South London pop/RnB artist KOATES imbues the push and pull of really wanting to make a relationship work on his latest track Japanese Trees, which combines catchy pop-noir melodies with personable songwriting to showcase his growth as an artist.

In a world where women are kept down and struggle to make their voices heard, seminal British artist Sarah Maple never shies away from challenging the structural and everyday misogyny and sexism in our society. Her work is on display

Sweden’s King of Pop, Darin, is one of the best-selling artists from his home country. With seven No. 1 albums and over 400 million streams to his name and a career spanning over 15 years, he still has a lot

1883 Magazine was able to chat with Wesley Schultz from The Lumineers ahead of the album's release in 2022 to learn more about the story (or lack there-of) behind the album, how a road trip with his wife inspired the

With her debut EP, Peaks, Laura Dreyfuss proves herself to be a rare multi-hyphenate. Armed with candid lyrics and effervescent electro-pop, she explores everyday highs and lows and finds comfort by looking inward. 

L.A. based singer/songwriter HARLOE is no novice to high-profile music collabs. Celine Dion, Neyo and Britney Spears are only a few of the many chart-topping artists for whom she’s already co-written and produced tracks, not to mention the Grammy nomination

Chart topping DJ and producer, Joel Corry, has just released his new single ‘I Wish’ featuring Mabel. Having been inspired to get into music at the age of thirteen-years-old, Joel Corry is proof that your dreams can become a reality. Joel

Brae Luafalealo better known as BOY SODA is the new and emerging Sydney based singer-songwriter who is representing the new movement of Australian bred hip-hop and R&B. Hailing from New South Wales with a musical love that he has had

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes chats with Aisling Bea about Home Sweet Home Alone, This Way Up, her commitment to wearing second-hand clothing, and more.

It is very apparent and very clear in our current musical landscape the role that social media has had upon the music industry. From Tik Tok viral hits to YouTube singing sensations and Instagram covers there is a lot that

London-based group, Sea Girls, are feeling reinvigorated and are raring to go. After finally being able to play their sold-out and previously rescheduled UK tour in October, the band are now setting their sights to the future, and we can understand

I think there are moments where one can remember hearing a particular song or the first time they came across a particular artists music. For me in amidst the pandemic I came across a song Know You from Nigerian rapper Ladipoe

British singer-songwriter Charlotte Jane first debuted on the scene in 2019 and has big plans for the future. With millions of streams on her songs and the huge honor of being supported by music icon Elton John, this emerging talent

According to one study, more than 16 million people work in the healthcare industry. If you're interested in joining these millions of people in the healthcare industry, you might be wondering what kind of jobs in hospitals you can find. Thankfully, there are plenty of

American trio, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum, are a band of calibre. With an alt-rock sound that favours stripped-down synthesizers, drums and ambient electronica, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum (normally abbreviated to 'Princess') are a fast-rising group with a

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes spoke with Rhianne Barreto about The Offenders, representation in TV, her career so far, and more.

1883 Magazine's Kelsey Barnes had a chat with Marcus Rutherford about The Wheel of Time, his connection to his character Perrin, how he feels the tv industry is changing in regards to representation, and more.

Antares – a rising star of the electronic music scene who has come a long way in a short amount of time! Through his events brand and record label Konflict, DJ and founder Antares a.k.a Huw Mitchell along with DJ’s Auric &

Described by Charli XCX as “the motherfucking future,” British singer-songwriter L Devine has succeeded in living up to that title. Born Olivia Devine, the 24-year-old has never limited herself and has embraced the various sides to pop music with each

Greatest Hits Vol. 1., the debut album from AREA21, the collaborative project between acclaimed DJ Martin Garrix and producer/songwriter, finally lands on Earth. After mysteriously releasing their debut single back in 2016, fans of the alien duo in AREA21 have been waiting with

Singer-songwriter Skylar Stecker delivers an emotional experience on new single "hate that for you". The billboarding-charting artist, Skylar Stecker, has returned with her new stand alone track, "hate that for you", and 1883 is exclusively premiering the single and its music

Tunji Kasim sat down with Marc Griffin of 1883 Magazine to discuss his role on Nancy Drew, the importance of honing one’s craft, his roots in theatre, and the beauty of telling stories through acting.

In the new Comedy/Thriller The Outlaws, Charles Babalola's exceptional skill proves that there is more to both him and his character than meets the eye. Charles Babalola is about to have a very busy year. With his new show The Outlaws currently

Sally Boy has always thought he could be the biggest artist in the world. Now signed under Loud Robot, his latest EP Lies I Tell Myself is his next step in achieving that goal.

Welcome to Alkatraz! No escape attempts are needed. In this case, you better beg for an extended sentence. My first proper Halloween on the Island and I end up in prison. Alkatraz shut down but the team of event brand and new

Rookie K-Pop group EPEX are back with Bipolar Pt.2 - Prelude of Love, their first release since debuting and providing a fresh new voice for the younger generation. 

1883 chats with Buffalo-based band Humble Braggers about their new song So Alive, building a dedicated fanbase, and more.

1883 spoke with Gabriel Akuwudike about his role on Ridley Road, his favourite spots in Hackney, his career so far, and more.

R&B is very much alive and thriving. California-born singer Joyce Wrice is one of many talents who is representing the genre with pride and gratification. After grinding hard for many years, the 29-year-old is finally receiving and earning the flowers she

British actor Gamba Cole gears up for a career-changing 2022 as The Outlaws begins to air on BBC One.   In today's world, with ever-shortening attention spans and more streaming services and television channels than one can count, it's rare to come across

1883 Magazine chats with Cassian Bilton about what his past credits taught him about playing well-loved characters, his love of the sci-fi genre, and the epic that is Foundation.

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