improvement options can apply topicals. Topicals include balms, creams, and ointments. This method is particularly helpful for those with skin conditions like acne, inflammation, and rash. It has also been found to cure migraines. All you need to do is to massage it into your skin and particularly the affected area.

What makes this option a top pick is the ease associated with its usage. Topical applications doesn’t require the purchase of any special equipment. All you need are your hands to work the ointment into the skin of the affected area.

One disadvantage of this option is that it requires you to apply a lot of oil/cream if you need a higher dose. Besides, the effects are not as long-lasting as other methods since the perfume wears off after some hours.


This is one of the most preffered options for CBD administration. From adding CBD oil to foods and recipes to using CBD-infused lollipops, brownies, and gummies; edibles can take different forms. Edibles allow you to savor the tastiness of your lollipops and brownies without compromising the benefits of CBD. 

In an era where privacy is lacking, this option ensures discreetness. You can take your lollipop and brownie in a public place without anyone profiling you for taking CBD (even though it is medically approved). The only setback with this option is that it is tricky to figure out the right dosage and its effects are not immediately felt.


This method of administration involves the user purchasing a CBD tincture. CBD tinctures are often confused with CBD oils. While they are both in liquid forms and packaged the same, differences do exist.

CBD tinctures are usually dissolved into alcohol and combined with a flavor to improve the taste. It is usually administered using a dropper and its place beneath the tongue. This is to ensure easy easy infiltration of CBD into the bloodstream.

Sublingual administration doesn’t require additional equipment and it produces long-lasting effects. However, results may vary from individual to individual as a result of pharmacodynamics. Also, according to Herbies, some individuals may not fancy the earthy undertones of CBD tinctures in terms of taste.

Wrapping up

Choosing the right CBD administration technique is a process that is not cast in black and white. This is because there is no universally accepted method of administration each technique has its pros and cons. Matters of taste, preferences, and product choices are often left to the unique preferences of our customers. Ours is to inform, yours is to select.

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