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A List of the Best Christmas Party Themes to Make Your Event Truly Remarkable

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‘Tis the special holiday season once again, and there’s one thing that makes this season extra special than the seasons before it – we’re out of the pandemic! So many of us have plenty of reasons to celebrate, and we can definitely celebrate emerging from the pandemic virtually unscathed. But this most memorable holiday of the year wouldn’t be complete without a party – and some of us are indeed raring for one! If you want to celebrate Christmas in style, whether it’s for your office or with your friends and family, you can give your event that extra flair by having a theme. And there are many themes to go around – all you have to do is take your pick. Here’s a list of the best Christmas party themes to make your event truly remarkable.


  • A vintage celebration 

One of the most enduring – and popular – themes of all is the vintage theme, and this Christmas is the perfect time to be inspired. It is, after all, a time when we are nostalgic, and we have fond memories of Christmas pasts and happy mornings or evenings opening presents or basking in the warm glow of the Christmas tree. As such, you can use everyone’s fond memories to your full advantage and host a Christmas party to remember. Better yet, choose an era – perhaps it will be good to have a Christmas party with a 1920s theme or go back to the neon lights with an 80s theme. Of course, it will be more fun if everyone dresses in costume appropriate to the era, and for décor, you can go to a thrift shop or flea market and pick up some retro posters, ornaments, lanterns, wreaths, and more.


  • A very glamorous and elegant Christmas

Another rockin’ theme is a glamorous and elegant Christmas theme, complete with bright and loud décor and colours that showcase the ultimate glitz and glamour of the event. Of course, everyone is expected to dress to the nines in their most elegant attire, and you can even add some funky décor, such as neon lighting and disco balls. Better yet, why not have a Carnival theme as an offshoot? You can rent side stalls and even rides from a fairground hire company to complement it and give prizes for the best costumes!


  • A ‘naughty and nice’ celebration

For this theme, your guests would have to choose which one they’ve been in the past year – have they been naughty or nice? So not only will you have great photographs, you can serve a variety of cocktail concoctions, too, from margaritas to eggnogs and the ubiquitous punch (and you can serve an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version to serve as the ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ drinks).


  • A pink Christmas wonderland

If you want an ultra-trendy theme, you can’t go wrong with a pink Christmas wonderland. Forget green or white – pink is in! As you can well imagine, everything is centred around the pink theme – from the Christmas ornaments to the centrepieces and even the beverages. To add a bit of colour to your event, highlight each setting with accents of silver and white. Your guests can come in pastel-coloured attire, from mint green to baby blue and peach, mauve, lavender, white, and so on.


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