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Rare Carat: Where Do Jewelers Get Their Diamonds?

As stated earlier, regarding the choice of the right diamond, today’s consumers want to know the process that diamonds undergo before they are placed in a jewelry store. Rare Carat stands for ethical and transparent supply of diamonds, here is a detailed path of each diamond we have for our customers. Here in this article, we look at the sources of diamonds and how you can comfortably Shop here for your next beautiful piece.

The Journey of a Diamond

Mining and Sourcing

Diamonds are formed inside the earth, in the mantle and are then released to the surface through volcanic activities. Some of the large scale mining companies of diamonds are seated in Russia, Canada, Botswana, and South Africa. These regions are acclaimed for containing the premium diamond bearing ground soils.

Rare Carat has a list of good mining companies that are environmentally friendly and follow the right ethical conduct. This makes certain that the diamonds we are being provided are not only qualitatively excellent but also free from any related vices of mining. Thus, the effective cooperation with these mining companies will enable the customers direct access to some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world.

Cutting and Polishing

After mining, these diamonds are transported to cutting and polishing centers. There are outstanding laboratories in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, and New York. Professionals in these area turn the rough diamonds into the stun g gems in our jewelries.

Rare Carat works closely with these cutting and polishing experts to ensure that every diamond meets our stringent quality criteria. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that when you buy from Rare Carat, you are receiving a gem that has been crafted to perfection.

Certification and Grading

Consumers on the diamond product chain are subjected to monumental tests by professional gemological laboratories like Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Such institutions give full descriptions of a diamond such as carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.

This approach is useful at Rare Carat since everyone understands that honesty is the cornerstone of the company’s activities. Each diamond sold is accompanied by a certificate from an independent gemological laboratory to assure you about the gemstone’s legitimacy and quality.

Why Choose Rare Carat?

Exceptional Quality

Rare Carat specializes in providing only the best quality diamonds to the customers. This implies that before a diamond joins our collection it has to go through a rigorous selection process to make sure it is the best. Whether you are choosing a diamond for an engagement, for an anniversary, a birthday gift or a birthday present or an investment ring you will find with us what you have been looking for.

Ethical Sourcing

 We are aware of the significance of maintaining the ethical ways of procuring the raw materials in the modern world. Most mining companies that Rare Carat works with have strict environmental and social responsibility policies thus making your purchase contribute to better practices.

Competitive Pricing

The Rare Carat Company aims that every person should have the opportunity to buy a beautiful diamond. As we do not rely on intermediate companies and sources to acquire our products from miners or cutters, we are able to offer our customers fairly good prices while at the same time maintaining the quality of our produced diamonds. This makes it possible to offer you the diamond that fits your pocket very easily.

Expert Guidance

Selecting a diamond is not an easy feat, but Rare Carat has made it easier for consumers. Of course, our experienced staff is always ready to help you to make the right choice of both the diamond and the setting. Anticipating your needs, we give individual consultations to guarantee that your decision is based on your preferences and the latest trends in the sphere of jewelry.

Shop Here for Your Perfect Diamond

That is why at Rare Carat, our goal and pride is to present you with only the best diamonds in the market. We focus on quality, standards, ethical sourcing of materials and ensuring ultimate satisfaction of customers. So whenever you decide to buy a diamond deal from Rare Carat, you are not only paying for a mere diamond, but you are paying for history and passion instilled in each and every piece.

This is why you should visit Rare Carat today and browse through our elegant selection and find the ideal diamond. Here, you can shop relaxed, feeling well protected because of the expert advice as well as the high-quality stock of creams.


Diamonds are a remarkable combination of nature’s gifts and human effort of cutting and polishing the gemstone. At Rare Carat we make this as transparent and as ethical as possible so that the customers get the best diamonds possible. Thus, regardless of whether you are using Rare Carat for purchasing a diamond for a celebration or as an investment, you can be assured that our diamonds are purchased responsibly and handcrafted. Come to buy today and feel the difference with the services that we offer at Rare Carat.

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