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What Can I Use My Home Care Package For?

Are you wondering about what I can use my home care package for? You can use this home care package for wide range of services. Do you know what services are included in the home care packages for aged people? If not, then continue reading this blog. In this, let us discuss how home care packages are commonly used. 

Service to Keep Yourself Healthy and Happy

You can use our home care package for various services that help you stay healthy and independent at home. These include personal care and specialized support.

  • Personal care services: This frequently includes support with everyday personal hygiene and grooming tasks such as bathing, washing and drying hair. It also includes shaving, and clothing. Personal care may also include assistance getting in and out of bed or reminders to take medicine.
  • Nursing services: They range from simple prescription assistance to general health exams, wound management, and specific medical tests. It also includes speech therapy, and other therapeutic therapies. Some specialized services, such as dementia, continence devices, and vision and hearing help are also included.

Services to Keep you Connected to your Community

You can utilize home care package funds to stay connected with your community. This lets you see the professional support services that best match your care needs. This can involve basic transportation and social support services to help you connect with the public.

  • Transport services: These might include simple transportation to care services that match your care plan requirements. They also include assistance with shopping, attending social activities, or seeing health care providers.
  • Social support services: They can assist you with these services, such as providing a companion to accompany you to appointments or shopping. You can also get assistance in setting up phone and internet services, scheduling visitors to make in-home social calls, or organizing various social activities and events.

Services to Keep you Safe in your Home

Several types of my aged care services are available to help you stay safe at home. These include cleaning and house maintenance services. This also includes assistance with relocating and minor home improvements. 

  • Cleaning Service: You can also use this service to make beds, and doing laundry. Also you can use them for dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. You can employ services to help you maintain your property and stay secure. You can also use them for simple gardening tasks like mowing, weeding, and debris removal.
  • Purchasing Mobility and Comfort Equipment: You can use your home care package cash to purchase mobility devices like walking frames, crutches, or bed rails. This can also include comfort-enhancing equipment such as slide sheets, sheepskins, tri-pillows, and pressure-relieving mattresses. 
  • Essential House Modification: You can use your home care package money to pay for minor renovations that meet your care needs. This includes changes like easy access taps, grab rails, and ramps, which help you move around your home and stay independent.

Final Words:

Your age care package is an essential resource to enhance the quality of your life. Make sure to use it wisely and ensure that you receive personalized care according to your preference. Also, there are some services that are not included in the home care package. Educate yourself about this and use your resources well.

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