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A Guide to Setting up for the Nomadic Lifestyle

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With the rise of remote work, the choice to live nomadically, moving from country to country, has become more popular than ever before. People are no longer confined to an office to work but can travel the world while still conducting their full-time jobs. While it may be tempting to simply pack a case and go, to be successful, there are some preparations you should make.

Get Financially Secure

While you will be working and earning while you travel, it helps to get your finances in order back home. Clear any outstanding debts, so you don’t have to manage payments while away and interest rates do not cut into your funds.
If you have a property, you have two options. The first is to rent it to tenants. If you have paid off the mortgage then this is extra income and if not, someone will hopefully help pay it for you. You may need to let the bank know about this as different terms and conditions will apply. Getting a property manager to run it is advisable so that you don’t have the responsibility while you are away.
In both instances, you may decide to sell up and use the money for something else. In this case, there are plenty of options. If time is on your side you can go the normal home sale route. However, if you are eager to leave then instant cash offers from online estate agents can speed up the process. You may not get the biggest of offers, but this is offset by the speed of the sale.

Prepare Your C.V. And Socials

Source: Unsplash

If you have not already done so, then begin to prepare your online presence and socials. These will help you on your travels in many ways, from seeking out potential remote employers on LinkedIn to asking people where the best bars are on Instagram. Even if you have remote work, nothing is certain and you may find yourself changing occupations or employers during your travels.
This is why you should also polish your resume. Don’t be afraid to add to it as you go, picking up work and adding skills just as you would if you were back home. All of this is bound to impress potential employers showing you can operate a work-life balance while travelling.

Plan Your Journey

While the main pull of a nomadic lifestyle is the freedom it brings, you do need some journey planning. Start by deciding what type of traveller you are going to be. Will you stay somewhere for a few weeks and do the tourist trail then move on? Or do you want to live and work amongst locals and delve deeper into the culture of a country?
Some countries have strict VISA regulations, so you can’t just turn up anywhere and open your laptop. These countries will require some forward-thinking and research. Other places like Australia may require you to do certain types of work for short periods, such as farm work if you want to extend your stay or change your VISA type.
The beauty of a nomadic lifestyle is that if it isn’t for you, you can always return home. With these tips, it should go to plan and transform your life forever.

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