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On Tour with Tommy Lefroy

Indie rock duo Tommy Lefroy take 1883 Magazine behind the scenes of their recent European tour opening up for Niall Horan.

Tommy Lefroy are having a year that some artists only dream of experiencing. Tessa Mouzourakis and Wynter Bethel, the pair behind Tommy Lefroy, weave together the threads of nostalgia and innovation, creating a tapestry of sound that both haunts and enchants the soul. With melodies that whisper secrets of yesteryears and lyrics that capture the raw, unbridled essence of human emotion, Tommy Lefroy stands as a testament to the timeless power of music.

They have spent the last few months opening up for Niall Horan on his latest tour and, as a way to mark their time on-stage with the Irish singer and to celebrate the release of their new single “Girlhood Godhood,” Tommy Lefroy takes 1883 behind the scenes of their time on The Show tour with a tour diary.

Backstage in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome after our last show on the tour. Niall and his team were some of the kindest people we’ve gotten to tour with (cred Christian Tierney)

Saying hi in Glasgow! We absolutely loved sneaking out after our sets to meet people at the barrier. (cred Rory Barnes)

Sweet girls at the barrier in Cologne :’) (cred Telja Riechel)

Flashlight moment in Prague :,) Niall’s crowds were so sweet and supportive. We played our new song Girlhood, Godhood for the first time in front of these crowds. It’s a very vulnerable song and we felt so held by the audiences. It was wonderful and overwhelming. (cred Charlie Pief)

Gearing up backstage in Glasgow, at the OVO hydro arena. Maybe one of the tallest(?) rooms we’ve ever played. (Cred Rory Barnes)

Wynter admiring Botticelli’s St. Sebastian at The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. It was our first time seeing so many of the cities we went through on this tour, and we loved playing tourist on our off days. (cred Tessa)

Tessa outside Neseblod Records in Oslo before the show. She’s big on heavymetal lore from her days working at a guitar shop in Vancouver so this was an important landmark to visit. (cred Wynter)

Pit stop in the Alps, on our way to the show in Milan. We woke up in Germany and drove through cold mountainous Switzerland before pulling up to the venue in sunny Italy. That day felt like a fever dream. (Cred Wynter)

Backstage in Madrid before our set. Wynter is prepping the “Garden” session for mix. (cred Daiki Shinomiya)

Backstage digi cam at Wembley Arena in London before our set. This was our second time playing Wembley, which is crazy, and we had a lot of friends and family in the audience. It was really special to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. (cred Sophie Scott)

From the Zenith in Paris. The energy at this show was incredible, we loved every minute of it. (cred Tessa)

Soundcheck in Madrid (cred Daiki Shinomiya)

Off day in Madrid. We went to Museo Reina Sofía and Sala Equis. Met some lovely Niall fans outside of the grocery store where this apple was purchased and took photos with them in front of trash cans, felt on brand. (cred Tessa)

Wynter holding a flag we were gifted in Łódź. We never imagined we’d get to go to Poland, much less play to an arena crowd there. So many people were singing our lyrics! It was very surreal, and we’ll always remember it. (cred Tessa)

Loved the architecture in Poland. (cred Wynter)

Our wonderful crew, who got us through the biggest touring endeavor we’ve ever taken on and made it an absolute joy. (L to R) Sean Murray, our assistant MD and on the road tech, Liam Hicks, our tour manager and sound engineer, Wynter & Tessa, and Chris Burgess, drummer and resident optimist.

“Girlhood Godhood” is out now. Follow Tommy Lefroy at @tommylefroy.

Words Kelsey Barnes
Header Photography Caity Krone

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