The Future of QR Codes and Emerging Trends

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Do you remember QR codes? Have you ever met them? Yeah, those squares with unique black-and-white patterns generated by little magical QR code generator systems. By just pointing your smartphone camera on one of them, you can be directed magically to a landing page, a social media profile, or allowed to access a Wi-Fi internet or a restaurant menu. With QR codes, it’s like living in the future.

While their increase in popularity was sluggish a few years ago, a certain pandemic propelled these magical squares back into public cognizance. So how have different industries, businesses, and consumers reacted to QR code rejuvenation? How has the QR codes’ rejuvenation helped keep industries and brands afloat these past few years? And what’s their future? To discover more about QR codes emerging trends and their future, continue reading.


The Popularity of QR Codes

There has been a significant increase in QR code downloads since the pandemic hit the whole universe. While the pandemic helped fuel the QR code adoption rate, numerous factors have also affected it. First, the penetration of the internet has increased immensely over the past few decades.

Second, almost all smartphone manufacturers have added in-built QR code scanning features to their camera apps, ruling out the need for users to download and install third-party applications to scan QR codes. Given their contactless nature, ease of scanning, and internet availability, QR codes will only continue to increase in popularity.

Different sectors, businesses, and individuals are looking forward to using advanced technologies to access and engage their target audiences. So which tool apart from QR codes can help them achieve their goals? QR codes work excellently in any sector for varying use cases, ranging from text and media to sharing website URLs and storing a large amount of data; they’re able to do it all perfectly.


Why is the Popularity of QR Codes Constantly Increasing?

The demand for Quick Response codes has indeed been increasing significantly in recent years. Now let’s see some of the main reasons behind this massive increase.



Everything associated with QR codes is affordable, including the initial and maintenance cost. Also, you don’t need to undergo extensive training to create and maintain your QR codes. And what is more? Users don’t need to purchase dedicated handheld scanners since all they need is a smartphone with an in-built QR code scanner. There is no need to invest a significant amount of money in cost-intensive setups.


Flexibility to Add Customization

QR codes allow for customization since creators can add the logos and colors of their brands to them. For example, a Facebook QR code features blue color and has the brand logo in the middle of the square. As a result, digital marketers, in most cases, use branded Quick Response codes, which enable them to build brand recognition, grabbing the attention of their target audiences.


Ability to Track Scans

Digital marketers take advantage of the QR code tracking feature. They use this feature to track all scanning activities, providing them with important information about date and time, geographical locations, operating systems, and devices used to scan their QR codes.

Dynamic codes even allow marketers to monitor the exact GPS locations of the QR code scans. You can use this vital information to assess your marketing campaign’s performance and find ways to enhance your strategies.


Ability to Store a Huge Amount of Multimedia and Data

QR codes have the ability to store more than 7,000 characters. That’s way more compared to barcodes, making them a powerful tool for storing essential information. On top of that, a QR code can direct users to a website that features thousands of pages, which shows their ability to store a huge amount of data virtually. They store not only text but also multimedia content like audio, videos, and images.


Ease of Accessibility

As already mentioned, the massive increase in internet access worldwide has driven the global adoption of Quick Response codes. Also, many phones and tablets today feature in-built QR code scanners, making it easy for users to scan and access the stored information.

Within a few seconds, users will get notifications and the QR codes will be read and interpreted. It’s that easy. Many reputable third-party apps are available if your smartphone doesn’t have an in-built feature. However, you should be careful since some of them have malware hiding behind them.


Industries Immensely Benefiting from QR Codes

Numerous sectors are currently using QR codes, including information technology, manufacturing, real estate, textiles, packaged beverage and food, banking and payment, healthcare, and automotive and electronic commerce, to mention just a few of them. These industries are looking forward to using Quick Response technology to enhance their operations and offers, increasing their sales in the long run.


Future of QR Codes: The Most Promising Use Cases

The use of QR codes is diversifying with their increasing adoption in many sectors. Here are the most rising opportunities for the future of Quick Response codes.


Creating Interactive Experience

Nothing apart from an interactive experience engages users excellently in the current world. With the ability of QR codes to connect the online and physical worlds, it’s easy to create an interactive experience for your target audience. QR codes allow you to achieve that through coupons, direct access to websites, and much more.


Facilitating Touchless Operations

Since the pandemic introduced social distancing, touchless operations have become a common thing. You should expect to find QR codes everywhere, from touchless payments to providing access to restaurant menus. And if you’re a digital marketer, you’ll find QR codes helpful when it comes to driving traffic to your website and social media profiles or pages.


Final Thoughts

Taking into account the numerous benefits that QR codes offer, their popularity and applications will only continue to grow tremendously in the coming years. Many businesses will start incorporating QR code technology in their daily operations to meet the ever-changing expectations, needs, and requirements of customers. If you’re ready to get started with QR codes, be sure to find a trusted and reliable QR code generator.

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