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What Are the Branches of the Military?

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The United States military has a long and storied history. We honor our military veterans on Veteran’s Day every year, and we go out of our way to thank the 1.3 million active-duty military members for their service. Going into the military is a selfless career choice that many Americans make.

What are the branches of the military, though? What’s the difference between them?

If you’re thinking of going into the service, you might find yourself asking all of these questions and more. Read on for the answers!



If you know anyone who’s the recipient of Marine challenge coins, then you know that the Marines are one of the toughest branches of the military out there. They’re often first on the ground and on the front lines. The Marines utilize Navy ships for many of their missions, and they protect Naval bases.



The Army is the oldest branch of the military by far. They’ve been around since June 14, 1775, and they were key to the U.S. gaining independence.

Army members typically serve either on land or in the air, though a select few have a marine presence. The Army is also home to elite military groups like the Army Rangers.



The Navy is famous for serving and protecting our country on the sea (and sometimes land and air). Navy members have career specialties like engineering and aviation, preparing them for careers outside of the service.

Want to set your goals high? Consider becoming a Navy SEAL! Navy SEALs train for incredibly challenging missions to protect our country.


Air Force

Do you dream of becoming a pilot? The Air Force is the place to be.

The Air Force started as part of the Army but became its own branch in 1947 following WWII. Today, active duty members fly some of the fastest planes around and protect our country from the air.


Coast Guard

The Navy isn’t the only branch of the military that protects our coasts. The Coast Guard is tasked with protecting all of our waters, coasts, and ports.

In addition to being a branch of the military, Coast Guard is also a U.S. law enforcement agency. They help prevent illegal drugs from being smuggled in and conduct search and rescue missions.


Space Force

The Space Force is the newest branch of the military, established in 2019. Space Force members protect our country by creating military space systems and overseeing the development of military space capabilities. There are certain to be a lot of exciting things to come from this new branch of the military in the coming years!


What Are the Branches of the Military You’ll Explore?

What are the branches of the military?

As it turns out, the U.S. military is a growing group of service branches. Whether you feel called to serve on the high seas, up in the air, or in outer space, there’s a military branch that’s right for you. Once you enlist, gear up for boot camp and a lifetime of incredible memories!

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