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Mucky Pup – ‘Brushing Off The Dust’

Mucky Pup, the dynamic duo comprising acclaimed producer Erik Miles and vocalist Heidi Haswell, steps into the limelight with their debut single, “Brushing Off The Dust.” Seamlessly blending elements of funk, house, and pop, this inaugural release showcases a sound that is not only complete but also brimming with creativity and irresistible hooks.

Erik Miles, a seasoned producer and multi-instrumentalist with a notable portfolio, including work with Soft Play, Baby Dave, Kate Nash, Lady Bird, and Hotwax, collaborates with the versatile vocalist Heidi Haswell. Known for her guest appearances on records by Soft Play and Baby Dave, Haswell adds her distinctive voice to Mucky Pup’s sonic palette. Together, they create an electronic sound that is both unique and accessible, drawing comparisons to the likes of Girls Of The Internet with a touch of Maribou State.

The journey into ‘Brushing Off The Dust’ begins with atmospheric, delayed-drenched bells that set an anticipatory tone. Gradually, a pulsating four-to-the-floor beat and a funky bassline burst forth, creating a vibrant musical landscape. Surrounding these core elements are distinctive analogue synths, subtle brass sounds, and piano, adding layers of richness to the composition. Above it all, Heidi Haswell’s effortlessly infectious, silky-smooth lead vocals glide with ease, providing a central focus around which the instrumental elements can flourish.

In a statement about the genesis of “Brushing Off The Dust,” Mucky Pup reveals the natural synergy between Miles and Haswell. They explain, “Me and Erik have always been involved in musical projects together, and we always knew we had a certain chemistry when writing and creating with one another. ‘Brushing Off The Dust’ felt like it was the first time when we really combined our talents in the most raw and pure way, and everything about the process came so naturally that the track seemed to just unveil itself.”

The duo’s creative process is reflected in the track’s feel-good vibe, a perfect balance of movement and a slightly seductive, inviting atmosphere. The seamless collaboration between Miles and Haswell is evident in how they bounce ideas off each other, resulting in a sound that is uniquely Mucky Pup.

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