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Some films are just so good their influence extends far beyond the silver screen

Everyone loves a great film, but some are just so incredible they become part of culture itself. A few make the crossover from screen entertainment into the gaming world, where they even get picked up by casinos to extend into the world of gaming and gambling. Here are some of these main cultural crossover films to know:


This is a classic American fantasy film packed with thrilling scenes. The adventure storyline itself is built around a casino game popular in most online casinos and synonymous with free spins, so you don’t need to wager much to enjoy it. The slot version of this game features 36 pay lines and five reels, so you can enjoy plenty of adrenaline, in common with the film itself. What’s more, the Jumanji casino game is also packed with bonus symbols, features, and prizes.


This franchise is one of the most iconic in Hollywood and all of the six movies in the series featured the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger – albeit only the facial CGI version in the 2009 film, Terminator Salvation. Microgaming then brought the film to the casino world with the online gaming version of the film, with great prizes and jackpots on offer.

Star Wars

This Sci-Fi classic is a cultural movement of its own and has had its own following of fans for over 40 years since its first release in 1977. Look out for the Star Wars slot developed by IGT, which features the famous character, Baby Yoda, plus a whole load of reels, symbols, prizes and interesting features.

The Lion King

If you loved the Disney classic of the Lion King, then you’ll already know that this film inspired a whole legion of fans and a musical version of the film. There’s also a popular casino version developed by iSoftBet, which is enduringly popular and fun to play on online casinos. What’s more, it doesn’t require big wagers to take part, and you can even enjoy spins on your phone for themed gaming on the go.

Jurassic Park

Who can forget going to see Jurassic Park at the cinema for the first time. This classic film introduced us to the full potential of CGI, with incredible dinosaurs that made us all jump! The film features the story of a family that encounters dinosaurs that have been brought to life in the modern world while visiting a theme park, and of course, what was meant to be a simple day out takes unexpected turns! Microgaming has developed the casino version of this game, and it’s a hugely popular slot with great prizes and special features, with notably good graphics that really bring the excitement to life.

Which of these popular films have had an influence on you? Perhaps you already enjoy playing the online slot versions of your favourite movies or are yet to discover them? Either way, there’s a hugely exciting world of online film-inspired slots out there just waiting to be enjoyed.

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