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The directorial debut of filmmaker Kin Wai Cheung from Hong Kong. “Fragments” is a two-minute short video written and filmed by Kin Wai. It is ironic and desolate; it is different pieces of memories collected together in a bottle. The video was filmed in old residential areas in West Kowloon, Hong Kong, and underground train passageways. Desirous of escape – “A pair of wings grew on my back. I’m free” A fantasy of Kin Wai becoming a bird and flying away to escape from unbearable events in the past, but there is always an indivisible bond in-between us and memories.

Filmmaker Kin Wai Cheung
Voiceover Jasmine Tse
Styling Rachel Song @ Darcom Agency
Talent Aisha @ Darcom Agency
Make-up Chakki Chan
Production Assistant Harry Lai

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