1883 Magazine travels to Budapest to stay at the Matild Palace, explore the city, and learn more about the rich culture of Hungary.

When we see the weather changing and the sunshine coming among that is a sign that summer is in the air, and with those seasons changing it means that we are bringing out all the vibes in terms of music.

LA-based hyperpop trio NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS have just released their debut EP BAD THINGS COME IN 3s. NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS consist of college friends Gabi Gotts, Perrin Xthona, and Tammy Gonzalez. The trio met while studying at Berklee College

Ben Racliffe chats with 1883 Magazines's Sydney Bolen about filming Masters of the Air, playing roles that matter, his Anatomy of a Scandal character, and more.

Brooklyn producer and artist Sea Glass recently unveiled his new five-track EP, Elevator Chat. Bringing the perfect soundtrack for those warm summer days, Sea Glass (A.K.A Jake Muskat) has developed a fail-proof recipe of chilled-out, lazy hazy music which is the

Laci Mosley opens up about the magnitude of becoming part of a nostalgic franchise, the ways in which fiction mirrors reality in her role as Harper, and the reality of accidentally placing mental health on the back burner in the

The latest in new music from Kendrick Lamar, Berry Galazka, BETWEEN FRIENDS, Paolo Nutini and more on this week’s 1883 playlist. On rotation this week is the new record from the inimitable rap icon, Kendrick Lamar. It’s been five long years

Creating, writing and producing an album independently is no easy feat. Nonetheless, for singer-songwriter and all-around creative force Mogli there was a need and a burning desire to express her story and universal message through different mediums. In the wake of

Norwegian singer-songwriter SKAAR has a penchant for crafting pop songs that are upbeat, serene and strikingly vulnerable. Growing up in the scenic little island that is Stord in Norway, Hilde Skaar AKA SKAAR, began her music career after being scouted by

It’s an unspoken truth that in culture and geography, Budapest stands with one foot in Eastern Europe and one in Western Europe. While staying at Matild Palace, a luxury collection hotel, you can experience both.  It feels like everything the city

Irish musician Aimée delivers a unique brand of nostalgic and empowering pop with her music. Channelling much-needed optimism on recent single Nobody Else, the rising talent delves into personal experiences with framed by bright soundscapes that get people dancing their troubles

London duo Me And The Moon have dropped a live music video for their alt-folk single, Fast Lane. If you're not familiar with the rising two-piece comprised of Tamara Grzegorzek and Jonny Elstone, the pair craft indie-folk songs and have been

1883 Arts Editor sits for a chat with Cj Hendry, the 34 year-old NY-based artist from Brisbane best-known for her eye-catching photorealistic drawings of luxury goods and flowers, to discuss her work and influences, and ask about her new exhibition

When you hear about the Alte music scene in Nigeria, one name that cannot be missed in the conversation is BOJ. Representing alternative, genre-bending and creative afro-fusion music, BOJ has been leading the way in the alte music scene for a

After celebrating their third debut anniversary earlier this year, VERIVERY are coming into their own as chameleonic forces to be reckoned with; an impression felt most palpably in their debut studio album SERIES 'O' [ROUND 3 : WHOLE].

What does it mean to be swept away and submerged underneath the tides of your craft? For some, it appears to be an agreement between your spirit and mind, mystically guiding you through the necessary pathways of life as you

Rebecca Black has come a long way since her much talked about 2011 viral single “Friday.” Over a decade after social media made her an “overnight sensation,” Black has morphed into a credible independent pop artist who has built herself an

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