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Fair Art Fair

Fair Art Fair, co-founded by artist Stacie McCormick, is a platform facilitating direct connections between artists and art lovers, while disrupting the traditional gallery model. The app, often referred to as the 'Instagram or Tinder for artists', allows artists to sell their work commission-free. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, supporting talent and equality in the financial aspects of art. Artists can showcase their work to a global audience, making art more accessible to buyers unaccustomed to traditional gallery proceedings.

Fair Art Fair is the platform for art lovers and artists – The Instagram of the art world, Tinder for artists, a destination of discovery for the art curious – whichever way you look at it – Fair Art Fair is building a new world of Art, to give art lovers and artists the opportunity to discovery and connect directly.

Set up by artist Stacie McCormick, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry and runs Unit 1 Gallery Workshop in West London. Fair Art Fair is disrupting the art scene, by liberating and empowering the artist and art buyers alike.

The foundation of the app is a zero-commission approach. By cutting out the gallery middlemen, it means all money from sales goes direct to the artists, with no hidden costs or fees. Galleries have traditionally had the power within this top-down industry, with a few select kingpins saying who is ‘worthwhile’ and appealing, whilst at the same time taking a commission of between 30-60%. 

Now the power has shifted to the artist and art buyer, allowing artists to sell their work commission-free and direct to buyers, providing an alternative to big galleries and big commissions. Fair Art Fair allows buyers to browse and connect with artists, without being intimidated by traditional galleries and their inflated pricing, opening up the art world to all. 

Building an inclusive community for all was a key factor for McCormick who commented: “I wish Fair Art Fair was around when I started out as an artist, as it’s almost impossible to get discovered and make a living out of art. We created the app to help emerging artists and art lovers to find each other, outside of the traditional gallery model. Fair Art Fair is committed to nurturing talent, providing a network, and creating a supportive community for all. The main aim is help artists make a living from their art, without having to wait for a gallery to pick up their work.”

Artists’ work deserves to be seen, but with Statista recording 55,000 registered visual artists in the UK, and only 1,400 galleries, it leaves a lot of artists looking for a platform to showcase and sell their work. Fair Art Fair allows artists to connect with a global audience of passionate art fans – as well as each other. 

The app is a game-changer as it delivers a digital gallery all-in-one. For only £19.99 a month, artists have the tools to list and curate their art and connect directly with buyers and the wider arts community. Fair Art Fair delivers endless art possibilities, with fairness at its heart.

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