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6 Women Vintage Outfit Ideas You Need to Update Your Spring Wardrobe

One of the best things about wearing vintage is that it will always be in style. You can purchase timeless second-hand garments for any season, and wear them year after year. Now spring is upon us, and we are looking at the year ahead, we can start planning our spring wardrobe.

This is always super exciting, but maybe you are a bit bored with your current looks. Do last year’s spring clothes not do it for you anymore? Do you need some fresh inspiration to change things up this year?

Here’s where we come in! We have found the best women’s vintage outfit ideas that will give your spring wardrobe that oomph it needs this season! Whether you visit thrift stores or shop clothing online on vintage rags, you are sure to find the clothing you want this spring.

70s Floral Maxi Dresses

Nothing gets you more in the spring feeling than a floral print, and the 70s knew how to do a floral print. There are so many stunning maxi floral dresses from the 70s, in a range of colors and styles. We are a big fan of the subtle orange, greens, and browns, but there are some more colorful options available, too!

Maxi dresses are perfect for the spring as they bring the vibes, but still, keep you warm. Long-sleeves are great for this season, and the 70s loved the bell sleeves. Extra glamorous, and extra cool!

90s Dungarees

When you think of dungarees, you probably think of 90s boy bands. Frosted tips, baggy dungarees, and sneakers defined the decade, but this look isn’t just for the boys! TLC rocked the overalls time and time again on the red carpet and in photo shoots, showing us that girls can do it just as well as the guys.

Grab yourself a pair of baggy dungarees, a big tee, and a pair of vintage trainers. Extra points in you match your overalls with your best girlfriends!

80s Windbreakers

Spring is the time when it’s kind of warm, and kind of cold. Our big winter coats are a bit too cozy, but we definitely need a jacket when we leave the house. This is where the classic 80s windbreaker comes in! The perfect light jacket for the spring season, and it has big vintage vibes.

You can pick up a stylish 80s windbreaker pretty cheaply, and once you have it, you probably will never take it off. Perfect for walks, picnics, nights out, and parties, the windbreaker is a stand-out garment for the coolest individuals.

Also, it is super easy to style. Pairing it with a pair of mom jeans, sneakers, and a basic tee creates an effortlessly cool look. Plus, you can dress the outfit up a little by adding big gold hoops and a chain.

50s Swing Dresses

Full skirts defined the 1950s, with loads of swing dresses being created and worn. These dresses are perfect for the spring, as the big skirt will keep you warm, and the bright floral prints will brighten up the season. A load of these swing dresses are long-sleeved, too!

Style your 50s swing dress with a pair of kitten heels and stockings to fully embrace the vintage look. Match your outfit with a bold red lip and loose curls, and you are good to go!

80s Abstract Shirts

Spring is the time to fully embrace the bold prints of the past, mixing up your look and trying out new styles. Vintage stores always have an abundance of 80s abstract shirts because, well, they are simply fabulous! Bright and out there, these shirts are perfect for both those who are new to vintage and second-hand veterans, too.

Styling an abstract shirt is also so much easier than you would think. The shirt is the statement piece of the outfit, so match it with a simple pair of jeans and boots or sneakers. If you are wanting to dress your shirt up a bit, tucking it into a pencil skirt will add a splash of sophistication to the outfit. This spring look is perfect for parties, events, and nights out.

70s Fringe Jackets

The fringe jacket seems to always be in fashion, and it is a spring look that we absolutely adore. A brown, suede, 70s fringe jacket can liven up any outfit, and can be matched with even the most bright and bizarre patterns!

Putting your fringe jacket over a dress will make your outfit spring-ready, keeping you warm, but most importantly, keeping you stylish.

Have Fun This Spring With Vintage Clothing!

Spring is always a super exciting time of year, with summer vibes on the horizon and nature waking up again after its winter nap. Embrace vintage this spring by trying out these fun outfit ideas!


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