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Ultimate Guide to BLIK from Stanisław Szymański: Revolutionizing Online Payments

BLIK is transforming the landscape of online transactions in Poland, offering a seamless, secure, and speedy payment method that caters to a variety of needs, including online shopping, peer-to-peer transfers, and more intriguingly, casino gaming. As digital payments continue to evolve, BLIK stands out as a preferred choice for many, particularly for enthusiasts in the online casino community. Here’s your complete guide to understanding BLIK, how to use it, and why it’s becoming a favorite in online casinos.

What is BLIK?

BLIK mobile payment system is based in Poland and allows users to conduct transactions directly from their bank accounts without the need for physical cards or complex bank transfers. Launched in 2015, BLIK has quickly become synonymous with convenience and reliability, integrating directly with most Polish banking apps to provide a user-friendly interface that makes online and offline payments a breeze.

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How Does BLIK Work?

To use BLIK, you simply need a smartphone with your bank’s mobile app installed. Here’s how you can make a payment:

1. Open your banking app: Log into your mobile banking application.

2. Generate a BLIK code: Select the BLIK option within the app to generate a unique 6-digit code.

3. Enter the code: Use this code at any BLIK-enabled terminal, website, or app. The code is valid for a few minutes, ensuring security.

4. Confirm the transaction: You’ll receive a prompt to confirm the payment directly on your phone. Approval usually requires your app’s PIN or biometric verification.

Benefits of Using BLIK

Security: BLIK codes are temporary and can only be used once, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.  

Speed: Transactions are nearly instantaneous, which is essential when you don’t want to miss a beat in your daily schedule or gaming session.  

Convenience: No need to carry cards or remember bank details, as everything is processed through your mobile device.  

Widely Accepted: BLIK is accepted by a large number of merchants across Poland, including major online retailers and casinos.

BLIK Payments

When it comes to online gambling, BLIK is particularly advantageous for casino players in Poland. Here’s why:

  • Ease of Use. BLIK simplifies the deposit process in online casinos. Players can make instant deposits without leaving the casino’s deposit page, ensuring they can start playing their favorite games without any delays.
  • Security. Given the concerns about financial security in online gambling, BLIK’s system, which doesn’t require divulging personal banking information to the casino, adds an extra layer of security.
  • Speed of Transactions. BLIK’s transactions are completed within moments, which is crucial for players who value quick and efficient deposit methods.
  • Popularity. Due to its growing popularity, many online casinos in Poland now accept BLIK, making it easier for players to choose this secure and quick payment method.

How to Use BLIK for Online Casino Deposits

1. Log into your casino account: Navigate to the payment or deposit section.

2. Select BLIK as your deposit method: Input the amount you wish to deposit.

3. Generate a BLIK code: Open your banking app and generate a new BLIK code.

4. Enter the BLIK code on the casino site: Confirm the transaction in your banking app.

5. Start Playing: Your funds will appear in your casino account almost instantly.


BLIK is not just redefining the ease and safety of online transactions but also enhancing the experience for casino enthusiasts in Poland. With its robust security measures, ease of use, and rapid processing, BLIK is ideally suited for online gaming and is set to remain a top choice for savvy players looking to capitalize on their time online. Whether you’re shopping online or gearing up for a gaming session, BLIK offers a streamlined, secure, and swift solution to manage your transactions.

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