1883 Magazine's editor Kelsey Barnes chats with Danielle Campbell about debuting on Broadway with Trouble in Mind, the importance of art as a place to open up thoughtful conversations, soothing your inner child, and more.

New year, new music! After kicking off his latest era in 2021 with the singles “I Don’t Know You Anymore,” and “Any Other Way,” Korean-American singer-songwriter Eric Nam is getting 2022 off to a good start with the release of

A modern urban expressionist combining abstraction with surreal figuration, Marcus Jansen draws on his military past to comment on socio-political issues and offer a poignant insight into the realities of war. His latest exhibition, Victims and Victors is on display

Twin Atlantic have thrown out the rule book on their brilliant sixth studio album, Transparency The scottish group are returning with their new album, Transparency, tomorrow. It's a record that is heartfelt, exciting and instinctively raw. Yet interestingly enough, the album

Bethany Antonia radiates the kind of bubbly effervescence that, when experienced in real time, is as magnetic as her big screen personas. Her on-the-button enthusiasm is equally captivating when she's recounting childhood mischief as it is when she's unzipping the idiosyncratic

It’s not every day you see SEVENTEEN’s laconic Woozi cry. Introverted by nature, the songwriter, main producer, and vocal leader—all rolled into one—tends to play the straight man to the K-pop group’s more boisterous personalities, making the odd flashes of

The cast of one of the most enthralling musicals currently on in the West End reflect on Bob Marley’s legacy, representation in theatre, and why the women in his life are crucial ingredients in his well-documented story. 

Over a virtual coffee and tea, Lauren spoke with 1883's Sydney Bolen about what it takes to adapt the saga. which character she relates to most, creating an inclusive and accessible Witcher World, and more.

With season four of the Karate Kid spinoff making its grand entrance on December 31st, Marc Griffin was given a chance to speak with the young actor for 1883 Magazine to discuss his experiences on the set of Cobra Kai

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes speaks with Emeraude Toubia about With Love, representation in Hollywood, her production company, and more.

Louis Dunford is no overnight success. The London-born singer-songwriter has honed his craft with years of open-mics and live performances, taking the journey that so few do nowadays, by learning the hard way about entertaining and winning over difficult crowds

Paul Bullion chats with 1883 Magazine about starring in The Witcher, his fitness regime, and more.

Actress, playwright, director and producer Cherrelle Skeete is a force to be reckoned with. Since starring in the likes of The Midwich Cuckoos, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and HANNA, Cherrelle Skeete has been solidifying herself as both an actress and a powerful voice within the

From London's East End to HBO Max, there's no limit to Jessica Plummer's prowess Jessica Plummer's ascension to stardom has been well-paced if not deliciously strategic; before life in the ranks of British primetime she was touring with Jessie J as

Paolo Sorrentino offers a striking, surrealist approach to transnational cinema that makes it hard to look away. His 2001 debut feature 'One Man Up' follows the story of two men with the same name, living parallel lives yet failing to meet

It is no secret that wintertime is here. I am talking about the cold nights, ridiculously early sunsets and staying indoors for the warmth. At this point, there is very little that is making me leave my house. However, breaking my

Bubbling over with bravado and plenty sass to spear, Queens, NY native Dai Burger is dropping earworms for audio airwaves today with the release of her sophomore LP, Back in Ya Mouf.  Infused with unbridled sexuality, bubblegum sweetness and slick rhymes, her

Brighton singer-songwriter Bess Atwell asks one simple question in her new music video How Do You Leave? premiering today on 1883 Magazine.

                  Photography STONEY Stylist Jamie Russell Hair Stylist Thassio Leal for Premier hair and makeup MUA Christiana Amankrah ModelLulu Reynolds for Select Model London Photography Assistant Carlo Castagne Styling Assistant Hannah Lewis    Top image credits Dress Christian Dior  Gloves Atsuko Kudo  Ring Dinosaur Designs, Spring Global  Boots Ilaria Lepore X Natacha Marro Necklace Tiana Jewels  @blackprgroup  

Jacob Batalon is so much more than a sidekick or a best friend—he’s ready to be the leading man. With the impending release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, actor Jacob Batalon is not exactly stressing over the fact that he knows

Deco takes us back to the future with their electrifying new single, Bitter Sweet Symphony.   Deco’s synth-laden cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony—originally popularized by The Verve in 1997—is the type of song you can imagine playing in the background of

After spending the year releasing a number of successful tracks, mustbejohn unveils his 6-track EP I'm In If You Are & pens an exclusive track-by-track for 1883 Magazine. Genre-blending is becoming second nature to artists in 2021 but no one is

Musician, designer and fashionista, Duckwrth is a multitalented individual on the rise. American artist Jared Lee goes by the moniker Duckwrth and he's undoubtedly one of the most exciting and versatile acts currently around. The rapper and songwriter is known for

Sam Tompkins is destined for big things and it’s not hard to understand why.  The Brighton-born singer first got his start-up by sharing covers to YouTube and busking on the street. Since those early days, he has built himself a loyal

New Rules release the beat-driven breakup anthem you didn't know you needed with their new single Cheers. Made up of Alec McGarry [vocals, acoustic guitar], Nathan Lambert [vocals, electric guitar], and Ryan Meaney [vocals, bass], New Rules formed in 2019 after coming

1883 Magazine chats with Kane to discuss the new track “Nothing's Ever Gonna Be Good Enough”, the new record, working with Lana Del Rey on her track "Dealer", and the rumours of a new 'Scarface' reboot.

With Sky/HBOs Landscapers set to be this season's biggest drama, Dipo Ola reflects on what drew him to the true-crime retelling. Dipo Ola's resume may appear to be filled with the dark and dramatic, but he will be the first to tell you

Outlaw-pop singer-songwriter DEVORA debuts her new visual for the stripped-back rendition of her song Elvis, premiering exclusively on 1883 Magazine. If an artist names a track after one of the most iconic and prolific singers of all time, it typically can

South London pop/RnB artist KOATES imbues the push and pull of really wanting to make a relationship work on his latest track Japanese Trees, which combines catchy pop-noir melodies with personable songwriting to showcase his growth as an artist.

In a world where women are kept down and struggle to make their voices heard, seminal British artist Sarah Maple never shies away from challenging the structural and everyday misogyny and sexism in our society. Her work is on display

Sweden’s King of Pop, Darin, is one of the best-selling artists from his home country. With seven No. 1 albums and over 400 million streams to his name and a career spanning over 15 years, he still has a lot

Ashley Kutcher unveils her long-anticipated debut EP One Eighty & pens 1883 Magazine an exclusive track-by-track.

1883 Magazine was able to chat with Wesley Schultz from The Lumineers ahead of the album's release in 2022 to learn more about the story (or lack there-of) behind the album, how a road trip with his wife inspired the

With her debut EP, Peaks, Laura Dreyfuss proves herself to be a rare multi-hyphenate. Armed with candid lyrics and effervescent electro-pop, she explores everyday highs and lows and finds comfort by looking inward. 

L.A. based singer/songwriter HARLOE is no novice to high-profile music collabs. Celine Dion, Neyo and Britney Spears are only a few of the many chart-topping artists for whom she’s already co-written and produced tracks, not to mention the Grammy nomination

Chart topping DJ and producer, Joel Corry, has just released his new single ‘I Wish’ featuring Mabel. Having been inspired to get into music at the age of thirteen-years-old, Joel Corry is proof that your dreams can become a reality. Joel

Brae Luafalealo better known as BOY SODA is the new and emerging Sydney based singer-songwriter who is representing the new movement of Australian bred hip-hop and R&B. Hailing from New South Wales with a musical love that he has had

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with Aisling Bea about Home Sweet Home Alone, This Way Up, her commitment to wearing second-hand clothing, and more.

It is very apparent and very clear in our current musical landscape the role that social media has had upon the music industry. From Tik Tok viral hits to YouTube singing sensations and Instagram covers there is a lot that

London-based group, Sea Girls, are feeling reinvigorated and are raring to go. After finally being able to play their sold-out and previously rescheduled UK tour in October, the band are now setting their sights to the future, and we can understand

I think there are moments where one can remember hearing a particular song or the first time they came across a particular artists music. For me in amidst the pandemic I came across a song Know You from Nigerian rapper Ladipoe

British singer-songwriter Charlotte Jane first debuted on the scene in 2019 and has big plans for the future. With millions of streams on her songs and the huge honor of being supported by music icon Elton John, this emerging talent

American trio, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum, are a band of calibre. With an alt-rock sound that favours stripped-down synthesizers, drums and ambient electronica, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum (normally abbreviated to 'Princess') are a fast-rising group with a

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes spoke with Rhianne Barreto about The Offenders, representation in TV, her career so far, and more.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes had a chat with Marcus Rutherford about The Wheel of Time, his connection to his character Perrin, how he feels the tv industry is changing in regards to representation, and more.

Antares – a rising star of the electronic music scene who has come a long way in a short amount of time! Through his events brand and record label Konflict, DJ and founder Antares a.k.a Huw Mitchell along with DJ’s Auric &

Described by Charli XCX as “the motherfucking future,” British singer-songwriter L Devine has succeeded in living up to that title. Born Olivia Devine, the 24-year-old has never limited herself and has embraced the various sides to pop music with each

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes reviews Taylor Swift's newest record Red (Taylor's Version) and highlights tracks like State of Grace, All Too Well (Ten Minute Version), and more.

Greatest Hits Vol. 1., the debut album from AREA21, the collaborative project between acclaimed DJ Martin Garrix and producer/songwriter, finally lands on Earth. After mysteriously releasing their debut single back in 2016, fans of the alien duo in AREA21 have been waiting with

Singer-songwriter Skylar Stecker delivers an emotional experience on new single "hate that for you". The billboarding-charting artist, Skylar Stecker, has returned with her new stand alone track, "hate that for you", and 1883 is exclusively premiering the single and its music

Swedish dance-pop duo NOTD team up with fast-rising pop rock band The Band CAMINO on their new single Never A Good Time & take over 1883's weekly playlist. A team up between Swedish duo NOTD and pop-rock group The Band CAMINO might not be a

Tunji Kasim sat down with Marc Griffin of 1883 Magazine to discuss his role on Nancy Drew, the importance of honing one’s craft, his roots in theatre, and the beauty of telling stories through acting.

To celebrate the release of his debut EP Encore, Lamorn penned a track-by-track exclusively for 1883 Magazine to get a better insight into the tracks, the inspiration behind them, and more.

In the new Comedy/Thriller The Outlaws, Charles Babalola's exceptional skill proves that there is more to both him and his character than meets the eye. Charles Babalola is about to have a very busy year. With his new show The Outlaws currently

Sally Boy has always thought he could be the biggest artist in the world. Now signed under Loud Robot, his latest EP Lies I Tell Myself is his next step in achieving that goal.

Welcome to Alkatraz! No escape attempts are needed. In this case, you better beg for an extended sentence. My first proper Halloween on the Island and I end up in prison. Alkatraz shut down but the team of event brand and new

Rookie K-Pop group EPEX are back with Bipolar Pt.2 - Prelude of Love, their first release since debuting and providing a fresh new voice for the younger generation. 

1883 chats with Buffalo-based band Humble Braggers about their new song So Alive, building a dedicated fanbase, and more.

1883 spoke with Gabriel Akuwudike about his role on Ridley Road, his favourite spots in Hackney, his career so far, and more.

R&B is very much alive and thriving. California-born singer Joyce Wrice is one of many talents who is representing the genre with pride and gratification. After grinding hard for many years, the 29-year-old is finally receiving and earning the flowers she

British actor Gamba Cole gears up for a career-changing 2022 as The Outlaws begins to air on BBC One.   In today's world, with ever-shortening attention spans and more streaming services and television channels than one can count, it's rare to come across

Singer-songwriter,  Amber-Simone, has taken her artistry to a new level with latest EP Black, No Sugar. London's Amber-Simone is a criminally underrated artist and her second EP "Black, No Sugar" will be sure to change that. It's a stunning collection of

1883 Magazine chats with Cassian Bilton about what his past credits taught him about playing well-loved characters, his love of the sci-fi genre, and the epic that is Foundation.

Tom Falle, also known as Rhumba Club, has already been named one of British GQ’s “One to Watch” and has composed music for Fendi’s Flow-up collection. Over the past decade, the Jersey-born musician made his way through London indie bands before

London-based artist and Kundalini teacher Holly-Anne Buck aka Collagism is on a mission to boost our emotional wellbeing. 1883 caught up with Ms Buck to talk about art and meditation, discuss her residency with Lateral Geographies and ask about her

Irish duo ELKIN return with new dark-pop anthem, "Bodies". Fast-rising alt duo ELKIN have just dropped their new single "Bodies" and its B-side "Ghostin". Comprised of songwriters, Ellen and Carla, the pair first started singing together in their teens before they

Ten years after the release of his 2011 film Like Crazy, director Drake Doremus opens up to 1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes about the making of the film, the impact Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin had on his life, the original ending,

Nashville's Drew Elliot embraces change on his new album Slow Devotion premiering today on 1883 Magazine. 

LA-based trio Wallows share a glimpse into their next era on "I Don't Want To Talk". After having released their critically acclaimed debut album Nothing Happens in 2019 and their Remote EP in February, Wallows have shared their latest single, "I Don't

A Man of Many Parts: In Conversation with Joseph David-Jones on his new show 4400, his new EP, and working with Denzel Washington.

Ben Aldridge chats with 1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes about his role in ITV's The Long Call, portraying a queer detective, his own religious upbringing and reflecting on his identity, and more.

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Joe Ramsey releases new single Another Day.

1883 Magazine's Cameron Poole, chats with director Charlotte Colbert about her new film She Will, the filming process and more.

MNYS opens up with an intimate performance of his new track i was a pilot once from a Los Angeles rooftop, premiering exclusively on 1883 Magazine. Where some might've described New Jersey born, LA-based singer-songwriter MNYS previous single Backwards "nihilistic," his new

Following the release of his Grammy Press Play feature, 1883 catches up with Toronto singer-songwriter Chris Grey about his new track Seamless. You released your debut single back in 2018. How have you grown as an artist since then? I definitely put

As we near the end of the year one can’t help but look back and reflect on the music that come out this year. If you ask me its been a strong year of music across the board. While they

When you have the opportunity to interview one of your friends, the interaction can go in one of two directions: either you both remain professional and acknowledge the good fortune of being able to do what you love for a

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman chats with 1883 Magazine about his role on Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., dealing with bullying and racism on Canada's Drag Race, and more.

Italian born, London based duo Palmaria have dropped a stunning ocean of soundscapes in their latest EP Crystallize. Touching on a range of themes including self-empowerment, trusting yourself and your destiny and ocean pollution, the duo highlight the importance of

1883 Magazine chats with Kevin Quinn about the new direction his music has taken since signing with CMG, his new single I'm Still Breathing, drawing inspiration from his faith, and more.

Renowned pop artist and TV personality HRVY is back with a brand new sound with his new single "Runaway With It." Not shy of performing on stage, pop artist HRVY has sold out countless headline shows in North America, Asia and

Acclaimed filmmaker Todd Haynes is no stranger to the experimental.   Having studied art and semiotics at Brown University, Haynes’ first short film Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story (1988) depicts the life of singer Karen Carpenter through the use of barbie

THE DRIVER ERA speaks with 1883 Magazine about their new album Girlfriend, their creative process, touring, and more.

On his latest album Everything Is Waiting For You, London singer-songwriter Tom Speight’s music brings much-needed notes of positivity and hope.  Describing his message to listeners as a “warm musical hug,” Speight’s personal yet relatable musicianship sees him reflect on his own

Talented singer-songwriter, Rudie Edwards, has just dropped the gorgeous debut EP, Worst Ways. Having originally grown up in Dover on the south coast of England, the fast-rising artist felt detached from any real multiculturalism, it was her ambition to pursue music

British singer/songwriter Anna Foye gets some inspiration from a cunning animal in her new track Rattlesnake. Weaving delicate melodies with introspective lyrics is something British artist Anna Foye excels at. Her debut collection of work--the 5-track EP I Hope You're Happy--demonstrates

Toronto singer-songwriter Max Parker finds euphoria in escapism in his cathartic and emotive track Fly Away (Feel Good). It's hard to craft music that deftly impacts people both with the lyrics and sound, but Max Parker does just that with his

Dutch musician and visual artist Young & Sick – aka Nick van Hofwegen – new album BROTHER leads listeners through everything from the fear of separation to the joy of reunion, the personal themes rooted in sonic versatility. Written and recorded in

1883 Magazine chats with Jesse McCartney to discuss his new album New Stage, the dichotomy between your public and private self when you're long past your teen heartthrob days, what he's learned about himself over the past decade and a half,

Larger-than-life street-pop artist Thierry Guetta aka Mr Brainwash sits for a chat with 1883 Arts Editor to talk about his new mural in Battersea, his influences and what makes London unique. Since rising to fame through his collaboration with Banksy in

Bristol-based artist and producer Felid unveils new EP Knowing You, Part Two & pens an exclusive track-by-track for 1883 Magazine. Since the release of his debut single at the tail-end of last year, multitalented artist Felid has been moving throughout the alt-pop genre

If there was a general sense of hesitancy late 2020 when aespa’s half-AI lineup was unveiled, the K-pop quartet (well, octet—more on that later) has long since blown those worries away. With their high-tech concept chock-full of jargon-filled lore, aespa was

India Mullen is perhaps best known for her role as Peggy in Normal People, the mesmerizing television adaptation of Sally Rooney’s beloved novel. Now, the Irish actress is poised to electrify audiences even further with brilliant performances in Brassic and

WayV and NCT members TEN and YANGYANG give listeners a taste of summer love on hip-hop, all-English offering Low Low. The refreshing track which encourages not to shy away from their showing their love sees the two members bring their individual

1883 Magazine talks to rising actress Lauren Patel about her new role in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with Helené Yorke about everything from The Other Two, dating advice for your 20s, allowing yourself the space to mess up, and more.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with Tom Varey about his new role in Ridley Road, how the show draws comparisons between the rise in fascism in the 60s to the rise of fascism and racism today, manifesting Cristiano Ronaldo returning

Matilda Mann pens an exclusive track-by-track for her new EP Sonder for 1883 Magazine.

1883 Magazine chats with Canadian alt-pop band Valley about their new EP Last Birthday.

Joshua Press's debut solo exhibition – Different Bodies – is an intimate celebration of family and friends. 1883 meets the artist known for his intense, hazy portraits to discuss his work and ask why portraiture will never go out of

Glowie — the Icelandic bopstar who should be on your playlists if she isn’t already.  Many may have been introduced by the singer-songwriter after she signed a deal with Colombia and delivered her debut EP, Where I Belong. Her singles Body,

                        Photographer Stoney Darkstone Stylist Ava Coffen MUA / Hair Thassio Leal Model Lottie Hayes Assistants Helena Pourzand, Alice Copolla, Nigel Glasgow   Top image credits Dress- Lurline
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Rising actress Mattea Conforti chats with 1883 Magazine about portraying Janice in The Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark.

Alt-pop duo piri & Tommy Villers are the new kids on the block with their TikTok smash hit Soft Spot.

1883 Magazine speaks with singer-songwriter Kara Marni about her new EP State of Mine.

Best known for his dangling horses, 18-carat gold toilet and duct-taped bananas, art world's favourite prankster Maurizio Cattelan grapples with existential questions in a new exhibition in Milan. That of the court jester has never been an easy role to fulfil.

MOD SUN, girlfriends, and Tyler Posey all bring a high-energy, euphoric performance on The Internet Killed the Rockstar Tour.

CHAII is a multifaceted artist on the rise. The Persian-NZ performer, writer, producer, audio engineer and director has made a name for herself thanks to her distinctive sound. CHAII's sound cleverly traverses a multitude of different genres and not only has

Introducing K-Pop girl group STAYC! 1883 Magazine's Lucy Ford speaks with the rookie girl group about their latest album STEREOTYPE.

In Wolfe, Babou Ceesay proves yet again that he is truly a master of his craft. At this point in his career, Babou Ceesay is a seasoned actor. The Gambian native can be seen in movies such as Rogue One: A Star

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with Eliza Butterworth about the final season of "The Last Kingdom," acting with Colin Farrell in "The North Water," jumping back to theatre in "The Windsors: Endgame,"and more.

TXT aka Tomorrow X Together talks about their new album "The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE," what it's like to grow up alongside their fanbase, seeking empathy through music, and more.

American rockers The Velveteers aren't afraid to try new things when it comes to achieving their vision. Originally starting out as a two-piece band founded by Demi Demitro and Baby Pottersmith, The Velveteers have always been perfectionists when it comes to

British singer-songwriter James Smith hits the road with New Hope Club & snaps some film photos for an exclusive tour diary for 1883 Magazine.

Milan’s international art fair Miart makes a much-anticipated in-person return after COVID-19 hiatus. After enduring months of lockdowns and multiple waves of COVID-19, Milan – Italy's financial hub and economic driver – is now gradually reverting to pre-pandemic normalcy, with the

Afghan-Dutch songwriter and producer Ferdous has released the gorgeous track "Tolerate". Ferdous grew up in the Netherlands after his parents sought asylum and he soon fell in love with music. Years later, the fast-rising artist now uses music as a way

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actor Tyler Posey is a creative with conviction. Undoubtedly most actors turned musicians would use every possible connection to help their careers when it comes to breaking into the music industry but Posey is a firm believer that

Italian producer and DJ, LOELASH, has released the dreamy R&B single "Somebody New". Taken from his forthcoming debut album, Fantasia, "Somebody New" is another slick track from the fast-rising London-based producer and it's also a collaboration with alt-pop duo, Palmaria. But

If you had to sum up alt-R&B group Chase Atlantic in three words, it would be: stylish, unique, inimitable. The australian trio consists of lead vocalist Mitchel Cave, rhythm guitarist & vocalist Christian Anthony, lead guitarist, and saxophonist & backing vocalist,

In the span of one year, Mimi Webb has gone from aspiring singer to a charting artist with more than one hit in the top 20 at the same time. The Canterbury-born star has spent the majority of 2021 dominating

1883's Sydney Bolen caught up with The Band CAMINO to discuss their self-titled debut album, their music growth and the writing process, which songs they are most looking forward to playing live, and more.

1883 Magazine spoke to Nessa Barrett about her creative process for EP “Pretty Poison,” transitioning from a TikTok star to a musician, and what fans can expect next.

It is crazy to think we are already reaching the end of the year. With three more months left in 2021, there’s still plenty of time for new music to come along and inspire us, uplift us, and make us

1883 Magazine's features editor Kelsey Barnes chats with Sam Spruell about "The North Water," implementing imagination in his work, picking apart his characters, and more.

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1883 Magazine chats with MASUMI about starring in her first film as the lead in "Yakuza Princess," declining an offer to be a pop star in Tokyo, and more.

Jaguar Bingham should be the poster child for the proactive, D.I.Y. spirit of the Gen Z collective. Equipped with a formidable work-ethic, her ambition is balanced with an unbridled passion for uplifting her peers and mentoring burgeoning musical talent with

With rich melodies, lush vocals and lyrics written as if his heart is truly on his sleeve, singer-songwriter So Kindly is an emerging talent that is one you should keep your eyes on. With the myriad of artists & songs to

1883 Magazine's editor Kelsey Barnes speaks with Dallas Liu about his secret role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, his future career aspirations, and more.

To celebrate the release of his debut album "Before We Fall Asleep," Nigerian singer-songwriter Johnny Drille pens an exclusive track by track for 1883 Magazine.

San Diego’s almost monday brings a whole new meaning to the term California Cool. The alt-pop trio has been surfing to new heights—both figuratively and literally—since releasing their debut EP don’t say you’re ordinary last year. The band’s instantaneous success

Festival regulars Yonaka returned to Reading Festival this year to perform their latest mixtape, Seize The Power, and spoke to 1883 ahead of their explosive set. The rock band based in Brighton have been going strong since making their debut on

1883 chats with K-pop group ONF to discuss their new EP "SUMMER POPUP ALBUM [POPPING]", the group's favourite summer activities, hopes for the future, and more.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine, Cheat Codes told us all about their new single "Never Love You Again", shooting a music video with Travis Barker, and their favourite video game cheat codes.

So after what has felt like an eternity my comeback to live music finally happened. Considering my last live show experience took place in March of 2020 this has definitely been a long time coming. I’d be lying if I

1883 Magazine chats with Korean-American singer-songwriter Kevin Woo about his new song "Got It."

1883 Magazine chats with actress Yvette Monreal about playing Wildcat in The CW's "Stargirl," her love of MMA, and more.

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1883 Magazine chats with Indonesian singer-songwriter GANGGA about his debut album “It’s Never Easy.”

Poetic, emotive, and complex are just a few of the many words one could use to describe British artist Harry Edwards & his latest visual for his track "I Hope You Hear" further exemplifies that. The poignant, reflective ballad's message is

Actor & singer-songwriter Jeremy Shada curates 1883 Magazine's playlist this week to celebrate the release of his new song "This Feels Right."

1883 Magazine's Sydney Bolen chats with singer & actor Darren Criss about his new EP "Masquerade," Elsie Fest, the curse of creative people, and more.

When I speak to actor Shaun Evans via Zoom in early August, any notion of having a standard question and answer interview is immediately thrown out the window. After making our introductions, Evans says he’s interested in having a nice conversation,

Like most people the live music void in my life has been very apparent over the past years. Considering the last live music show I attended was in March 2020, for someone who was out at a show at least

If there is one thing you should know about Becky Hill, it’s that she is one of the most motivated and driven pop stars. Fresh from coming out of a talent show, Becky signed her first record deal which went

Lauren Lyle is having a dream worthy year, filled to the brim with artistically satisfying roles in big name dramas like Outlander, Vigil, and Karen Pirie. Lauren Lyle has the type of career many actors lust after but never quite

Introducing Zolee Griggs: sisterhood advocate, humanitarian and one of Hollywood's new rising stars. Fans of Disney may be familiar with her role in the That’s So Raven spin-off Cory in the House where she played Tanisha. The actress was most recently seen

Pop duo Charity Children debut their new music video for "My Alchemy" today on 1883 Magazine. For a pairing like Charity Children, it's important to always expect the unexpected. Their new single "My Alchemy," a departure from their signature sound, is

Hanne Mjøen is the alt-pop artist from Norway whose fierce and tender flare shapes both her lyrics and production. After the release of her 2018 single Sounds Good To Me which collected millions of streams across the board, Mjøen has been taking

In his new song 'Tears,' indie-pop artist Slopes weaves a tale of heartbreak into an eclectic & emotive ode. A true multi-talented act, Slopes is the artist project of singer-songwriter-producer Dag Holtan-Hartwig. Hailing from Norway and pulling inspiration from his time

The utterly captivating soul singer Alichè debuts new visual for her track "By Surprise" premiering today on 1883 Magazine. With an ease for storytelling and a knack for bringing honesty and vulnerability throughout each track, London-based soul singer Alichè is music's

When I first came across UK rapper Shaybo it was on a Daily Duppy video that appeared on GRM Daily last year where she did a freestyle performance that made me raise my eyebrows with intrigue. Following that she released

Wings Of Desire are back with their new EP, Amun-Ra. Comprised of James Taylor and Chloe Little, you may remember the pair from their previous four-piece rock band, Inheaven, but the duo are now releasing their best music yet, under the

1883 Magazine chats with superstar girl group Boys World about their new single "Something in the Water," girl groups like Little Mix and Spice Girls, and more.

Paloma Mami broke into the industry with her genre-bending debut album, Sueños De Dali earlier this year, now the Chilean songstress is collaborating with Ricky Martin on her newest song QUÉ RICO FUERA. Only three years ago, New York-born Paloma Mami independently released her

New music from Edna Gallery, Tobes44, Amber-Simone and more on this week's 1883 Playlist. Rising alt-pop act OAKLND finds his way in "Paris" in his new dream-pop infused track, Ireland's very own duo PRiiCE release their utterly bold "Sweet Life" ahead of their upcoming

Jennifer Juliette releases 'Columns' from her debut EP 'Anchor.'

When we read stories, we immerse ourselves in new worlds. While sometimes they’re entirely different, shocking our senses as they invite us to experience things for the first time, often they can reflect our own, letting us escape our lives

1883 Magazine chats with Skylar Astin about his new single "When You're Not There," filming Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, the genre-bending inspirational force that is Taylor Swift, and more.

1883 Magazine's Lucy Ford chats with K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher about their new EP Summer Holiday.

In conversation with Kelsey Barnes from 1883 Magazine, actor-singer Ben Platt discusses his sophomore album "Reverie," finding stability and serenity with fellow actor Noah Galvin, coming to terms with saying goodbye to "Dear Evan Hansen," and more.

The Wombats are back with the new forthcoming LP, FIX YOURSELF, NOT THE WORLD. Formed in 2003 and comprising of frontman Matthew "Murph" Murphy, bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen, and drummer Dan Haggis, the Liverpool band rose to prominence thanks to their

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with actress Elizabeth Gilpin about writing her memoir Stolen, navigating through trauma, starting the conversation around these institutions, and more.

Toronto singer-songwriter Chris Grey premieres new music video for "I should be happy" on 1883.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes speaks with rising Australian actor Michael Bishop about his new Disney film "Spin," his career beginnings, working in the same vicinity as Johnny Depp, and more.

London singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mathilda Homer’s is one marked by the ease of natural artistic progression. On her new single Something Sentimental, taken from her forthcoming EP If You Were on Fire, the rising star traces the relatable experience of relationship anxiety in

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with S-X about his musical journey, how it feels to finally be releasing music, his new mixtape "A Repeat Wouldn't Go A Miss" and more. 

The hottest new music from Denzel Curry, LIZZO, Chase Atlantic & more in this week’s 1883 playlist. Aussie rocker Courtney Barnett has returned with the gorgeous new single “Before You Gotta Go”. It’s taken from the artist’s forthcoming third studio record,

With international acclaim that saw them become the first Filipino boy group to be nominated at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, alongside BTS, Seventeen and Blackpink, SB19 who describe themselves as “diverse and explosive,” have recently released their second mini-album, Pagsibol.

1883 Arts Editor meets artist collective Wells Projects to discuss their residency with Lateral Geographies, upcoming projects and how they see their work evolving in the wake of the digital revolution shaking up the art world. The past eighteen months have

1883 Magazine's Sydney Bolen spoke with multi-talented Becca Tobin about her new Disney+ show Turner & Hooch, staying authentic and vulnerable, The Ladygang community, and more.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with actress Taylor Misiak about her role on the FX comedy "Dave," her podcast "Table Flipping," and more.

1883 Magazine premieres the music video for Nathan Evans hit new single "Told You So."

1883 Magazine's Cameron Poole caught up with Justin Young from The Vaccines to discuss Back In Love City, house swapping with a complete stranger, and the moment when the band started to have fun again.

Kesi and Amir from Rudimental sat down with 1883 Magazine to discuss their return to tour life, plans for label Major Toms and the secret ingredient to creating an epic live show.

Toronto singer-songwriter OXYBUZ finds inspiration in the disintegration of a relationship in his new track "Flawed." It takes a good singer-songwriter to find inspiration in themes surrounding love, but it takes a powerful and impactful one to find inspiration in things severely

With many of us still stuck in varying states of isolation, South Korean singer-songwriter Suran revels in the small pleasures of being at home in new single Blanket. In the almost two years since the Coronavirus pandemic changed almost everything about

1883 Magazine premieres Dutch Criminal Record's new track "Hey Charlie" from their new EP It’s Gonna Be Okay.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with with actress Mayling Ng about Mongal & The Suicide Squad, learning to follow her own independent path, her fitness journey and more.

1883 Magazine speaks with Chet Faker about his new album "Hotel Surrender," safe spaces for creating music, and his journey in surrendering to reality.

The latest in new music from Holly Humberstone, Luz, Deema & more on this week's 1883 Magazine playlist.

The Howlers, London's self-declared desert-rock group, premieres their new music video for "Never Enough" on 1883 Magazine.

1883's Kelsey Barnes spoke with Sinqua Walls about Netflix' Resort to Love, his growth as an actor since his time as Sir Lancelot on Once Upon a Time, giving back to communities, and more.

By now it is not secret that Afrobeats is the musical genre that is thriving and soaring with all that it has given us. The musical export that has grown out of West Africa has given us an abundance of musical

Train ticket, backpack, suncream, drink supply and the new addition to the collection, my COVID Pass. I went to a festival, a non-streamed festival, in person. If that wasn’t unusual enough, I decided I would go solo but who needs company

Olga Kurylenko Has Been Here Long Enough A few years ago, the actress Olga Kurylenko was, well, acting a lot. This was back in 2018, a year that would have her in six films that would all be released a few

Rising indie artist Grace Gaustad premieres the cinematic visual for her song Elephant in the Room on 1883 Magazine ahead of her debut album BLKBX: WHT R U HDING? out at the end of the summer.

New music from Tom King, Beren Olivia, Taylor Janzen & more on this week's 1883 playlist.

1883 Magazine speaks to German actor Flula Borg about filming The Suicide Squad, YouTube, his music, and more.

South-London's JONES returns with the mesmerising new single, Around. First breaking into the music scene with 2016 debut record, New Skin, JONES has undoubtedly proven herself as a talented vocalist and songwriter throughout the last few years. Her latest single, Around,

To celebrate the release of his debut album 'Sgt Culpepper', English R&B singer-songwriter Joel Culpepper takes us on a journey through it with an exclusive track-by-track for 1883 Magazine.

1883 Magazine catches up with the infectious rock band Måneskin to chat about winning Eurovision, comparisons to Harry Styles, their hit I Wanna Be Your Slave, and more.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes speaks with singer-songwriter Charli Adams about her debut record "Bullseye," a date with a sugar daddy, dreaming about Archangels and more.

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Meekoh returns with his new single and stunning accompanying music video for "From The Water".

The latest in new music from Conor Byrne, Samia, Kk Lewis & more on this week's 1883 playlist.

To celebrate her new album, 1883's Sydney Bolen chats with Molly Burch about 'Romantic Images,' gaining confidence in her songwriting and her love of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Brighton band Ralph TV are celebrating the release of their new single Superfood, their latest release since last year's debut album Cabin Fever Dreams, a melodic array of songs that capture the heart and soul of this passionate group.   Created by

LA-based artist CARR sticks a middle finger up to past toxic relationships on the pop-punk anthem, Loser. Carly McClellan AKA CARR is a singer-songwriter that crafts fun, relatable, and witty tracks. Raised on artists like Avril Lavigne and The All-American Reject,

After gracing both big and small screens around the globe, British actress Amy (Amrit) Maghera has proved she is a true talent.  Amy Maghera didn't expect she would be an actress. Growing up dance was her passion and singing was, and

Christine Ko speaks with 1883 Magazine about the second season of DAVE, Asian representation in film & tv, and more.

Ten years after Amy Winehouse's passing, 1883 Magazine speaks with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield about MTV's new documentary 'Amy Winehouse & Me: Dionne’s Story.'

Singer-songwriter BEKA is unmatched when it comes to penning thought-provoking, soulful and energetic pop tunes. originally starting out as a touring musician and having racked up guest features on tracks with HONNE, it wasn't until last year that Nottingham-based artist, BEKA,

Hailed as "the world's first bilingual, Latin, all-girl group", Bella Dose have their sights on world domination. Comprised of Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany, the group may be well on their way to achieving their goal thanks to the group's collection

1883 Magazine speaks with Brighton band MarthaGunn about their debut record Something Good Will Happen, being vulnerable in songwriting, and more.

Pop-R&B artist CRiDDLE returns with her punchy new single All in My Head. When it involves creating a powerful mantra, no one does it better than Hollywood-based artist CRiDDLE. Her latest single — the introspective and empowering single All in My Head — is

1883 chats with Irish rock band The Academic about growing in their artistry, making music during a global pandemic, and just what Community Spirit means to them.

Indie-rock band Sarah and the Sundays curate a special playlist, featuring their hit tracks "I'm So Bored" and "Take Your Time," along with tracks from The Front Bottoms, Phoebe Bridgers, and more.

1883 Magazine caught up with Cautious Clay to discuss all things Deadpan Love, finding inspiration during an Uber ride & Muhammad Ali, quantum physics, and more.

London-based artist, MEI, finds inner peace on new track, HAPPY MAN. Undoubtedly one of London's best kept secrets, vocalist, songwriter, producer and bassist, MEI, has always stayed true to her artistic vision. First releasing her debut single Sandstorm in 2017 and four

Ahead of the opening of her solo exhibition at NOW Gallery, Birmingham born artist and illustrator Manjit Thapp sits down for a chat with 1883 Arts Editor to discuss her work addressing themes of feminism and female empowerment. Working across book

For Alt Bloom, failure is just another path to something great, as succinctly defined in his latest single & video for Old Kick Drum. To put it plainly: there are not many artists like Alt Bloom in music today. In a

With a success that many can only dream of, Nathan Evans has the world at his feet. Within six months, the man from Airdrie has gone from delivering post to delivering hits with his own versions of well-known sea shanties. Wellerman catapulted

Jaren Lewinson talks to 1883 Magazine about the second season of "Never Have I Ever," balancing acting and his college education, dealing with mishaps during his high school theatre days, and more.

American singer-songwriter dani bby reflects on a past relationship with the breakup anthem, Swipe Right!! Non-fiction pop artist dani bby writes from the heart, every lyric is an honest insight into the trials and tribulations she has faced so far. Whether

1883 Magazine speaks with K-Pop group Omega X about their new mini-album "VAMOS," persevering despite having setbacks, finding inspiration in SHINee, EXO, and BTS, and more.

Nathanya Alexander speaks with Kelsey Barnes from 1883 Magazine about her beginnings as an actress, her role on HBO's "genera+ion" and more.

With the influencer-to-music-artist pipeline brimming over it's easy to dismiss & discredit, but pop singer-songwriter Loren Gray is the artist you should take seriously — her new single Piece Of Work is proof of that. The 19-year-old self-made phenom came to

Ryan Simpkins is an actor on the rise. Having cut their teeth in the creative industry at a young age as a model and actor, Ryan Simpkins has grown up with a talent for the arts. Throughout the years, Simpkins has

Empathy and emotions are the cornerstones of Aurora’s music. After having burst onto the scene in 2015 and quickly amassing a loyal fan following, the singer, songwriter and producer remains just as in love with music as she was when

New music from THE DRIVER ERA, Courtney Barnett, goth gf, and more on this week's 1883 Playlist. Iconic rock group and previous 1883 cover stars (way back in 2012) The Vaccines have shared the pop new tune “Back In Love City”

1883 meets artist and film director Charlotte Colbert to discuss her art practice and find out more about her new movie featuring Alice Krige, Malcolm McDowell and Rupert Everett. A Franco-British multimedia artist whose work straddles film, photography, ceramic and sculpture, Charlotte

Actress Kiana Madeira speaks with 1883 Magazine about Netflix's Fear Street trilogy & more.

Electronic duo HONNE are back with their forthcoming new album, LET'S JUST SAY THE WORLD ENDED A WEEK FROM NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Comprised of Andy Clutterbuck (singer & producer) & James Hatcher (producer), HONNE first formed in 2014 after

1883 Magazine speaks with pop singer Elle Winter about her new single "Candy," growing up in New York, and more.

Singer-songwriter Birdy is enchanting listeners with her stunning new album Young Heart—a creative undertaking that beautifully captures the essence of heartbreak and the inevitability of change. Birdy quietly stepped onto the music scene at the tender age of 14, when she

1883 Magazine chats with DE’WAYNE over about his debut record "Stains," moving to LA, his musical influences, and more.

If you’re an avid follower of the UK music scene, it’s likely that you’ve come across the soulful vocals of MORGAN on an array of your favourite hooks. Inspired by the likes of Rihanna, 6Black and Michael Jackson, the budding songstress

Art-pop artist XINA unveils the cinematic & powerful visual for her new single Lullaby by Whitenoise. No artist is as spellbinding as multi-dimensional XINA. Equal parts expressive and vulnerable, the Minneapolis-based musician depicts succinct yet atmospheric soundscapes, paired with a deft

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Violinist Esther Abrami continues to champion female composers with the release of her rendition of Amy Beach's Romance for Violin and Piano, premiering today on 1883 Magazine. When you think of viral TikTok moments you likely think of 'Savage' by Megan

Rising Alt-Pop artist Bvlcony releases new music video for "Waste My Time." Inspired by the feeling of being fed up with others wasting your time in regards to romance, New York native Bvlcony created the pop track "Waste My Time," a euphoric

Undeniably one of Britain’s most successful artists in the last decade, Rag‘n’Bone Man’s second album Life by Misadventure sees him reflect on the highs and lows of his career and life woven with notes of hope that have both the

Scandinavian sensation Tomi Saario dives into each song from his debut EP I Think We Need To Talk and pens a track-by-track exclusively for 1883 Magazine. After turning down a career in football to pursue music, Finnish artist Tomi Saario has been

To celebrate the release of his new single "The Idea of You" with lovelytheband, indie-bedroom-pop artist Grady takes over the 1883 playlist this week. What does one do when the person you're utterly captivated by doesn't actually believe you're in love?

On a mission to make jazz more accessible to gen z, Icelandic Chinese artist Laufey has curated a sound that is ushering the genre into a more modern era. Best exampled by her track “Best Friend”, her lyricism is intentionally youthful

British YouTuber, presenter, and author Daniel Howell offers a practical yet poignant look into mental health – his own struggles held up as a mirror for anyone else going through the same – in his book You Will Get Through

Clutch Your Pearls, Snatch That Wig! Singer/songwriter/producer extraordinaire Alus is celebrating Pride month with bells, whistles, and some serious wig-snatching shenanigans. Her newly-released single, “Wig!”, is a bass-inflected piece of ear candy featuring Cakes Da Killah, with an opening vocal sample

New music from Ryland James, The Band CAMINO, Skylar Astin, Ines Rae and more on this week's 1883 New Music Friday Playlist. A big week for debuts — after years of rocking it on-screen, singer and actor Skylar Astin dropped his debut

With the release of their third studio album Olympia, British production duo Gorgon City hopes to bring people back together on the dance floor. Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson Scott have long since proved themselves to be one of dance music’s

1883 Arts Editor sits down for a chat with artist, curator, activist and all-round creative mastermind Stuart Semple to find out about his many projects and ask what he thinks the future hols for the arts in the digital age. A

In her new role in The CW's The Republic of Sarah, it really is Stella Baker's world and we are all just living in it. For rising actress Stella Baker, the path to becoming an actor wasn't exactly fleshed out and created for

It has been quite some time since Gavin James was a busker on Grafton Street. Throughout his career, the happy-go-lucky Irishman has gone from playing crowded pubs in Temple Bar to rounding out a world tour with two nights at

Arriving just in time for the summer is “Pick Me Up,” the new collaboration from Sam Feldt & Sam Fischer that’s a perfect mix of uplifting melodies and vulnerable vocals. Multi-platinum Dutch producer Sam Feldt and viral Australian singer/songwriter Sam Fischer

Nashville's Kate Lynn embraces being just a little bit too much for someone in her new track "Feelings on Repeat," premiering today on 1883 Magazine. It takes a lot of strength and perseverance to fight for every aspect of who you are

Meet Nana M. Rose, the poetic indie-folk-pop songstress, who has just released her long-awaited EP, Morning Drops & Lemon Seeds. The stunning five-track ensemble showcases the ups and downs and trials and tribulations of the songwriter's life. Having developed a

With a knack for blending timeless melodies and catchy lyrics, Alec Hartman shows off his talent in his latest single "Weekend." After making a viral TikTok hit with "Could You Be The One?" Alec Hartman is back with his latest offering

After years of having to prove himself as an artist, it's finally time for the multi-talented KSI to reap the benefits of his perseverance and sheer talent — one might say that he even deserves a Holiday. When speaking with KSI,

The talented Rhett Nicholl is a soul singer and poet from London. He’s now back with the new single, Love In Vain. When it comes to music and lyricism, some artists will painstakingly spend every waking moment fine-tuning their work before releasing

The latest in new music from AJ Mitchell, John Bird Jr., Tove Styrke, and more on this week's 1883 Playlist. A new week brings new music, like Tove Styrke & her return with the punchy "Mood Swings," an ode to Styrke's

Majesty, the breakout new Afrohouse single by Coco Benson and Shizzi, co-written by Benson, Shizzi (Beyoncé, Wizkid, Meek Mill) and Parker Ighile (Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande), is set to be the easy breezy dance floor-fix of the summer.     Lyrically, the

South African R&B singer and songwriter Elaine is back with her latest sultry single Right Now. A calming R&B fusion featuring Elaine’s stunning gentle and alluring voice, the track talks about her frustration with a lover but equally, owning her self-worth. Everything

Actress & producer Molly C. Quinn might not share immediate similarities with her character in the indie-horror Agnes but like any good storyteller, Molly can find the truth even in a fictional tale. When watching early interviews of actress Molly C. Quinn, it's

Rising talent Jordyn may already have an outstanding knowledge of the music industry, but in his debut EP, ‘Framework’ he is ready to re-introduce himself. Jordyn grew up in San Diego, California. Adopted into a multi-ethnic family, he was introduced to

Carefree, melodic, and utterly unique are just some of the words to describe hip-hop artist White Dave and "Lemon Pepper Freestyle," his new track & music video premiering today on 1883 Magazine. White Dave (aka Noah David Coogler) is an independent

Liverpool actor Jack McMullen always aims to portray characters that are entirely different than ones he's played before & he does just that in his new role as a prison inmate in BBC's gripping new drama Time. When you think of

Singer-songwriter ELUNIA, from New Hampshire, US, has just released her stunning debut EP, Deep End. The young artist’s EP, widely influenced by Broods, Banks and Troye Sivan, is a fluid journey through her life growing up amongst bullies, not feeling accepted

The latest in new music from C Scarlet, Lorde, Scott Helman and more on this week's 1883 Playlist. This week marked the grand return of Lorde with "Solar Power," a breezy summer tune that differs sonically in comparison to Melodrama but feels (and sounds) like quintessential

Toronto based artist Andrew Oliver, under the name of Nightshifts, has just dropped his stunning new single Rest. Off of his upcoming album, the single is a woozy, striking and emotional track that takes you on a euphoric journey through vintage

After a long year in a pandemic, actress Ebony Obsidian is just happy to be connecting with others again — whether it's on-set, through her music, or getting stopped on the street by fans of her hit show Sistas. Since starring in

Singer and actress Josie Ho is always up for an adventure, and it’s refreshing ideas that allow her to take such journeys through her characters that attract her. Having been part of several cult films such as Contagion, the Hong Kong

Gabrielle Current leans into her zodiac tendencies on her long-awaited debut EP, Virgo. After years of honing her craft and perfecting her sound, LA-based singer-songwriter Gabrielle Current drops her Virgo EP, a body of work full of lush, jazz-infused tracks with R&B

Not many can say they graduated from college and had their show premiere during the initial launch of Disney+, but that is a statement that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor Larry Saperstein can claim.  After growing up quite

Scottish actress Amy Manson’s process draws from her love for researching, her passion for sports and a toolbox of skills that she has collected from her experiences in drama school, all of which come together to craft dynamic and complex

Argentinian Jazz duo Cande y Paulo’s mellow sound may seem simple and unassuming, but the passion and experience that lie within the songs prove that their debut album is a release to be excited about. Looking at their history, it may

Ahead of his upcoming EP, Jax Jones proves he truly has found deep joy and is ready to show it to others.  Over the past decade South London-born songwriter, producer and DJ Jax Jones has been a part of numerous hits

New music from Brite Spires, Mandi Sagal, Zyra & more on this week's 1883 Playlist. Wallice drops her debut coming-of-age EP (and we love the track "23"), Grace Gaustad releases her first single — "Sandman" — ahead of her forthcoming debut album out at

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After more than a year in the pandemic, singer-songwriter Eric Ashton Spooner celebrates longing & human connection in You're Kind. To start: what was the moment where you realized that music was the exact career you wanted to pursue for the rest

London-based duo Jungle are back with infectious new single Talk About It, which is taken from their hotly anticipated new record, Loving In Stereo. In terms of both sonics and visuals, there are few music producers who can create bold and striking

Three consecutive rap albums into the game and Aussie rapper-turned-singer Allday - born Tomas Gaynor - has shifted his own paradigm with the release of his fourth LP, Drinking With My Smoking Friends. A mostly guitar driven rock album packed

Tai Verdes takes listeners on a creative musical journey with his new album TV - a chronological reimagining of the last four years of his life as if they were unfolding on a feel-good television show - and he provides

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After almost two long years anticipating the release of Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy, actor Andrew Horton is just as ecstatic as fans are for it to finally be out. Since announcing his casting in February 2019 and filming the first season of

New music from YARLIE, L Devine, Olivia Lunny and more on this week's 1883 Magazine playlist. A new week brings new music — with NAYANA IZ new track being the inspiration of 1883's playlist theme this week. On this weeks curation

Let 1883 Magazine introduce you to your new favourite band: the London-based alternative duo Good Health Good Wealth. The East London/Lithuanian alternative duo, comprising of vocalist Bruce Breakey and guitarist Simon Kuzmickas, create music that is equal parts eclectic and familiar

Welsh singer-songwriter Jennifer Juliette debuts her second single: the cinematic title track to her debut EP, Anchor. Hailing from Wales and now based in Berlin, multi-talented (and multi-instrumentalist) Jennifer Juliette knows her way around music. After traveling the world, performing at venues across

With a sound that is both nostalgic and completely her own, Gatlin is an artist you should keep your eye on.  Since starting her artist journey, Gatlin (aka Gatlin Thornton) was always convinced she was meant to be a Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

Few actors can boast such versatile resumes as The Underground Railroad’s Aaron Pierre. While talent is not something the British actor lacks, it must be said that humility and respect are also traits he values highly. Not taking any of the

To celebrate the release of her single "Headspace (feat. Ruston Kelly)" Charli Adams curated a selection of songs she loves exclusively for 1883. No one writes sad bops like indie singer-songwriter Charli Adams. Since the release of her debut EP Good At

New York singer/writer/composer Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, has been submerged in music from day dot. Growing up amongst a family of musicians, her work is rooted in jazz and R&B. With her stunning poetic lyrics, complex, polished production and vulnerable accounts articulating

Zoe Wees Takes Control of Her Narrative  Self-professed shy girl Zoe Wees is quite the vocal lyricist. Unashamed and forthright with her feelings, she powers her microphone to delve into deeper issues as depression, self-esteem, and debilitating anxiety; the latter of

Canadian singer-songwriter Betta Lemme aches for connection in her new single "Ce Soir." If there was ever a song that is quintessentially Betta Lemme it's her new release — "Ce Soir," an anthemic ode to our need to have human connection, inspired by

As we all dance into PRIDE month, let emerging pop star Sir Christopher Saint give you just the soundtrack with "God Made Me Gay." Inspired by his own journey into embracing self-love and his true self, "God Made Me Gay" is

To say the past few months of Alejandro Nones' life has been a whirlwind would be an understatement.  Although the Venezuelan actor has been working since he was just 17, the now 38-year-old is starting to see his persistence and perseverance

London-based singer, Litany, is on track to be your new favourite artist, thanks to her collection of catchy feel-good pop tunes.  Originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Beth Cornell AKA Litany has gone from strength to strength over the last few years.

Not many behind-the-scenes videos are just as dazzling as the project they are capturing, but not all artists are newcomer Elle L. Three weeks ago Elle L released the music video for her avant-garde track Hoping. The stunning video, which was both

If you’ve seen it, you know Apple TV+’s Mythic Quest is the perfect blend of heart and humour and Charlotte Nicdao, its lead actress, is no different.  Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Charlotte Nicdao never dreamed she’d end up in Los Angeles.

What other artist can easily blend dark-pop, rock, and gospel? That's easy for dark pop scorpio songstress Viia. Your debut single speaks volumes — it tells the world who you are as an artist. For Darlington-based singer-songwriter Viia, her debut single is

I think it is no secret when whenever we hear certain producer tags you know that whatever is to follow is bound to be a vibe and a half. There is no greater example of this then when one hears

After non-stop touring since the release of their 2018 debut record, it took a global pandemic to get Greta Van Fleet to settle down, regroup, and create their own call-to-arms. The catalyst of being stuck in one place for the first

The latest in new music from HILTON, Lia Pappas-Kemps, Surfaces and more on this week's 1883 Playlist. Big week for new music: ahead of the release of his debut album Joel Culpepper drops "Black Boy," a reflective and inspiring track influenced

Oli Fox is a talented artist that crafts effortlessly cool bedroom-pop, he’s now back with the visuals for his utterly sublime tune, Honey. Hailing from South Woodham Ferrers in Essex, the now London-based musician has built a name for himself thanks to

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Watford’s Connie Constance is back with her latest single Electric Girl. The indie hit is a fire of inspiration and a spark of the artist’s fight for female empowerment.  Working with Karma Kid and Mauv, the track is blazing in indie flames, here

Hailing from Kimberley, South Africa, lordkez is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her artistically ambitious music is hypnotic—each song tells a new story, beautifully combining honest lyrics with perfectly selected instrumentals.  lordkez’s previous project, Charcotta, was revered by Africa’s biggest

It was a serendipitous circumstance that brought Viola Prettejohn to the world of acting and now the British actress is staking her claim in the industry in her role as Myrtle in the HBO series, The Nevers.  Starring alongside Laura Donnelly, Olivia

With roles on acclaimed shows like Normal People and Vikings, Leah McNamara truly is an actress everyone should be keeping an eye on. To say acting was always going to be the career for Leah McNamara would be something of an

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