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What Are Rare Carat’s Picks for Emerald Cut Diamonds Across Different Budgets?

The emerald cut diamonds are elegant and assure strength and modern traditions. Sophisticated and badass brides love the emerald shape while some brides love the quality of this cut more than other diamond shapes. Due to rarity and distinctive look, these diamond cuts are the best for women who want to walk with confidence which you can buy from Rare Carat for your dreamy wedding occasion. 

Rare Carat diamonds are known because of their quality, prices and shiny effects. From Marquise cut diamonds to emerald cut diamonds you can find a range of diamond collections on different budget scales. In your guide plan, we will get to know the top picks from Rare Carat made with emerald cut diamonds in different budgets and how to get the one that suits your budget. 

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Popular?

Emerald-cut diamonds are famous because buyers prefer the classic round diamonds. According to research, only 8% of customers chose emerald-cut diamonds in 2019, which means you can choose this option to stand out from the crowd. Famous celebrities who have worn emerald-cut diamonds are Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce. 

Some famous shapes of emerald cut diamonds are simple, elegant solitaires and glittering halos. The emerald cut ring creates the vintage style and adds benefits because halo creates extra sparkling in the diamond centre. Rare Carat have a range of diamond Jewellery options made with emerald cut diamonds. Let’s take a look at buying these diamonds by focusing on several essential factors in detail.

What To Look For When Buying An Emerald Cut Diamond

To choose the emerald cut diamond, you need to consider your standards and personal taste. Some tips to find the right diamond are:

Length, Width & Depth:

Make sure to choose the right length, width and depth. You may find the ratio by dividing the length of the diamond by width. Based on the ratio, the diamond may be thin, long, square and rectangle.

The depth percentage of the diamond also affects the light reflection. So choose the diamond with a depth of 60-70% for more brilliance. 

Clarity Grade:

The emerald-cut diamonds are long with open facets, so they don’t have imperfections. The recommended clarity grade is eye-clean VVS1. 

Cut Grade:

The cut grade term is about the quality of the proposition and symmetry of the diamond. However AGS and GIA are not the cut grades to diamonds while these refer to the symmetry and polish. Commonly diamond retailers prefer polish, proportion and symmetry for a diamond cut so these factors are the sparkling indicator in the absence of the cut grade. 

Colour Grade:

However, the emerald cut diamond doesn’t have the best colour grade. However, diamond grading labs prefer colourless diamonds; however, the grade must be based on the most attractive option. Commonly, customers prefer the slightly warm colours of G and H diamonds over the colourless options such as D, E and F. 

Carat Weight:

The price for the emerald cut diamond may vary from Carat to Carat. So choose the right diamond with right proportion, polish and symmetry in the carat weight range. 

How Much Is An Emerald Cut Engagement Ring?

The cost of the emerald cut engagement ring varies based on the diamond price and the ring setting. Our virtual gemologists are the right option for you to choose the right diamond. You may visit us online or in person to find the right ring at the right rate. However the average price range of one carat emerald diamond is between $1,400 and $6,000 based on the clarity, cut and colour. 

Almost 3% of the diamonds are emerald cut so this indicates that these cuts are rare and difficult to find which means high price range. Also the elongated shape and large table allow you to find larger diamonds than other shapes at a low carat price. 


The emerald cut diamond is a sophisticated and beautiful diamond, so if you want to buy an engagement ring, make sure to consider such a diamond, get expert guidance, and consider high-resolution images. You may also contact the gemologists to find the right emerald-cut diamond. You can find a range of Jewellery options based on your budget and requirements at Rare Carat. But before making a purchase decision, you have to take a look behind the scenes at the Rare Carat diamond collection at!

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