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Fret No More! Here’s Your Ultimate Guide On Mastering The Winged Eyeliner | 2023

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Winged eyeliner is undoubtedly one of this summer’s hottest makeup trends, effortlessly injecting a touch of glamour and allure into any occasion. Whether you’re scrolling through your TikTok feed or indulging in your favorite TV show, the myriad interpretations of the iconic cat-eye flick are bound to catch your attention. However, while the idea of giving it a shot might be tempting, mastering those perfect “wings” is no walk in the park. It can swiftly shift from a fun makeup endeavor to a rather exasperating challenge.

Those YouTube tutorials make it look SO easy! You might end up feeling silly for even reading up on this seemingly easy makeup hack. But don’t be fooled, the youtubers have had to go through many trials and errors, and are probably experienced makeup artists anyways! And, you’re certainly not the only one who’s struggled with this, and won’t be the last, either!

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve invested in some good products. Don’t cheap out on these items because saving money might be a very short-sighted solution, and one which might have repercussions, especially if you have skin that’s extra sensitive or prone to breakouts. If you don’t have extra cash running around, start putting aside some. You needn’t use a month’s salary. But it might make sense to save a couple of hundred bucks. Otherwise, you might want to check out playing at an online casino offering the best fully cashable USA no deposit bonuses. Who knows, you may very well win enough moolah to buy a whole range of makeup products!

Keep reading to find out our top tips on how to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look.


Pick The Right Product 

Perfectly winged eyes are a true work of art, and just like any artistic endeavor, having the right tools is essential to bring your masterpiece to life. If you’re just starting out, we recommend using an eyeliner pencil as they are much easier to handle than liquid or gel applicators. The pointed tip of the pencil is particularly helpful in achieving those beautifully curved wing edges.

For those seeking a more subtle winged look, opting for a gel or liquid-based eyeliner is the way to go. These options provide greater precision in controlling the thickness of the wings, resulting in a sharper and more defined appearance.

However, it’s equally important to consider your eye shape when selecting an eyeliner applicator, as certain choices may align better with your requirements. Take hooded eyes, for instance. To ensure that your wing isn’t hidden by your eyelid, consider applying your liner with delicate strokes and gradually building it up using a gel-based applicator.


Use Tape 

While a few lucky individuals might possess super steady hands, most of us aren’t so fortunate, making the task of sketching straight, crisp lines quite the challenge. Unfortunately, there’s only so much a cotton swab can do to salvage a wobbly wing. But fear not! Household tape can come to the rescue as an effective tool for achieving precision right from the start.

Here’s the trick: stick a piece of tape just below where you intend to draw your wing, using the tape as a guide for your line. Once you’ve completed the application, gently remove the tape and enjoy your flawless look. However, be careful with the type of tape you choose as the skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and prone to irritation.



Winged eyeliner may seem like a straightforward concept; however, it still requires some time and patience to properly master. Regular practice will help you develop your skills, making it much easier to achieve your desired look over time. Moreover, experimenting with various styles and looks will allow you to find the technique that best suits your personal style and preferences. 

When you look good, you feel good, and the perfect winged eyeliner can help you achieve this by boosting your overall confidence. Knowing your stuff will also allow you to enjoy the process much more, as it will be less stressful and more fun. The more comfortable you become with the technique, the faster you will be able to achieve the look, saving you loads of time, especially on a busy morning or when you’re getting ready for a fabulous event.


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