5 Pieces of Jewelry Men Can Wear Daily

Knowing how to accessorize an outfit is extremely important as the right cuban link chain or cufflinks could really accentuate a look. There also happens to be jewelry, that if worn long enough could become a part of the wearer’s persona or public image. The hip hop world has several examples of this in the 80s when artists like L.L. Cool J, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Run DMC made the rope chain a necessary addition to any and every clothing combination. This trend became a lifestyle with millions and millions of fans who not only wanted to look like their heroes but wanted the adornments to identify with them.

Now there are countless reasons, or to be more accurate, expectations that women would be more attached to their jewelry – with good reason. However, there are many examples of men being as attached, sometimes even more to their rings, chains and other ornaments they fancy. Jewels and jewelry are considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The dazzling sparkle in jewelry is symbolic of light and brilliance. In some cultures, certain precious stones are showcased as an association with spiritual power to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. The latter thought would explain why there are quite a few people who never leave some of their favorite pieces behind, no matter the situation or circumstance. A meaningful token, allowing men to express part of their personality or carrying with it a significance. While public figures and musical artistes might choose more gaudy options, the average man has been steered by society to take the more minimalist path. By avoiding multiple accessories, young men could avoid falling  into the trap of looking youthful and not to be taken seriously, rather than being a focused, mature professional. So the main idea is that men should always select jewelry that is deemed appropriate to the occasion and location, and that is also respectful and tasteful. Here is a select set of jewelry pieces that fit into modern day mens fashion.

What Jewelry Types Should Men Wear Every Day?

  1. Bracelets – Decorative, functional and cause-related, men of royalty have worn ornamental bracelets for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. These days, men can embrace several attractive bracelet trends revolving around popular choices, such as nautical styles, beaded bracelets, metallic bracelets made of silver, gold, stainless steel, or platinum, and versatile leather and woven bracelets for daily outfits of rustic inspiration. Bracelets are commonly worn daily and would often be purchased as gifts from wives and girlfriends. They are popular during holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and also for gifts on Birthdays as well.
  2. Chains – By definition, a chain is a series of links or rings, usually made from metal, connected or fitted to one another. Nowadays, you can find variations on all kinds of chains. These chains are now such a classic component of jewellery that there are quite innumerable ways to weave and wear them. A man could try a simple, gold chain over a black t-shirt or wear it plain or adorned with diamond studded skulls. The simplicity of the chain as well as the ability to customize it makes it a must-have even in today’s male fashion.
  3. Necklaces – Depending on how it is worn, a necklace could make a man look like a gentleman or give them street credit. Rope chain necklaces are one of the most popular chain necklace types. The chain consists of small links that form a twisted, spiral-like pattern, just like a rope. A curb chain is probably the most basic chain design a person could go for. The chain consists of identical links that lay flat even while interlocked. The most popular men’s necklace lengths are 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches. One of those is a safe choice if someone is unsure of the optimal length. Anything shorter can look like a choker around thick necks, and longer ones create a laid-back, casual look.
  4. Earrings – Earrings can now be found in various attractive, manly styles. Plain, made of small pieces of gold, stainless steel, titanium, silver or platinum. Choose from studs and hoops to more bold novelty earrings or tunnels. The key to making this trend work is getting the earrings right for  personal style and the occasion.
  5. Rings – Where your ring ends up should be steered by taste, practicality and mechanics however there are some connotations for different ring fingers. Here are some pointers on what finger do you wear a spinner ring on. The pinky has a few advantages: it doesn’t have an underlying meaning; people wear a ring there because they want to, not because of tradition. Ring finger is where the most common men’s ring goes – a wedding band. The middle finger tends to be the last port of call when the rest of fingers on the hand are full. The index finger is, historically, the most prominent finger was home to the most prominent rings: a signet or family crest. A person’s thumb is big and so needs a big ring. It, certainly, is a statement ring in a novel location.






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