Russian Language Translation Services: Professionals VS Software

Have you ever thought of enlarging your target audience? Expanding your business on new markets means making your products or services available for people speaking different languages. Russian language with over 250 million speakers is definitely an interesting option. Given that the Russian-speaking Internet population is growing rapidly, the temptation to reach it is really strong.

Software Advantages and Disadvantages

While machine translation is a fast, simple and cheap solution to get the gist of the text, still it has quite a lot of cons.


Sometimes the translations aren’t accurate. Of course, if it is a basic word, a tool will translate it OK. However, more complicated words and phrases sound a bit “robotic” in translation.


Most apps won’t work offline. Some of them offer downloading dictionaries but their number is usually quite limited. Moreover, offline language packs do not offer as accurate translation as you get while it is connected to the internet.


Although most tools offer speech control, it is still not good enough. There may be mistakes in pronunciation. And the speaker’s robotic speech damages the naturalness of vocabulary learning.


Software may lead to data leakage. The commands and data you enter into an app or tool don’t ensure that it is secured. That doesn’t allow you to enter personal or confidential information.


Machines lack feelings. Indeed, you receive literal translations of sentences and phrases which sound stylistically neutral or formal.


Software often misunderstands the context. As a result, you can get total nonsense. So you end up excluding the real essence from the given text.


Apps do not detect aphorisms, idioms and verbal language, which are in daily use today. Further, translation will be significantly different from the exact meaning, if paragraphs contain slang and idioms.

In a word, machine translators won’t give you a perfect translation. But if you expect to get a rough translation then they are real time-savers. So you do have to be careful and use software as a rough guide.

Professional Russian Language Translation Services

Here’s why you should ditch the translation software and invest in the real deal:

Cultural Relevance:

Native Russian translators understand the cultural context, making sure your message resonates like a perfectly tuned guitar with your audience. Jokes don’t land with a thud, those tricky idioms stay sharp.

Industry Expertise:

Need legal documents translated without a hitch? Or maybe it’s a medical report demanding pinpoint accuracy? Professional translators specializing in specific fields guarantee your translation reflects the jargon.


Mistakes in translations? Not good. Human translators ensure your message is clear, concise, and error-free. No more awkward and formal expressions, which sound artificial. Professionals excel in using expressive context rather than a literal translation. Only content that reflects the intended meaning and is understandable to Russian speakers!

How To Choose The Best Russian Translation Services Provider

While looking for a Russian translator pay attention to the following features:


Look for companies with university-trained translators on their staff. The language experts should have degrees in linguistics and extensive experience, and be skilled in both pair languages.

Hand-made Translating and Editing

Look for translations that are the result of the dedicated efforts of skilled human experts. Give your preference to a company with a professional editor to guarantee the highest quality outcomes.

Native Level Proficiency

The highest standard of translations can only be reached with the help of native-speaking professionals. Therefore, choosing native Russian translators is a great idea.

Reasonable Rates

Opt for Russian translation agencies with a competitive pricing approach. For example, Russian Language Services offers Russian English translation services rates starting at just £0.04 per word or £6 per minute of audio. Additionally, they are ready to provide discounts should you find a better price for professional services elsewhere.

Focus on the Russian Language

Big translation agencies with hundreds of language pairs can hardly control the quality of all outcomes. So, the best option is to find a company specializing in Russian.

Old Company Domain

Young companies may not be the best option. Check the domain age to make sure that it’s older than 3 years at least. Newly created websites are not only trustworthy but may also belong to scammers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Make sure that the service comes with a complete assurance of your satisfaction. Look for companies offering a money-back guarantee. The refund policy should be described on the service provider’s website.

Contented Сlients

On the websites of many translation companies you may find so-called ‘reviews’ looking quite convincing. Such reviews can be fake because site admins can post whatever content. You can find genuine feedback on third-party review platforms which collect unbiased opinions about companies.


Investing in professional Russian translation services from native speakers can help you succeed in the vast Russian-speaking market. Trust experts to fuel your global growth!

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