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Blue Sapphire: Origins, Feng Shui, Care Tips & More | By Astrologer Sahil Kohli

Learn about the origins, unique properties, & care tips to keep blue sapphire at its best. Insights by top astrologer Sahil Kohli. Keep reading to know more.

All About Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire – also known as Neelam has been a source of fascination for people throughout history due to its beauty and significant place in astrology. In addition to its alleged metaphysical qualities, this precious stone is greatly esteemed because of its lovely blue shade, being actually a type of corundum.Miscellaneous gems include pearls, opals, and diamonds.

In this article, astrologer Sahil Kohli- who is the top astrologer in India, discusses several aspects of blue sapphire ranging from where it comes from, what makes it heal differently, how to choose an ideal stone among others etc. Keep reading to know more.

Where Does Blue Sapphire Come From?

Many parts of the world contain blue sapphire with unique geological features. These characteristics impact the color and purity of the stone. Key sources are:

●     Kashmir

Kashmir sapphires are recognized for their deep blue color, which makes them one of the best globally. These sapphires are scarce and usually go for high prices in the market.

●     Sri Lanka: 

The vibrant cornflower blue color of Sri Lankan (Ceylon) sapphires is widely recognized. These stones are common and are valued for their excellent quality of clearness and color as well.

●     Myanmar (Burma): 

Their beauty is the reason why they are reputedly superior gems, with deep blue coloration their major characteristic. The places you can get them include the Mogok region.

●     Madagascar: 

In recent years Madagascar has become a major source of blue sapphires which come in many different colours and have different qualities.

What Makes Neelam Stone Unique?

Blue sapphire possesses several unique characteristics that make it a standout gemstone:

1. Hardness: 

Blue Sapphire can resist even the strongest abrasions because it reaches 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This quality allows it to be worn daily as it can withstand any degree of scratching or other kind of injury that might want to affect its appearance.

2. Pleochroism: 

This is why a blue sapphire reflects different shades when observed from differing perspectives. It enhances the stones’ desirability and intricacy.

3. Color Zoning: 

There are blue sapphires that have color zoning, this is the phenomenon where different parts of the gemstone have varying intensities of blue but artisans might try not making zoning visible. 

Blue Sapphire & Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui blue sapphires have great importance:

  • Enhancing Wealth and Abundance:

Blue sapphire is thought to attract wealth and abundance according to Feng Shui where placing it in certain locations at home or workplace is believed to enhance financial prosperity. 

  • Promoting Calm and Serenity:

In Feng Shui, blue sapphire is utilized for its calming energy to produce a peaceful and calm ambience that is ideal for relaxation and peace.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Blue Sapphire-

If you want to keep your blue sapphire jewelry looking its best and lasting longer, it is crucial that you care for it properly. Here are a few suggestions on how best to care for your treasures:

1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the blue sapphire regularly to prevent damage by using mild soap solutions along with a soft toothbrush but avoiding strong detergent types which would have adverse effects on them.

2. Safe Storage: To prevent scratches a soft pouch or a dedicated jewelry box can be used.

3. Avoiding Extreme Conditions: In simple terms, keep blue sapphire jewelry away from extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight. By doing so, the original color of the stone would be easily identified in it.

End Thoughts-

Blue sapphire is a gemstone which has a rich history and deep blue color that still makes it a precious gem up to now. Be it for its natural formation, peculiar properties or cultural representative meaning, blue sapphire remains cherished among the gemstones. 

This stone becomes magnificent only if you get to know its history, different sides and decide to buy stones that are mined without any exploitation. Astrologer Sahil Kohli, the Top Astrologer in India, explained in detail about the origins of Neelam, how to take care of it etc. If you wish to know more about Blue Sapphire then consult him now and unlock the benefits of Neelam stone today! 

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